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The Home Scientist 015 - Synthesize Ammonium Metavanadate

TheHomeScientist - 2010-02-05

Synthesizing expensive ammonium metavanadate from cheap pottery chemicals. We'll use the AMV we make in later videos to make up Mandelin reagent for presumptive drug testing, as well as exploring the oxidation states of vanadium.

NightHawkInLight - 2010-02-05

Very well made video. Very helpful synthesis.

nyquiiiil - 2012-08-04

oh woow thank you so much please post (upload) more videos!!!! thank you good sir!

William Sledge - 2015-11-17

Thank you very much for taking the timer and effort to make and post the video. Wonderful work.

Mitch Hackett - 2013-12-25

Also Linux is a brilliant operating system I hope you've had time to explore it as everyone should

Mitch Hackett - 2013-12-25

Extremely helpful video series

Jason xxx kills germs - 2013-05-03

love your work

Tech Exposed TV - 2013-05-16

You and nurdrage are the best :) Keep up the good work!

twycross3 - 2010-02-09

Great video! Looking forward to seeing the videos on vanadium oxidation states.

Victorypenis - 2013-03-09

home scientist do you specialize in any chemistry

Camroc37 - 2015-04-16

I'm really starting to be able to do reactions in my head and predict the product. It makes me happy.

J H - 2020-05-12

Good for you! I just do this as a hobby, so I'm not quite there yet, but I hope I will be eventually :-)

Joe S - 2010-06-21

@coolliger Well, it would have helped if I watched the first thirty seconds of the video. Nevermind the question.

rbmc3 - 2010-02-07

Great video! Subbed!

Domen Goste - 2010-07-19

@TheHomeScientist. I was just sarcastic, due to high prize of that other chemical :) That's big prize for me too, I'm not exactly the richest guy in the world :S. Sorry, it's my bad. :) Have a lovely day!

Mago Mark - 2018-03-18

Love your video very helpful.
How can I get lab utensils and how much does it cost to have a lab like your. ..thanks keep up the good work. .
You got a new subscriber

1 1 - 2010-05-20

how do you make soot to see things on light things?

Ancalagon - 2010-02-10

Thanks for the response it looks like I will have to think of another project for my final year. Cheers

Joe S - 2010-06-21

I saw that this has a 4 in the blue fire dimond, so I am a little concerned about the toxicity. Is it really that toxic?

Pyotr Troyan - 2016-12-23

what is this?

Aaron Harry - 2010-04-07

This is such a great video!! You did an awesome job of demonstrating this. I'm wondering why though I had to use almost 1600ml to dissolve the sodium metavanadate. I had the solution at 100C and it just wouldnt dissolve. I even let it remain on the heat for 10 minutes or more each time I added water. This became very inconvenient and I got a much lower yield. Got any reasons why I couldn't get it to dissolve or how to aid precipitation of the dilute solution?

FazTuMesmo - 2010-05-14

@TheHomeScientist the guy who sold me said that is 82% of Vanadium.

alextorresbatch89 - 2013-10-16

Is this also called methapetaphine

Camroc37 - 2015-04-16

Why'd you stop youtube? You make great videos that are very interesting. Being an enthusiast of chemistry for 2 years now, I came to this channel and knew nearly nothing you showed in your videos!

J H - 2019-06-07

Now this dude has one clean lab! And all the bottles are the same type/color/size, which i try to do as well; it's so damn annoying having so many chemicals in totally different co tainer styles... I know its minor, but it just bugs me

Aaron Harry - 2010-04-07

@WinstMart The solution is at pH 8.6.

wmike82 - 2010-02-05

Great vids Robert. I am glad to see you are now editing - including unnecessary video such as the ice bath. You get straight to the point, provide ample information about the product and you are producing high quality videos! Thanks

Holy-Terrorist - 2012-02-06

Holy-Terrorist:>*=* Skip the talk to using 1:25 time and read chemistry! I speak french and little english.

FazTuMesmo - 2010-05-14

@TheHomeScientist i didn't find vanadium pentoxide in portugal and in ebay just found this source of vanadium. Do you recomend a route/literature to extract and purify vanadium from what i have?

tonyma90 - 2010-02-07

very well done

Joe Anderson - Wales, UK - 2011-04-23

This has nothing specifically to do with this video, but how do you adhere your label to the plsstic on the wash bottle??

imgeek1337 - 2010-02-11

How much of each chemical do I have to use?

