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Vapor Activated Glow Stick

NurdRage - 2017-07-08

In this video we make a chemiluminescent reaction that is activated by a vapor.

The reaction is very easy to perform: Mix 3mL of dimethyl phthalate, 3mg of fluorescent dye such as rubrene, and 3mL of hydrogen peroxide (30%) and shake. Let the mixture separate and apply the bottom dimethyl phthalate to a surface. Then pass oxalyl chloride vapors over the surface.

The oxalyl chloride vapor will react with the chemicals to produce a strong chemiluminescent glow that will last for a few seconds. 

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NileRed - 2017-07-08

Really cool and creative idea.

Mezuzah87 - 2017-07-10

BeatRush2011 I'm assuming you're not a chemist? :P

BeatRush2011 - 2017-07-10

Mezuzah87 I'm assuming you didn't get the joke? ;) But, no, I am no chemist. I still find chemistry cool tho.

Awsomiihill - 2017-07-12

nurdrage=nilered(+audacity pitch change) confirmed

jk ok

David Gómez B - 2017-07-14


Ivan Duy - 2017-09-19

Actually, Nicesex and nudegreat

SeanHodgins - 2017-07-08

"Here, take my card." "No Thanks."

NightHawkInLight - 2017-07-08

Very nice! This was super cool

NurdRage - 2017-07-08

Thanks man!

NurdRage - 2017-07-08

Thanks for continuing to watch my videos. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Udit Gupta - 2017-07-10

this video is super cool and i really wish more people saw it

User Name - 2017-07-11

You have no idea how much I appreciate seeing them.

Malkoitrek - 2017-07-12

i follow you from --- i don't remember XD

Homie Kitten - 2017-07-14

I found this channel today I instantly subscribe and ringed your bell

Zachary Jasinski - 2017-08-07

I love your videos and I've actually tried to do a few expirements from them

Yash Pathak - 2017-07-08

+NurdRage Do you and NileRed sync your videos with each other? Both of you'll have released a video on Chemiluminescence on the same day. Is this is a coincidence or are you'll collaborating back stage?

NileRed - 2017-07-08

It was a complete coincidence. I was originally going to post another video, but I decided to do the chemilumiscence one last minute.

TheDoctor - 2017-07-08

My conspiracy theory: NurdRage is Nile Red's professor!

xuNsh1ne - 2017-07-08

Bullshit! You're NileRage oh... NurdRed I mean - whatever :P

Gregory Smith - 2017-07-09

NurdRage: N. R. Nile Red: N. R. COINCIDENCE? I think not

DFPercush - 2017-07-10

You two should do a rap battle.

Tyl - 2017-07-08

opens YouTube
sees NileRed uploaded a video on glowsticks
"motherf-, I'll show him who's boss."
uploads this
"that'll do it"

confiscator - 2017-07-09

I can't accept this. There must be a less toxic way to generate this effect with vapors. Maybe just not as intense? I can't bear not being able to do something like this safely.
I. Can't. Bear. It.

twocvbloke - 2017-07-08

ooh, two glowing chemical vids in one day (NileRed's being the other), nice... :D

Very neat effect though, I'm sure in old times, they'd have accused you of being a man-witch... :P

The Gayest Person on YouTube - 2017-07-09

twocvbloke A.....wizard? Perhaps? Lmao you made me hungry for a sandwich now.

mSCI - 2017-07-21

man-witch=warlock... lol

Jack B - 2017-07-08

That would be a really cool business card effect. If it was safer....

Crow - 2017-07-08

Coincidence that yourself and NileRed upload a video on chemiluminescence

Timothy Kohout - 2017-07-09

I would love to see a vid making UV reactive paints. I want to have every friend at a party be able to paint on my wall and leave something lasting.

Oneofdazzz - 2017-07-09

Remember those paintings where you would put a paper on a spinning wheel a add drops of paint? bet that would look awesome with these chemicals if they won't react or mix too much.

