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Lab Equipment: Short Path Distillation Apparatus

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

In this video we discuss the idea behind the short path distillation apparatus. 

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tjbtech - 2018-05-31

More apparatus and glassware videos plz! Hell, I'd watch one just going through all the types of condensers and their uses/advantages.

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

I recently got a clevenger apparatus. I'll probably make a video on it as soon as i can get over the name that sounds like a superhero pornstar.

tjbtech - 2018-05-31

Oo, kinky. Looking forward to it!

Joe Mama - 2018-05-31

Right?! Glassware is probably deep down the whole reason I got interested in home science/chem. The solvents, unique reactions, and whatnot are just the perfect excuse to "play" with the glassware. :D

Chris D - 2018-05-31

+tjbtech yes. so yes.

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

Been awhile since i last did a lab equipment video. As for the topic: I admit, i didn't fully understand the concept for many years. I'm pretty sure i still don't fully understand it even now.

Anyway, my sodium silicate video had some errors in it so i took it down and i'll reupload in a few days once i fix it.

threezerol944t - 2018-06-01

Michael Aichlmayr I don't even see a bell.

Von Meatingen - 2018-06-01

Thanks, interesting video, never thought about these differences in distillation apparatuses before.

Daryl Adam - 2018-06-05

Welcome to the club 24K

Terry Lu - 2018-06-07

Hello, I am the manufacturer in China.Any questions about rotary evaporator vacuum pump and short path distillation etc, please contact with me anytime. More info in my Instagram(terry_lu1992)and Facebook(Terry lanphan) .email: ljy596er@gmail.com

ShadowDragon8685 - 2018-06-08

I'm not even a chemist of any description, and I love watching your videos, especially the Lab Equipment videos. It's just damn interesting. Thanks for making these.

nattsurfaren - 2018-05-31

I would love to see a video on essential oils. I have been trying to find out how they extract aroma from coconut but I couldn't find anything. Maybe some aromas can't be extracted? Also can essential oils be used in chemistry to make desired compounds?

wwwelkam - 2018-05-31

Some "essential oils" are made synthetically. They synthesize key molecules and mix them up. For real essential oil extraction people usually use steam distillation or a water/alcohol mixture

nattsurfaren - 2018-05-31

Cool :) I know NurdRage mention that the Short Part Distillation Apparatus could be used for essential oils. So when is it better to use this one over steam distillation? I feel the whole world with aroma and perfume is kind of hidden and you can't really find that much DIY videos about it. Could the coconut aroma be extractable as an essential oil? How do you separate coconut oil from the essential oil?

M L - 2019-11-06

@nattsurfaren i'm not chemist but i've been playing with a spd for a few days and I discovered that some terpenes have low boiling point, like 40°C... so If you catch all vapors, you may get water+oils and then can separate easily by freezing. cheers

Aussie Chemist - 2018-05-31

Cool, I once came across a dealer that sells it, originally I thought it’s for extreme small scale reaction....

AntiMatter89 - 2018-05-31

SHOCKED this video appeared in my sub feed. Thanks for the upload.

Some Random Guy - 2018-05-31

AntiMatter89 tru

﴾ ﴿ - 2018-05-31

not that you, me or anyone else here will EVER use one of those.. :D

Seven Proxies - 2018-06-02

Am I the only one who love the word "apparatus"? Whenever I hear it, it just sound like plain science. :)

Xander Varga - 2018-05-31

what is the lowest temperature you can distill water with all of your equipment

movax20h - 2018-05-31

You can distill at almost any temperature. I.e. 5 deg C at atmospheric pressure. It will be just very slow. You can make it work maybe one or two degree below melting point, but this requires rather extreme pressure conditions. Not available in most of the labs.

CrucifyRobinHood - 2018-05-31

A pretty common set up among cannabinoid distillers.

sarcasmo57 - 2019-11-24

Go on...

desanges - 2018-09-18

I like how you pronounce "sodium hydroxide".

Samuel albritton - 2018-11-15

Would love to see essential oil videos as that’s what I’ll be distilling. Probably not the coolest chemistry stuff but essential oils is what I’m trying to make

Morlanius - 2018-06-01

I wish I knew about this a few years ago for solvent removal with a very temperature sensitive product.

