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Palladium recovery from 1.4kg ceramic capacitors

OwlTech - 2020-12-12

Smelting 1.4kg MLCCs using lead and silver as collector metals, followed by  cupellation and silver - palladium separation.

Francois Pellier - Франсуа Пелье - 2020-12-12

Привет! Очень интересная переработка!!! Спасибо! Лайк

OwlTech - 2020-12-12

Спасибо Олег!

Mates Sobieszek - 2021-02-12

@OwlTech bmb

VALYAI56 - 2021-03-03

@OwlTech очень понравилось,молодец

OwlTech - 2021-03-03

@VALYAI56 Спасибо!

Nelson Diaz - 2021-03-15

You can avoid adding the lead and just dissolve the ceramic in hydrofloric acid all the silica and ceramic will dissolve in the acid leaving the palladium as a powder ! Saving a few steps

Kris - 2021-03-18

Hydrofluoric acid?? HF? Did you mean hydrochloric acid?
Using hydrofluoric acid to avoid lead is like working with wild tigers to avoid having to work with house cats because you’re afraid of cats.

drcurioustube - 2021-02-01

If you think I'm going to go through 11 advertising breaks in a 38 minute video you're sadly mistaken

Don Quixote - 2021-03-21

This guy isn't even using gloves with those smashed up capacitors. Probably full of Chinese lead

OwlTech - 2021-03-21

@Don Quixote there's no lead in the capacitors

Don Quixote - 2021-03-21

@OwlTech there shouldn't have been lead in paint or window blinds but it was there anyway. Old tech is full of goodies. Should practice proper PPE regardless

Felix Bedard - 2021-03-22

@Kris get a life lol ...

Kris - 2021-03-22

@Felix Bedard I have a nice one, thanks.
My original point stands. People bitch and moan about something like ads while sitting on their ass in the comfort of their home without a thought in the world about how convenient it is to have a whole world’s worth of information at their fingertips.

Just 15 or 20 years ago you’d have to get off your lazy ass and spend hours in a library at the VERY least or take classes to learn a fraction of the information you can freely access today.
At the very least, you could be a cheapskate and use an ad blocker. It takes money away from the content creators but at least then we wouldn’t have to listen people fucking complain about every little thing.

Huệ Quang Đặng Lâm - 2021-03-23

thís is a important document . thanks for this video , that's great

OwlTech - 2021-03-23

Glad it was helpful!

cybcarr - 2021-03-12

15g is like ~1100 USD.. not that bad, or is it?

Lucas Luba - 2021-03-07

Arc reactor can see you my friend

This'n that - 2021-03-20

Have you watched sreetips channel? He does this type of thing in his garage.

OwlTech - 2021-03-20

Yes, I'm a huge fan

John, "dere" wilkinson - 2021-01-20

damn It i hate these robo-voices! instant turn-off and close

Kyle L - 2021-03-22

Hang onto it. Copper and palladium shortage

Land Rover Addict - 2021-02-26

37:00 still using Windows CE\Mobile I was once one of the faithful😊

Ryan Jones - 2020-12-23

How do I know which ones to save? Do ones from crt tv boards have palladium ? Thanks

Reart Recycling - 2020-12-18

impressed by your work, which instrument in your hand to find element analysis of sample at 37:28 :)

OwlTech - 2020-12-19

XRF gun

Joseph Lieberman - 2021-02-24

The one time I decided to melt a one troy ounce Palladium bar, i was surprised to discover the phenomenon of "spitting" whereby in the molten condition, palladium will absorb certain gasses in large amounts (Hydrogen if i recall acuratley), then upon cooling and before becoming solid, it will oclude or expel (spit) the same gaseous element.
I recall my jewelry casting texts mentioned dropping a small chunk of aluminum metal into the crucible after Palladium is completely molten and just prior to pouring into the casting mold., I believe pure sodium metal is also used for the same purpose.
The copious borax flux perhaps shields or minimized absorption of gaseous element.
But the aluminum or sodium acts insitu to react, combine with and remove the gas leaving an insoluble compound on the surface or scatred as a smoke or combustion product.
This can presumably eliminate the crater or swiss cheese apperance on palladium.

OwlTech - 2021-02-24

Wow thanks for the tip I'll try it next time

NOBOX7 - 2021-02-25

I watch this channel during meals , the videos are long and i like that , i dont have time to do any thing but eat on my breaks no time to click threw videos so i consume information as i consume my food by watching OwlTech.

zamistro - 2021-02-01

What kind of machines did these mlcc come from? How old?

eric miranda - 2021-03-12

I missed Jesse Pinkman as a helper in this video.

always watching - 2021-03-03

The Crystals were as beautiful as the work put in thank u

OwlTech - 2021-03-03

Thanks for the kind words!

Matias Dumon - 2021-03-06

Pls use mask and gloves, protect yourself, also good work

OwlTech - 2021-03-06

Thanks! Rest assured - we're using PPE when needed

nicolinz_ - 2021-03-23

Wkwkkw aku masih gak ngerti.. :

Charles Murphy - 2021-03-19

It’s lead pronounced led not leed.

