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Flatland - The Film (Eng Subtitle)

Ken Sze - 2012-04-03

Flatland (also released as Flatland: The Film and Flatland the film), is a 2007 computer animated film based on the 1884 novella, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott. The film was directed and animated by Ladd Ehlinger Jr. in Lightwave 3D. The screenplay was written by author Tom Whalen. The music was composed by Mark Slater.

Another Version (Flatland - The Movie) can be watched here:


Rabano Doom - 2016-09-17

Eh, I don't know about this movie. The acting's pretty flat.

Zachary Erickson - 2017-09-18

Is that a joke?

Austin Feng - 2018-07-20

i think it leaves a lot of space for interpretation.

m a y h a i r - 2019-05-20

Ba dum tss!

Christopher Holt - 2019-09-16

There is some depth in it though. And there is also the implication of hyper depth as well. Length, width, height, and (???).

TheBookloverforever - 2019-12-29

Because there's no depth in this story.

Javier Alegría - 2014-10-22

Did anyone else notice that at the first half of the movie A Square was looking left (everyone was), and when he came back (fell back) to Flatland he was the only one looking right, so he could see other shapes "right in the face"? Weird, huh? :P

Sunriser - 2018-08-26

you can permanently flip objects in a 2d plane as a 3d being

Lyle - 2019-09-15

Sunriser Yep, that right, you can make them into a mirror image of themselves permanently. AMAZING attention to detail!!

MARGAUX BEL - 2013-11-19

its midnight and i have no idea why im watching this film

oliefariestiani - 2019-04-04

same here..first i watch this in midnight and this give me weird feel even i have strange nightmare ;_;

TheRainHarvester - 2019-06-26

A real simulation you may also enjoy:

no u - 2019-09-20

@TheRainHarvester area 51 raid is tomorrow

łukasz okoniewski - 2019-12-14

its 2 am for me... same

Lil Kammm’s World - 2019-12-15

I personally think it’s good especially for a low budget film

Rayan Ahmed - 2015-10-04

Best moment in this movie XD

Red Salmon - 2016-01-16

It's the realistic part that is close the the 3D world as well :P

Xlash - 2016-12-17

My favorite part was the point babbling on about its entirety.

Zachary Erickson - 2017-09-18

My favorite part is 14:20. I like the line's voice.

Dabbing Flight - 2018-07-06

Zachary Erickson yeah it sounds like Alvin the chipmunk

TimgamerNL - 2019-07-09

just make an army of women

Quinn Roberts - 2015-07-12

"A Square, please go over and feel the generic cube person" - Most awkward moment!

WhyHelloThereChaps - 2014-01-19

did I really just spend an hour and a half sympathising with a talking square

that was awesome, I need to go read the novella now

edit: read the novel, still awesome

Nicolai Thomassen - 2014-12-12

It´s a good read, took it in some bites, i feel like it´s good to take in the world before you try to comprehende lineland and pointland 

thankyoubasedgod - 2014-12-22

;) nice icon picture

Aboubacar Amine - 2015-04-23

"Get back, get back, it's a woman!"
Haha such a funny movie

wbjeg - 2016-05-12

+Aboubacar Amine
Yes, women can do that.

Aokoen - 2017-09-26

...it's pretty stupid women aren't soldiers if they are more dangerous than triangle.

Ashley AMV - 2016-11-30

The mysterious of flatland will become 'plain' to you. I laughed so much.

Dabbing Flight - 2018-07-06

Ashley AMV more like 'plane' to you. (oh, flatlanders are the flat earthers?)

gili yohanan - 2015-07-25

"In order to turn a circle into a sphere we rotate 90 degrees the circle along its vertical axis, thus the circle becomes a sphere. So in order to make a sphere into hypersphere we would roate spheres within spheres.
What is it talking about? Fourth dimension??

Reactor Ray - 2016-04-27

+gili yohanan Holy shit! We have a heretical 4th dimensional nut.

Veiled Insanity - 2017-03-18

I am questioning my own existence.

Emma Dewitt - 2015-05-06

This would be an excellent movie to watch while on drugs

Joe Bloaks - 2015-08-31

+Emma Dewitt Please try to be more specific.

