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Concentrated Acetic Acid

Doug's Lab - 2015-03-27

In this video, I make very concentrated acetic acid from sodium acetate and sulfuric acid.

Nick Jumikis - 2017-01-06

Just your opening made me sub

Asik Ram - 2015-07-01

WOW!!!! Great video!! I like the way you explain the chemistry. Now i'm glad that I found your channel.Thank You.

Žan Pekošak - 2017-05-10

The intro made me sub. Nice!

UChem - 2015-04-11

Love the videos. Keep up the good work

LFTRnow - 2019-05-31

I like the freezing idea, it also could probably be dried with something, perhaps molecular sieves or an anhydrous material that won't react.

MCHEMIK - 2015-04-07

The classic method ... until a few years ago, after the dry distillation of wood in this way received the glacial acetic acid. Regards and waiting for the next video;-)

Ian Shamley - 2017-03-19

what kind of duct outlet dial do you use?

Beaker Science - 2015-03-27

Keep up the great work Doug! I always enjoy your videos. You may have the best chemistry videos on youtube. I should know, I've tried to subscribe to every chemist, so my subscription list can be used as a public resource. 297 so far, probably 75% chemists and the other chemistry related.

Doug's Lab - 2015-03-27

@Beaker Science Hey, thanks! :)

You should send me that list, by the way. I'm going to start trying to make original videos about things that have not been covered by a lot by others.

Chemiosmotic Phosphorylation - 2016-05-16

+Beaker Science Why do you have a channel description promising things with no videos to back it up?

jaocb clark - 2016-11-03

hey doug. how dangerous is this concentrated of acetic acid? what would happen if it touched your skin?

louis tournas - 2016-04-22

Did you install copper pipes and gas valves?

Aaron McKain - 2015-07-17

Dude great videos I love them

jaocb clark - 2016-11-03

anyone know how dangerous this concentrated amount of acetic acid would be if it got on your skin?

ScienceWithJames - 2017-10-21

jaocb clark It would burn your skin.

AllChemystery - 2018-04-28

Do you know a practical way to remove SO2 contamination from heating the mixture too strongly?

ChemTutorials - 2020-05-22

Reflux with a cold water condenser. The SO2 will be driven out, but the acetic acid will reflux and remain. I’ll be covering this in an upcoming video that I’ll post in 2 weeks from now.

jpdemer5 - 2018-02-09

Partially freeze it, and pour off the liquid. What's left is, literally, glacial acetic acid.

فرهاد ابراهیم - 2018-07-17

What's make acetic anhydride via classic method and ketene lamp

Spunkey Doodle - 2016-08-21

Would this method work with calcium acetate, rather than sodium acetate?

Georg E. - 2017-01-16

Spunkey Doodle Yes

Rsaramallac - 2018-01-08

It wouldn’t work as well since calcium sulfate wouldn’t stay molten

noname atall - 2018-11-10

@Rsaramallac this might be an advantage if you have a good enough stir bar to keep the whole thing moving, since then you can distillate to dryness and tha calcium sulfate will take some of the water out.

Wicked Americanos - 2017-06-29

is it possible to just boil off the water from regular vinegar, since waters boiling point is lower than acetic acid?

ScienceWithJames - 2017-12-06

mega beep *25%

Justin Koenig - 2017-12-10

ScienceWithJames 35%*

Matt F - 2018-08-30

@Justin Koenig 200%

196Stefan2 - 2018-11-22

no, since acetic acid forms an azeotrope with water.

Libor Tinka - 2019-03-01

If your vinegar is very dilute, then I guess you can distill most water off. But as the solution becomes more concentrated, the b.p. of the solution and b.p. of water will be very close and hard to separate. Maybe it can be done under pressure or vacuum or with the help of solvents, but the sodium acetate method seems most practical for a lab environment.

nick edmunds - 2016-04-21

Can i use this to get ride of rust?

The Jeffrey 27 - 2016-06-19

You can just use vinegar and salt, it doesn't get rid of it all though.

Jacobs Latte - 2019-01-08

If placed in a refrigerator would it form a solid piece of ice hence making it easier to remove the liquid water?

