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This chemical really doesn't want to exist

NileRed - 2019-06-14

Cleanup video on my other channel, NileBlue: https://youtu.be/8zilEg_feZA
For this video, I make a chemical called manganese heptoxide, which is an unstable and strong oxidizer. It looks for any excuse to decompose and it reacts violently with most organic things. I tested it on a few things like cotton balls and paper, as well as solvents like acetone and ethanol. I also tried firing a small liquid rocket with it.

Hexamine clip: https://youtu.be/s0YCwM8Gwqg
Styropyro: https://youtu.be/V7_jCAu7ucw

Nile talks about lab safety:  https://youtu.be/ftACSEJ6DZA


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AsumiLuna - 2020-06-07

Finally, a compound that I can relate to.

Max M. - 2021-01-15

@Kurtis Gibson First, there's no need for name calling. It's rude and unecessary. Second, I'm not even gonna read the rest of your comment until you integrate proper punctuation into your sentences. Also, don't talk about IQ. It just shows how insecure you are about your own intelligence.

lillian Mcmorre - 2021-01-15

Lmaoooooooo ... r u okay

kirby is a Christian man - 2021-01-16

Damn damn damn

CEO of Trees - 2021-01-16

Are you okay bro?

Kurtis Gibson - 2021-01-17

@Max M. if my points are good it doesn't matter how i say them or how smart i am.
of course i'm going to call you out when your being an ass. punctuation doesn't add or subtract from a point. get over yourself and read it or stop assuming you understand everything about a condition you've never had, i think that seems fair does it not?

Sleep Debt - 2020-08-11

"It's made by mixing 2 relatively common chemicals"

High schoolers: interesting

Prashi Dash - 2020-12-20


Sans - 2020-12-22

theres a lot of dangerous chemicals that can be made easily
chloroform can be made from bleach and hand sanitizer

Sparkle8205 - 2020-12-22

@Sans yes, thank you Sans.


oh no are you saying we can make BOMBS.

RainbowOcean - 2021-01-03

I mean its not like we got to do actual experiments with a lower budget and someone breaking the eye wash station

Troy Mendoza - 2020-10-05

Anything: touch
Manganese Heptoxide: DID SOMEBODY SAY BOOM?

Dżdżownica Kowadło - 2020-12-26

I read it with Ramsay's voice.

roux man - 2020-12-27

sadly my breathe didnt make it go boom

Dżdżownica Kowadło - 2020-12-27

@roux man Good for you, it means it doesnt smell bad.

Christopher Anton - 2020-12-28

Sounds like what happens when someone touches my inner theigh

Alex Marshall - 2021-01-12

Yes rico, kaboom

Ominous Toaster - 2020-10-16

"This chemical really doesn't want to exist"

Millenials: Well of course I know him, he's me

Lucas Anonymous - 2020-12-09

@Justeasy Gaming the best number truly is ghrams number

Lucas Anonymous - 2020-12-09

@Justeasy Gaming or googolplex

T Thung - 2020-12-22

@Bobby Moore TREE(3)

JennaLois Farrar - 2020-12-29

Dont forget gen z doeeee LMAOOOO

Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02

Omninese Toastoxide

john doe - 2020-11-20

"but I got impatient, and I kept adding more"
famous last words in chemistry

Lord Vile - 2020-12-30


Constantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto - 2021-01-09

@Lord Vile you're saying that like there's any original comment here

lillian Mcmorre - 2021-01-15


neoburger - 2019-09-13

"Ive made manganese heptoxide."
"What you've done is ruined a perfectly good chemical. Look at it. Its got anxiety."

BlueAura - 2020-11-28

its even funnier that it doesnt wanna exist and dies the moment it can

Margaret Elkins - 2020-12-03

1:02 this is me

"This new molecule is a combination of two permanganic acids, and it really does not want to exist "

soleil - 2020-12-03

@Mystic Demi

PolarDoc22 - 2020-12-09

@soleil i bet you know a thing or two about that

aynain abrar X A - 2021-01-14


Eiríkr InRauda - 2020-12-20

“Regardless of that though, it is still dangerous, and it has to be treated with respect”

Me, a dumbass: I love you

ELDR1TCH_3NT1TY - 2021-01-12

good one

Lilly like da flower - 2021-01-14

He is a cutie tbf

Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property - 2020-11-09

“This chemical really doesn’t want to exist”

Me after 2020: I have decided to become manganese heptoxide

Nördisk - 2020-12-24

@Just some American Assassins creed lover Someone else finally gets it.

Mr Perry - 2020-12-26

LOL! That is the first self deprecating joke I have found on the internet!

TheShortBoi - 2020-12-31

1 day left

Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02

HippityhoppityyourchildisOURpropertynese heptoxide

Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property - 2021-01-03

This is the most beautiful name I’ve ever seen

X.Ploit - 2020-10-16

"Please don't try to recreate what I do!"