MarkusGoldberg1 - 2012-09-24

my right ear is lonely.....

Aaron Harry - 2010-04-07

@WinstMart 2. Add Household ammonia (around 10-15ml) because the ammonia clearly boils off. 3. Cool the solution to Rt then place in ice bath as shown in the video. PLEASE DONT do this INDOORS you WILL POISION YOURSELF! Note: Without adding the Ammonia the solution did not precipitate.

FazTuMesmo - 2010-05-14

Can i start with ferro-vanadium instead of vanadium pentoxide?

FazTuMesmo - 2010-05-14

Can i start with ferro-vanadium instead of vanadium pentoxide?

douro20 - 2011-04-08

There is no EU classification for ammonium metavanadate, but the NFPA index lists it as follows: Health 4, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0.

douro20 - 2011-04-08

The EU classification for vanadium pentoxide goes as follows: Mutagen cat. 3 Reproductive toxicity cat. 3 Toxic (T) Harmful (Xn) Irritant (Xi) Dangerous to the environement (N)

Domen Goste - 2010-07-18

That's nothing, 10$ for 5g. I know some chemicals that are actually so expensive, that they cost about 500$ per 5g ;)

DontAsk - 2013-12-09

breaking bad's new Walter white 

Ancalagon - 2010-02-06

Im curious if you know anything about the effects of THC affecting the electroconductivity of blood. I may try to build a device for quick blood tests of THC levels or some other cannabinoids in the blood. If you know anything about these properties I would appreciate knowing of there is a corrilation so that I can design a device around a testable method.

chemlabchemistry - 2010-02-07

Nice video! You could have dissolved the V2O5 also into straight ammonia. This is easier, although the ammonia stinks. I would prefer NaOH over NaHCO3 if going the Na-vanadate route. Also really beware! During the vigorous bubbling, fine aersols contaning vanadium are sprayed around, and this is dangerous by inhalation and for your working space as this metal is really toxic! Many people dont realise. When working with toxic ions and it bubbles, cover it with tissue paper, you'l see it gets wet!

jsmithmilitary - 2010-02-05

your mic is really quiet

John D - 2018-10-18

No vids in 8yrs... I'm betting he got arrested or blew himself up.. But still a great channel

Itslvle - 2010-02-05

One thing you might want to consider is taking some pictures of things that can't really be seen on the video camera and editing them in to the video. This of course isn't often necessary, but for example in the forensic fingerprint videos it would have been useful.

Itslvle - 2010-02-06

I don't know what software you are using and I really have only used Video Vegas and Premiere, but I would think that adding still images is just about the same with every video editing software. Basically you just drag the pictures in as you would do with a video clip. Then you can decide how long it will show by stretching it to the size you want. If it doesn't work like that, I'm sure it can be found easily in the tutorial/manual/help that's a part of the program.

Fourth Root - 2010-02-07

I want a Vana date.

s - 2018-04-04

i have seen a few comments asking why he doesn't just add the V2O5 directly to ammonia, allso people suggesting the use of NaOH over NaCO3.

vanadium pentoxide forms mostly the orthovanadate when dissolved in sodium hydroxide (i'm not sure but i think also with straight ammonia solution). vanadium is very good at forming weird oxidation states and complexes, probably as a result of having so many energetically close stable valancies. this method involving sodium carbonate is used to ensure that the metavanadate ion is energetically preferred.

even if you could add V2O5 directly to ammonia solution and get metavanadate, you would have an unpleasant time producing a pure product, as ammonium metavanadate forms a highly soluble complex with ammonium hydroxide (ammonia in solution). i have not tried this but i would expect a large ammount of decomposition under the conditions required to drive off the last of the water and ammonia as it almost certainly wouldn't crystallise spontaneously at STP and normal humidity.

Dev Manek - 2019-01-21

People are quite weak at inorganic chemistry they do well in organic though

Aaron Harry - 2010-04-07

So for anyone who makes the same mistake as I did you can recover the ammonium metavanadate by: 1. Boil off the solution at "medium" boil untill the solution is around 3-500mL or when a slight precipitate begins to form.

chemlabchemistry - 2010-02-07

Nice experiment, however I don't understand why you didn't dissolve the vanadium pentoxide straight into ammonia, so you don't introduce unneccesary sodium and chloride-ions, and then you can also work with lower volumes, or if the ammonia is a low%, boil down, giving better yields. If going through Na-vanadate, I would've chosen to use NaOH instead of NaHCO3.