Сергей Зайцев - 2020-12-12

Сова,как всегда на высоте.😉

OwlTech - 2020-12-12


Dudu Lins - 2021-03-15

Now, with that much palladium you can build yourself an Arc Reactor! 😂

tortuga kourosh - 2020-12-17

Merci pour cette vidéo avec la traduction , qu'elle plaire de tout comprendre

george smith - 2021-03-16

I thought it was over length and didn't contain much info the stirring and granulating bits were far to long

OwlTech - 2021-03-16

In that case you probably won't like the next video (it is an hour long)

Roman Chomenko - 2020-12-14

Too much hassle I'd just burn the plastic off and ball mill it and sell onto another client for a start strong acids are hard to get in the UK.

999 Dusan - 2020-12-12

You doit this macic more profesional then me :) brother. I love it.

OwlTech - 2020-12-12

Thank you Dusan!

David Gold - 2020-12-12

Dusan you have a vrey good chanel on youtube dont be scared everybody is at his level . The mission is to offer godd information and you do that too!

OwlTech - 2020-12-12

​@999 Dusan @David GoldBy no means am I a professional, I just happen to have access to good scrap. :)

Vaalotu Iakopo - 2021-03-14

Awesome video. You just found a new friend from New Zealand buddy ♥️ #newsubhere

OwlTech - 2021-03-16

Welcome aboard!

Wolf Party - 2021-02-10

You remember what happened last time you wanted to play a game...😱🤣🤣🤣🤣

Leifer Contreras - 2021-02-14

This is Amazing, man! How can i recognized this specifily condensator tipe...?

Leifer Contreras - 2021-02-15

Where can find this capacitor...?

Astropathix XIII - 2021-02-16

Get some clippers and start collecting. I think they are found in anything power supply related, but not exclusively. Palladium isnt exclusive to just these caps anyway.

Glyn Harris - 2020-12-14

Back to back videos, appreciate the effort mate

OwlTech - 2020-12-14

Cheers pal!

NOBOX7 - 2021-02-25

You have a magnificent channel , the precious thing you have to offer is wisdom indeed , finer then even the gold you show us how to recover

OwlTech - 2021-02-25

Thanks for the kind words!

Олег Чистов - 2021-01-18

Здорово, все классно и четко,ты скажи а почему после дробления просто в азотку не кинуть ,а или копирование уберете посторонние металлы со шлаком ?

tomas cerniu - 2021-03-16

Heey nice work!! I lowe it!! Could i cnow how much formic acid you hawe used for this amount liqid?

OwlTech - 2021-03-16

About 200ml in total

tomas cerniu - 2021-03-16

Thank you werry much!!!!!!!! :))))

Wardi Saputra - 2021-03-15

Bahasa e ora mudeng koh ngomong apa y ora ngrti q 🙏🙏🙏

Miguel Sierra - 2020-12-12


Алекс Алинов - 2021-01-07

Почему болгария?окукленные!

Elmo’s World - 2021-01-12

I’ll die trying

Kris - 2021-02-08

How much did you pay for the 1.4 kilos of caps?

OwlTech - 2021-03-18

Buying price is from 150 to 300EUR

Jeremy Fair - 2020-12-15

Great video. I believe I was snipping some mlccs just like those earlier today.

scrappy doo - 2020-12-16

Same here 👍 its the best thing im finding on low grade boards apart from copper

Vincent Rousseau - 2021-02-15

and tantale =)

Random Human - 2021-01-22

Damn! at $77 per Gram that is worth doing!

cross hatch2 - 2021-01-27

Mate the acids and the glassware ain't easy to get ,

dajaco81 - 2021-02-28

the real pain at least in the UK is the licencing to get hold of nitric acid. It's a nightmare.

Random Human - 2021-03-01

@dajaco81 can you get saltpetre and sulfuric acid?

Gammatron - 2021-03-20

@dajaco81Chemicals and glass are easy to get on ebay. make nitric acid with nitrate salt

akshay swarnkar - 2020-12-28

Sir I want to start a recycle factory can you please guide me in that

Neel 123456789 - 2021-02-17

What you add at the time of Cupellation to remove copper and nickel??

OwlTech - 2021-02-18


RebelWithoutApplause - 2021-01-29

1,558 dollar value as of today...


That’s why you save them

MegaYang77 - 2021-03-19

Я так и не понял, это наши кондеры или импортные?

OwlTech - 2021-03-19


Dirceu de pin - 2021-01-15

hello, if after burning the plastic plus the powder from the capacitors, can i just digest this powder in nitric acid without doing the copelation?thank you

OwlTech - 2021-01-15


Dirceu de pin - 2021-01-15

@OwlTech thank you

Bruce Woodcock - 2021-02-15

Did you get the silver back as well

OwlTech - 2021-02-16

Yes I recover the silver too

ДЕНИСОК ценные радиодетали и металлы - 2020-12-12

Круто и я ажь залип.Плохо что приходится титры читать,а так КРАСАВА ЖИРНЫЙ ЛАЙКОС

شقلبان ،،،،،، - 2021-02-01

I have capacitors how much is the price per gram

scrappy doo - 2020-12-16

Im surprised you guys don't have a ball mill for the crushing part, would save you a lot of time and effort 🙂

OwlTech - 2020-12-16

Yeah we have to put one together

scrappy doo - 2020-12-16

@OwlTech 👌

zafar azmi - 2020-12-12

Good work sir ❤️

OwlTech - 2020-12-12