Евгений Левченко - 2018-05-31

Dammit! I alredy have a need for one, but all of my Uni's glassblowers are in vacation for at least two weeks!

Locks Rocks And What Nots - 2018-06-01

Thank you sir. Now I know. "Short path distillation".....I feel like there is a chemistry joke in there somewhere....

Son Goku - 2018-06-01

I'm an electrical engineer and I've been watching your channel for a long time because I love the science, but lets be real here man... That shit is for weed.

6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys - 2019-02-26

Glad covered especially for essential oils! Great channel, just a support comment. See shill tube isn’t all propaganda and censorship!
Looking for coverage of cow adapters! 😃

Kerstin - 2018-05-31

I did not receive a notification even though I have clicked the bell icon and gotten notifications on all NurdRage videos before this one since I clicked it...

snowdaysrule2 - 2018-06-01

We have the same extension clamps <3

Pietro Tettamanti - 2018-05-31

Wonderful! I sometimes thought about evaporation as a distilling technique but then I thought "meh, if I haven't heard anything about it, it means that it can't be done".
Also, I thought that there wasn't a real need for it since there is vapor current distillation.
Nice to know that I was wrong, you learn lew things everyday.

spce invdr - 2018-05-31

I know you're excited but it really does look like something sold in a head shop

aga - 2018-05-31

Awesome ! I bought one of these a year ago because it was cheap. Never really knew what to use it for - until now !

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

I saw one on my old workplace and never figured out why it was special until almost ten years later. It's one of those subtle things you almost never think about until someone tells you.

aga - 2018-05-31

Best thing i can say about it so far (never having used it) is that it's small enough not to get in the way ;)

Hutt'n Kloas - 2018-09-16

According my experience this accounts for most special lab glassware. If I have a look in our lab I'll encounter quite a lot of deviating glassware pieces, most of it was custom designed for a special purpose. When the project is finished and the experimenter gone, hardly anyone remembers whats its exact purpose was :-) An experienced lab worker can reason what its purpose is but e.g. at most Uni's people come and go and so does its practical knowledge.

2 AM Productions - 2018-05-31

Always great to see an equipment/technique video! It helps a ton for amateurs just starting off in chemistry.

Michael Walker - 2018-06-02

“You can put your weed in it too!”

verdatum - 2018-06-01

beautiful piece of glassware. That must have taken a decent bit of work.

G Mon - 2019-01-26

This is by far the most informative distillation video I’ve ever seen and I’m on almost daily searching and watching videos. Much respect!! I’m going to hit you up soon. I’m jay @cannabis_miamor. So happy I found you

J H - 2018-11-15

I had no idea about the advanced function.... Glad i watched this!

snowdaysrule2 - 2018-06-01

And I never knew such a thing existed. Now I know what to use when my traditional distillation apparatus doesn't perform as desired.

In the future could you do a "lab equipment" series video on vacuum pumps? I'd like to own one but haven't yet purchased one because I'm uncertain about the complete setup. I've read that solvent traps are supposed to be used to keep the vacuum pump safe, but I've never seen someone break down their entire vacuum setup so I don't know if additional equipment besides just the pump and tubing are required.

PrettyChill Chemistry - 2018-06-16

Caught you on VICE! Nice work man. Power to the people!

hido1995 Hido - 2018-06-02

Sadly "Chem Player" was closed i can't access to get some video from that channel
" Ce compte a été clôturé en raison du non-respect du Règlement de la communauté YouTube. "

Kowboy USA - 2018-05-31

When I type "Short Path Distillation Apparatus" into the alchemysupply site search box and hit return all I get is a page that showing the word "literature."

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

alchemy supply doesn't sell them as far as i know, it's too specialized.

Kowboy USA - 2018-05-31

That explains it. Thanks.

queazocotal - 2018-05-31

Some method of pumping gently the vapour and residual gas might help quite a lot. Perhaps putting on a stirrer might have great benefit, as it also agitates the gas. Flowing a tiny bit of gas to near the surface through the thermometer hole may also work.

Barry Fennell - 2018-05-31

Thank god for the spoon fed information of youtube because reading is moy difcil. Que es un Dissociative Asparagus, Dr. Rage?