At first, I wasn't planning to recreate anything at all, but now that you've specifically told us not to, I'm definitey gonna try to recreate it.

Pearlshine 9621 - 2020-12-24

Yeah, I really want to do this for a science project in high school, I'm in grade 8 and can't wait to have the high school lab available

ungekoopt - 2020-12-25

You still alive?

Jam _ - 2020-12-25

Who’s down to make some c4

John Smith - 2020-12-26

If the poster's family is reading this, could you please inform us of the details of what injuries she/he has received? I'm curious, for... scientific reasons.

Beast Gamer - 2021-01-12

@Pearlshine 9621 I may be younger than you but I got the gall to do it

GaeFootballClub - 2020-12-22

“this chemical really doesn’t want to exist”
me neither bro

Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02

GaeFootballClunese heptoxide

Beast Gamer - 2021-01-12

@Maxim Koneva very rare chemical

William Shreckengost - 2019-06-16

"For this run, I simply said 'hello.' It immediately decomposed."

yingxia wei - 2020-10-02

@Gravity Idiot bruh, “Idiot” is a very good name for you

Motion54 - 2020-12-21


MRaime - 2020-12-24

So manganese heptoxide is basically an introvert with social anxiety

Knifer - 2020-12-24

Just like girls around me

Icylapras - 2020-12-28

redditors making human interaction be like:

Oh Okay - 2020-10-15

Hearing "aniline" and "rocket fuel" as synonyms is REALLY weird when you're a dye maker

CoalSpark - 2020-11-06

“It seemed fine so I tried it with a narrowed neck” famous last words

Sebastian - 2020-12-26

Mcr reference.

frog dotcom - 2020-12-30

We stan

libtard central - 2020-12-31


theInsignium - 2020-10-12

People never give nile credit to how clean his experiments are

V!!King - 2020-10-17

"Hi I'm manganese heptoxide! Look at me! Existence is pain"

Alkyne Polaris - 2019-12-09

Manganese Heptoxide: For personal reasons, I will be passing away.

Baconlovesbacon9990 - 2020-08-27

The antisocial kid

Kayagorzan - 2020-10-24


Thug Lincoln - 2020-10-26

Azido azide azide and this make a great combo

𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 - 2020-11-01

like the vaginal weiner he post month ago

Carlos1353 - 2020-11-13

8.1k likes now

Navy Panda - 2020-10-05

Nile: for this next test I just dropped a Cotton ball on it

Cotton ball: explodes

murderducky - 2020-10-22


Science done right - 2020-12-19

cOtTeN bOoL

Navy Panda - 2020-12-19

You saw nothing

Science done right - 2020-12-19

@Navy Panda i didnt get ya

Ed haxxor - 2020-12-23

"The chemical that doesn't really want to exist"


Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02

Edenese haxxoptide

FliZarr Senetret - 2020-08-16

“This chemical really doesn’t want to exist”

Me:so do I you ain’t different

joelhoon1707 - 2020-11-13

You will find any reason to dye

Kenny on shrooms - 2020-12-02

right back at'cha

Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02

FliZarnese Senetoxide

loubob05 - 2020-10-10

Nile said he wanted to start making shorter videos? Damn, he let that go faster than me on a diet!!

Stellar Labs - 2020-01-03

Yo want a chip?

Manganese Heptoxide: explodes

StellarMusic06 - 2020-10-01

damnit, there's already Stellar Labs

Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING - 2020-10-11


Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING - 2020-10-11

@Tall Guy irrelevant.

Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING - 2020-10-11

@Sans yup lol

ariel manosca - 2020-10-19


Laserguard _303 - 2020-12-29

everyone: “jUST LiKe mE”

Name Needed - 2020-10-29

"Two relatively common chemicals"
"Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

FlameyBoy - 2020-12-22

Relative to what? Antimatter?

Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02


Nevla - 2020-10-21

That "THUNK" noise it makes sometimes is ALMOST as good as the M1 Garand PING whenever you eject the clip.

先生CherryPepsi - 2020-12-14

I'm gonna wait for someone to incorrectly "correct" you lmao

LucasTheGamer - 2020-12-22

Maybe even at the level of the Minecraft “Strong Attack” sound, like when you get a really nice axe crit.

Leaf The Weird dragon - 2020-11-28

Oh god, I can just hear it.

"Hello everyone, this is YOUR daily dose of internet"

NecromanicFire Ball - 2020-01-17

Nile: 'This is still dangerous and has to be treated with respect.'

Me: M'acid

Aquapod9 - 2020-04-10

M’anganese heptoxide

Fresh Sans - 2020-04-11

* Starts pouring in light bulb *

Nisarg Joshi - 2020-04-14

@Someoneone Yes. But pure acids are not acidic. Only when they are dissolved in water do they exhibit acidic nature. So you can concentrate an acid to bring its pH down, but as soon as it's an anhydride, you can no longer measure its pH.