Thomas Myers - 2015-09-04

+Emma Dewitt hello emma. you are correct. was a goid time.

NPRS - 2015-10-14

+Emma Dewitt I disagree, I think you should be sober to fully enjoy this movie.

Constable Dodo - 2020-02-15

Yea if you're a druggy

Jay Jay - 2020-03-02

I'm high. It's confusing.

Red Salmon - 2016-01-16

Is the guy at the end a 4D creature?
i would like to see him

Karath - 2016-04-26

the 2nd dimension is flat its infinitly flat so really your going to see nothing so eyes arent going to help and feel is

MestreXian - 2013-11-27

So Pacman is a flatlander.

mumhustler - 2014-02-08

Pacman is a multidimensional predator, that eats 0 dimensional creatures?   Maybe the ghosts are police, and he is wanted for mass-killings  =))

Chris Mowry - 2015-05-24

@mumhustler Best interpretation of Pac-Man ever! Needs a cheesy 80's movie in VHS formate complete with synthwave track.

*Twist Ending: Miss Pac-Man is transgender clone.

Welcome to Hideout - 2019-08-01

@Chris Mowry don't even start with that stuff.

Kazi Islam - 2015-10-24

I could've lived happily without seeing the Hospital of Reconfiguration.

Kazi Islam - 2015-12-22

@DaaaaShawnza Well idk, 'cause I don't see anything that resembles sex organs in the Flatlanders.

just me - 2015-12-23

+Kazi Islam Exactly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

John Taylor - 2017-03-06

DaaaaShawnza , the ENTIRE mind numbing human history me thinks.

Ben Dover - 2017-03-21

I'm reading the book currently. I'm guessing it's better off being left there.

Anaïs Lekapene - 2018-10-15


Shade's Insane Chamber - 2016-09-05

"Your brother is expandable"
Zeeny Music plays*

Steven Spray - 2016-05-25

"Be as boolean and binary as you can be" Ahahaha!

Carys Kujo - 2017-04-02

Ever since the sphere took A square to spaceland, I could define this film as horrifying.

Carol-Hannah - 2015-02-02

Interstellar movie brought me here....

Loc Tong - 2013-11-09

A Square: This is blowing my mind.
Me: Me too

Matthew Michaelson - 2014-12-27

Yup, Flatland is very much like our world. people arguing about dualistic topics like 'Chromatism', which don't really matter. In the grand scheme of reality; everything we think is so important, is just a drop in the ocean.

Reactor Ray - 2016-04-27

+Matthew Michaelson Holy shit! A heretic! This reality, This planet was designed for one reason to be the most brilliant moral beings on this planet.... humans.

Count Jack Noire - 2016-03-04

Flat lines in a flat world with flat dreams...

Cakkuu - 2016-08-30


Rabbit Piet - 2017-07-02

HypoLTN so I am watching this and have also watched gravity falls but there is no connection.

tessanova ✰☽ - 2018-03-28

I literally thought I was the only one who came here bc of GF. Lol Dorito is from a world based off of this, so I thought it would be pretty cool to check it out.

Lilou ou - 2017-01-24

Now i'm looking for a 4D hypershpere to take me up/aside!

Justin Harman - 2017-07-09

I'm pretty sure they only come every 1,000 years.

Vtganta - 2018-10-19

@Justin Harman they visited our world 2 times because its 2018

yoju 11 - 2019-01-17

4D hypersphere right here

Install a Friend - 2012-09-05

"Stay there, I have to write my after-action report." *smashes keyboard to kingdom come*

Zachary Ernst - 2018-06-19

Just watched that part... cnsdjcnjkasncjascjklxm jkC Kdjkcnjd jcsjndcjsdncnDKnajknkdlcanjdnckansdknajn.

"There. Done."

81monie - 2014-01-14

Great plot. almost as if it were from 2007 and not 1884. Shame about the graphics. almost as if they were from 1884 and not 2007.

Miguel L - 2019-04-10

if you're complaining about the graphics you didn't get the movie

The DaggRupture Team - 2016-07-19

"Look out, it's a woman!" 1:30:24

Dabbing Flight - 2018-07-05

Lol that's so funny... I'm a girl tho...


"Your brother is expendable."
The Golden Sphere is a savage.