Gentili Giuliano - 2020-03-18

Molecular distillation made easy :)

John Kerr - 2018-06-01

We used short-path distillation when purifying dithiothreitol (DTT) under vacuum.

bob along - 2020-02-28

unable find apparatus you show us at the glassware link.
who proof-views these vid's pre-release for completeness ?

Michael samir - 2018-06-05

Can you make a video on how to extract ammonia from fish tank water to use it in chemical reactions

Alex Abbey - 2018-05-31

Man can you help me. I have a distillation set up with a 10/30 thermometer slot in the top. I want to use a thermocouple in a well adapter but am not sure what part to search for. Can you help. This has grounded me for the moment.

Russell - 2018-05-31

Well that was neat as neat gets!

CryptoPhoenix - 2018-05-31

No way! I used that apparatus today in the organic lab course! I was very afraid of breaking it because it's the most expensive piece of glass in our lab to break, about 300€ ! :D

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

what were you distilling?

CryptoPhoenix - 2018-05-31

I was separating three unknown organic substances apart that was part of our course. One was amine, one was neutral solid and third was neutral liquid. I got the amine distilled with short path distillation apparatus under vacuum. 63C/12,4mbar. A few drops was all I got. Now I'm trying to determine what that substance is.

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

amazing! i wish you all the best in your analysis.

CryptoPhoenix - 2018-05-31

Thank you! Scratching my head with IR spectrum right now. :D Seems to have an aromatic ring at least...

Bryan - 2018-07-20

All the percolation! MasterBong here lol

JamesG - 2018-05-31

I went thru almost the whole video wondering why you weren't saying to tilt the boiling (vaporizing?) flask. Finally you mention it at the end... :-) I'm gonna guess that you intend this for use with tertiary alcohols. Does this mean you have some more of that action in mind?

kickassNK - 2018-05-31

Thanks for making videos!

J& K - 2018-05-31

Nice kit. I really want one for home remedies

sky si - 2018-11-12

We can provide complete short path distillation with vacuum pump and chiller.Just send us an inquiry.https://kedayq.en.made-in-china.com/product/oNSmWOcGnlVx/China-Portable-Short-Path-Distillation-for-Cbd-Oil-Extraction.html

Nicholas Alt - 2018-05-31

Thanks for the lesson! I've an idea kicking around in my head for awhile that basically amounts to distillation at sub-boiling temperatures, but wasn't sure if it was possible, or if it would accomplish what I had in mind.
Pointing out the benefits of a short path, and using vacuum to increase the mean free path (if that's the right term) for the molecules we want to distill, gives me a much better idea of how I might set up some experiments.

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

research: "film distillation", "film evaporation" and "molecular distillation". There is advanced equipment out there that takes this concept to the extreme. They're expensive though, so i'll never be able to afford one for my videos. But they're out there.

Nicholas Alt - 2018-05-31

NurdRage Thanks! I'll look into it. I have found that ebay can be a good source for deals on equipment. Unusual stuff and truly good deals take a ton of time and some luck to find - it's not a big market - but I have gotten some embarrassingly good deals on expensive glassware. I can keep an eye out if there's anything you'd like to find.

Gugl - 2018-05-31

Would this be good for destilling sulfuric acid?

Tucker R Collins - 2018-06-09

I have a question. Can pure H2 gas be used as a catalyst?

Rushil Fernandes - 2018-06-01

A 14 jointed short path distillation apparatus was always permanently in my syringe tray in the oven during my PhD. It's really convenient when you want to quickly purify a couple of ml of reagent for finicky reactions. The true significance of the "short path" never occurred to me! We would invariably use a kugelröhr for sensitive high-boiling compounds.
Thanks for the videos. They're very informative!

Rocky Robinson - 2018-05-31

can we pump air to carry vapor from flask to s.p condenser ?

NurdRage - 2018-05-31

better off using vacuum.

Chris Storer - 2018-06-25

Can you do a video on “piranha” acid? I know it’s basic chemistry but it seems as though it’s less widely known for its ferocious appetite. I’m curious to see just what it will eat up

Rakin Kazi - 2018-05-31

Would one be able to distill sulfuric acid using this setup?

user21XXL - 2018-05-31

you can also use 2neck flask and introduce inert gas flow to speed up evaporation