Thijs Stavenga - 2017-07-08

Wow even through the camera I was impressed. I can only imagine how it would look in real life

Jason Cosford - 2017-07-09

Absolutely sensational! All my kids were stunned silent watching the awesome unfold. You're inspiring an interest in Chemistry again. Thank you NurdRage!

Dalitas D - 2017-07-08

Awesome, keep it up, we appreciate every minute of great chemistry... and failed chemistry you throw at us! :)

flomojo2u - 2017-07-09

Wow, more amazing work, your channel has such a high standard for really interesting science as well as striking demonstrations like these!

Aleksander Sobolewski - 2017-07-08

Show us how to make THAT amount of Oxalyl Chloride

armouredlion - 2017-09-10

this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

Mac O'Connell - 2017-07-08

Someone needs to make GIFs of this effect that was super cool!

Locks Rocks And What Nots - 2017-07-08

This makes me happy. :-)

Dominick Tedesco - 2017-07-08

This stuff is amazing. thanks for always amazing us nerdrage.

DOlz - 2017-07-09

For those of you (like myself) who didn't know what a, lachrymator, is the definition is "a substance that irritates the eyes and causes tears to flow."

Jesse Bond - 2017-07-09

Probably the coolest thing that I've seen in a very long time.

omegahunter9 - 2017-07-09

This is the most awesome thing I've seen this month on youtube. It's people like you that made me fall in love with chemistry <3

Christie Nel - 2017-07-08

That would make an amazing leak detector.

Alisson França - 2017-07-09

thats amazing, its like we can see the vapours coming out of the bottle, wish you had used a much larger area, maybe a wall covered with paper and the opened bottle on the bottom

MarcCG - 2017-07-08

Wow so cool! You made me want to look for fluorescent dyes in my lab!

Žan Pekošak - 2017-07-08

I would love to sneak this in ones vape pen. Man it would be cool to see their respons to their breath glowing.

cannagorilla - 2017-07-09

another awesome NurdRage™ production! thank you!

Fusion Developer - 2017-07-08

If anyone considers themselves to be immature and annoying, post a comment saying "first".

MissBubbles - 2017-07-09

Reminds me a lot of northern lights, though in faster motion. Very beautiful.

Alan Zhu - 2017-07-14

For some reason nilered and nurdrage seem to have meet each other or am I missing something

Kaedenn - 2017-07-09

That is so amazing. I'm going to show this video to the lab manager to see if we can get a guided demonstration for the chemistry club. They already have most of these chemicals in stock for other uses. Thank you for the video!

ChaosPotato - 2017-07-08

This is REALLY cool haha :D

dolomighty74 - 2017-07-08

very nice this one! next step could be wetting a cubic grid and stare in awe at the moving 3D patterns

Eph-Jay Music - 2017-07-09

This is unbelievably cool and creative! Thank you!

Safety Lucas - 2017-07-09

Incredible! I'm so glad you make videos.

Spikey DaPikey - 2017-07-08

That was beautiful!!

Jesse S - 2017-07-09

I'm convinced that Nurd Rage and Nile Red are the same person. both uploaded videos about glowsticks

slacksijie - 2017-07-09

that is some neat effect, a way to visualize air stream?

Chemistry Guy - 2017-07-08

Fascinating and beautiful!

Zilch ­ - 2017-07-08

mix the dyes, I wanna see that psychodelic madness

Miloš Šipéki - 2017-07-10

Unbelievable... Thank you, for your videos NurdRage!

The Chemical Workshop - 2017-07-08

just beautiful <3

cristian hernandez - 2017-07-09

so your saying I can dipp my pc into that stuff and RGB it?

tyjuji - 2017-07-09

If you could mix the colors in an interesting way I'm sure the result would look fairly cosmic.

Sean Confer - 2017-07-09

That's really pretty :D

TT-33 - 2017-07-08

Thanks for making this awesome video!

RDComp - 2017-07-09

Seems need explain in Thermodynamics :3

FoolWise - 2017-07-08

Now you can paint glowing pictures :D