Raina Newman - 2015-08-26

The spheres a bit of a jerk.

Mimuo - 2015-10-13

I loved him. I also love that the being that thought of him as a god made him realize that there is more above him. It's like if I showed God that there was a God that ruled over him. The sphere just has a blank stare of awe and realization right before he dies. Incredible movie. Oops, went on a tangent.

Zachary Erickson - 2017-09-18

Wait the sphere dies?

F Eryth - 2017-10-02

The enemy nation bombed the hell out of Messiah Inc. His car told A square that he died. Need more proof?

allison newman - 2019-11-22


papermaniac - 2014-04-27

the sphere is a master troll

Kazi Islam - 2015-10-25

+papermaniac *close up on squinting eyes* "You're brother is expendable."

MrDanlli - 2014-05-16

28:00 Modem brain dreams, lol

Anastasia Dunbar - 2014-12-21

Wait, doesn't 2-D make 3-D sounds?
Does it mean at spaceland you make sounds in higher dimensions?

VDX - 2020-01-10

Fun fact: in even-numbered dimensions, sound has automatic echo.

EnderStar501 - 2016-04-17

Why don't they allow females into the fighting force if they're so powerful? Maybe because they're TOO powerful?

Sofus Øvretveit - 2016-12-03

Probably just like we have nuclear weapons, but don't use them.

Koro Σ - 2018-08-25

@Nico Griffin In flatland a higher rank depends on the amount of sides. The higher rank is supposed to be a circle, but it's just a polygon composed of many sides. Each generation, the amount of sides tends to increase. A Square son is a Pentagon, but in the movie they made a mistake. The Hexagon is his grandson.

The isosceles triangles are the lower ranked persons(soldiers, criminals...) aside from women who are just lines and many times not even considered persons in terms of thinking (remember this book is a critique to Victorian society). Following careful breeding, the isosceles newborn will have more equal sides each generation, and there will be a point when a equal sides triangle is born. Then, he will give birth to a square, etc.

Noriel Sylvire - 2019-02-13

@Koro Σ So the parents of A Square and B Square were Triangles. But if triangles came from something with less sides, that must have been a line. So there may be a way to trascend by increasing your dimentionality.
Or else, triangles are spontaneosly generated, or born by lesbianatic relationships, and then those female lines are spontaneously generated.
Either way, my brain can't go anymore so I'll just stop thinking of geometry and start doing something else. Too much geometrical chauvinism here, so just attend to your configuration and hue the triumph in return.

DSPhony - 2019-05-21

@Noriel Sylvire In the book, triangles start out very acute and become closer to regularity with each generation

Neo Dintchly - 2019-05-29

They are dumbasses

verxintRising - 2016-04-09

around 1:19 "Space is curved" This little square was onto some next level shit. I guess the people in spaceland didn't understand gravity yet.

Shalom Akolatse - 2018-10-14

Guess they didn't have Einstein telling them about spacetime. wait... is spacetime4d? is that how 3d lies on it.... 🤔 also, i think you mean 1:19:06

Larry the Lobster - 2014-11-06

I'm going to watch this when I'm on magic shrooms

TheIronChicken - 2016-06-05

1:05:34 The Incredibles theme.

Kris - 2019-07-28

The interesting point this movie makes is how it would be easier for a being to accept more dimensions once it has already experienced one higher that it's own. So suddenly the 2D creature is less ignorant than the 3D. Ironic that.

Fawful117 Chortles - 2016-07-29

Is the square voiced by Owen Wilson? Sure sounds a lot like him...

BosonCollider - 2016-09-22

Here's a plot point that was never mentioned out loud....

A Square's chirality after coming back from spaceland is the opposite of what it was when he left! He is a mirror image of himself when he left. He seems to have become the only denizen of flatland with his eye counterclockwise of his mouth as opposed to clockwise like everyone else. That could be used as proof that he left flatland.

That was a really clever trick by the director!

Joshua Folly - 2017-07-04

Once you reach enlightenment, duality disappears. Thus you can face other humans on your level without fear, guilt, shame or pride. You can face them Eye to eye.

maybe the dog - 2017-08-08

Joshua Folly I agree it would be more of a spiritual change rather than a physical flip

maybe the dog - 2017-08-08

BosonCollider Excellent observation. This film and it's fans never cease to amaze me!