Someoneone - 2020-04-14

@Nisarg Joshi i see, thanks for the clarification

Pro_wie - 2020-04-23

@Tsuki Karasu NOICE

Purvi - 2020-12-23

Title: This chemical really doesn't want to exist

The suicidal me: me too chemical,me too

KurtisKurt - 2020-12-24


Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02

Purvenese heptoxide

Sam Watkins - 2020-08-16

I have almost no idea what’s going on half the time in these videos, but I now want to read up on chemistry and learn as much as a can, thanks

Also I feel bad for all of the stuff I’m probably going to blow up

Elexida Castro - 2020-11-16

Can we just appreciate the fact that he provided a lengthy noise warning so we wouldn't be shocked at the sound? This man is gold.

Hamstreak - 2020-12-14

"Guess I'll Die."
The compound

Boxy Studios - 2020-04-04

"It seemed fine and by that I mean it didn't explode." is my favorite quote.

Noobsoup Soupking - 2020-08-12

When is it?

Dragonrider49 - 2020-08-13

@Noobsoup Soupking 10:00

Sleepy Snapbody - 2020-08-14

when i have children i want this to be the line i say when something bad happens

Noobsoup Soupking - 2020-08-26

@Dragonrider49 thank you

my name is Yoshikage Kira i am 33 years old - 2020-09-08

Megumin is not proud

Equaius - 2020-10-06

"it is really dangerous and has to be treated with respect"
haha chemical go brrr

Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING - 2020-10-11

"Wait, it's not me?"
"Never has been"

Maxim Koneva - 2021-01-02

CurtisWarrenese BTWSTOPBEGGINGoxide

The Snekspert - 2020-12-17

"This chemical really doesn't want to exist"
so its me in science, dope.

Fizz - 2020-12-21

This is the chemical that an introvert’s brain is made of. Simply approach it in any way or give is some kind of contact, and it will immediately decompose.

As an introvert, I can confirm it’s true.

sage - 2019-07-09

when you’re holding back tears and someone asks if you’re okay:

macaroni - 2019-11-27

person: are you okay?

you or someone holding back their tears: i’m f- crYYyY

Hannah Elizabeth - 2019-12-11

Oh my GOD this literally happens to me on a daily basis

Sean Taggart - 2019-12-16


The Candy Kid - 2020-05-08

sage when ur sad but not crying and then someone asks u why ur sad and THEN u start crying

some random animator - 2020-05-27


novanghafara - 2020-10-05

when math and phisics are on the same day and both of them is an exam with killer teacher
my brain: 6:33

Lord Dampnut - 2020-10-02

"It looks for any reason to decompose"
Me looking for reasons why I can't go out that night.

The One - 2020-08-28

1:02 this is me

"This new molecule is a combination of two permanganic acids, and it really does not want to exist "

Gnerf in your recommendations - 2020-11-27

Why do you not want to exist

The One - 2020-11-27

@Gnerf in your recommendations

Mason Hunter - 2021-01-08

@Gnerf in your recommendations how old are you

Gigi - 2020-09-26

Video: “ This Chemical really doesn’t want to exist”
Me: Omg same

Potato and rotato - 2020-11-06

"Mr Nilered, I don't feel so good"

PET THE BUTTER - 2020-12-22

manganese heptoxide doesn’t want to exist:
Me: maybe I am manganese heptoxide

Pizza PowerXYZ - 2020-12-19

Finally! A way I can learn how to make a bomb without the FBI up my ass!

Thanatos - 2020-08-08

"How to light a fireplace like the cool kids"

Kyle Griffin - 2020-07-18

"It seemed fine and by that I mean it didn't explode." This guy is like a young doc brown and it's awesome.

Sundeep Panigrahi - 2020-12-11

Nope. Doc Red. XD

CrimsonGalaxy X - 2020-12-18

Lol true

liuliume - 2020-12-22

god i thought you meant the comedian

Shawn Shurtz - 2020-12-23

@R R Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer, not a chemist.

최윤서 - 2020-12-23


zeridot - 2020-10-13

i love the subtle "OOOOOEHP" noises from the test tubes

Khorne - 2020-09-14

Ah, finally a chemical that represents me

Zicition - 2020-09-02

He speaks so well that Google caption is just working like it's in a universe where everything is perfect.

Christopher Song - 2020-10-14

America: "OIL?!"

FranticSkunk - 2019-09-30

Title: This chemical really doesn't want to exist
Everyone in my generation: "ayy lmao same"

the bois - 2020-05-09

@cool snail p

Tomijones - 2020-05-22


Swati S - 2020-07-10

actually tho 😂

person 3 - 2020-10-12

Gen z faking depression be like

Ven - 2020-10-13

Literally every Gen Z on social media