Kaprekar - 2018-05-24

I don't think it would quite be inside out, but you'd look as you do when you see yourself in a mirror?

Austin Feng - 2018-07-02

in the world where humans are bilaterally symmetrical it doesn't matter. But I think someone with his left arm amputated would have his right arm amputated after such a flip.

tm2jetfire - 2013-11-26

I love this but I could really do without the obnoxious condescending interstitial text

Nothing\ - 2013-12-06

I found that it gives the entire movie the feel of an introduction. It doesn't take away from the movie TOO much, though. It's easy to ignore.

Movieunleashers - 2014-10-13

Very unique film! I loved it!

\The J Bird/TM - 2019-05-27

Me too

Benjamin Nelson - 2014-05-27

please explain the ending

Jon Snow - 2014-10-11

yeah seriously wtf!? I want to know what that is all about. 

Aboubacar Amine - 2015-04-23

@Jon Snow jesus figure it out yourself! Why does everything have to be presented to you ?

Jon Snow - 2015-04-23

@Aboubacar Amine Because I, like others - don't understand it, and I highly doubt it makes any sense to you. You can't get anywhere in life by just assuming. It's human nature to ask questions. You don't like it? I don't care what you think. 

Chris Mowry - 2015-05-24

@Jon Snow But he's a special little snowflake that knows the tr00 meaningz of everything. cough, pointland, cough

Wurtt Mapper - 2017-12-29

Flatland was destroyed by the spacelanders

Mecknavorz - 2014-11-13

darn! there isn't a 3d option like on some videos

SuperWiiBros08 - 2019-02-24

1:10:40 "might I be granted a look at your insides?"
"What the devil are you talking about!?"
lmao I find that funny

Anaïs Lekapene - 2018-10-11

"You're free to worship me everytime"
Gosh, quite humble, right?

allison newman - 2019-11-22


Interstellar bruce - 2015-10-15

what was that ending about?

!SARON_DE_AWSOMO! - 2015-10-15

I would also like to know that...

Kazi Islam - 2015-10-25

+Interstellar bruce I think the guys from the fourth dimension came in because they needed him. He was the only one who existed who understood that Spaceland was not the highest dimension, so they decided to also make him the Apostle of 4D. It'd make sense.

Kazi Islam - 2015-11-07

@***** Possibly. But I still have my bets on the 4th Dimension.

bean - 2016-02-22

+Kazi Islam i agree! funny how a guy named "interstellar bruce" asks this question... or is this irony on purpose? same shit happens in interstellar! :D

awe lotta - 2016-06-21

I think the X-Axis destroyed flatland and pulled it out of existence.

danravv - 2016-08-20

Where's Bill Cipher?

Cakkuu - 2016-08-30


Cakkuu - 2016-08-30

tho in all seriousness bill might've not been born during these events i believe

danravv - 2016-08-30

+LemonCakeOranges I thinks so, too. That dimension is not yet decaying.

Arbiter and Chara Dreemurr - 2019-12-16

" 4:08 lmao I love how unrestricted humor used to be

Blvck Tourmaline - 2013-11-25


TicTac MentheDouce - 2013-12-10

No idea xD

TicTac MentheDouce - 2013-12-12

@BigMartin58 It looked kind of like the 0 dimensional creature he saw in a dream though, but he doesn't seem crazy this time...

mumhustler - 2014-02-08

@TicTac MentheDouce i think so too. Rob Bryanton in his imagining the 10 dimensions videos, suggests the 0th and the 10th dimensions are the "extremes" between only one and "all" possible states/realities; but they can also be thought of as equivalent, because they both contain "all" of their own internal possible states. So maybe its a (1)0th dimensional creature this time?  He explains it better, so watch his vids...

MadComputerScientist - 2012-09-09

"Now you're thinking in 3d!" Was that... a portal reference?! Was the portal quote a flatland reference?!!

Myoo - 2015-10-30

live footage of hell

StraightFlame - 2014-05-08

What's with the ending? What the pfargtl happened there?

Justin Harman - 2017-07-07

"Pfargtl?" Have you been hanging with Coach Z?