Khabele Ntlopo - 2020-03-11

I am only a soil scientist in the making i just want to know why is acetic acid is commonly used in metal extractions

Grak70 - 2020-05-29

Because it’s reactive to metals and metal carbonates. Metal acetates tend to be much more soluble in common carrier solvents including water, so it’s well suited for metal leaching.

R Johnson - 2018-02-10

Is there ANY way to concentrate grocery store 36% acetic acid?

Some Random Guy - 2018-05-21

R Johnson put it in the freezer and wait for it to cool down below 10°C but no less than 5°C. Make sure to mix it once in a while so it cools down evenly. Then pour off the liquid and what's left is highly concentrated acetic acid as a solid.

Sharon Smith - 2019-06-21

@Some Random Guy I need some hi grade nitromethane. I'm tired ofstruggling

Leo Brazz - 2018-09-03

why cant you just distill acetic acid to get anhydrous acetic acid?

Jason Patterson - 2019-09-02

The boiling points of acetic acid and water only differ by 18°C, with the water coming off first. They don't form an azeotrope, which seems like it would make separation by distillation easy. But because their BPs are close, what actually happens is that water starts coming off of the solution easily, then as it becomes more concentrated, the BP of the solution increases to that of acetic acid. It basically makes getting rid of the last bit of water impossible as a practical matter.

It is possible to add other compounds to the solution to create low boiling azeotropes that will pull the water out of solution and leave behind the acetic acid (and whatever other contaminants are in the vinegar you started with.)

EastOfTheGreenLine - 2018-10-06

This is a nice video. At 2:35 do you mean 245 g H2SO4? Wouldn't that be a 1.25 excess over 2 moles?

Zack Jeffries - 2015-06-15

Hi Doug! I bought Glacial Acetic Acid and wanted to dilute it down to 10-20% and use it as a vinegar weed killer. I have the distilled water in buckets all ready to accept the glacial acetic acid ...but my family is fearful for me that I will ruin my lungs/skin/eyes. I have protective goggles, a standard inexpensive white mask, and I would wear long sleeves, shoes, pants, etc. I would also be very careful to prevent spillage. Do I need anymore protective "industrial" gear? (e.g. industrial hood, etc) Is this really risky stuff that can do long term damage? Or will I be alright? Just trying to get some peace of mind :) Thank you Doug for all your good work!

nunya bisnass - 2017-06-08

I would say that the best thing to do to alleviate your familys fears, is to not tell them. If you're working in a well ventilated area, exposure shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you're diluting it to less than 60%, I'd say the end product is mostly safe to work with, even without protective gear.

ScienceWithJames - 2017-10-21

nunya bisnass I have to agree, if it's not glacial/conc, it's fairly safe. Just don't do stupid stuff with it of course :p

Azine Blue - 2018-07-16

isn't H2SO4 more valuable than acetic acid and also you can get acidic acid from the grocery store.

Jason Patterson - 2019-09-02

You can get dilute acetic acid from the grocery store, but that's only 5%. You can find up to ~30% acetic acid fairly easily online. This was production of 96% acetic acid. Sulfuric acid is pretty cheap in the US - one liter of 93% is ~$10.

Sean M - 2016-05-11

Don't make anhydrous ammonia. It will burn you eyes and lungs

ScienceWithJames - 2017-10-21

Sean Madden Wouldn't anhydrous ammonia just be ammonia gas that was dried with calcium chloride?

The Terrible Animator - 2018-02-04

ScienceWithJames maybe, you can also liquify it, and it would still be called anhydrous ammonia, needs to be more specific.

196Stefan2 - 2018-11-22

You cannot dry ammonia with an acidic drying agent lika CaCl2.

Hugo s.a - 2020-08-14


TMoD7007 - 2015-12-15

Isn't this a VERY expensive way to make acetic acid, even with drain cleaner? Why don't you buy the 30% stuff at the supermarket or even the 60% stuff on ebay for 2,5€/kg and destill off the water with a column? If you work clean you could just about call it glacial. If you want it to be completely anhydrous, you can still dry it....

Turner Brown - 2016-10-07

So to counteract that, you need an isotope to bring down the level of quantum fractures and stabilize the whole process.

NextGenAge - 2016-10-08

Exactly what i was thinking!

ScienceWithJames - 2017-10-21

dispatcher7007 What if you reflux the acetic acid in a fractional column?

PuO 2 - 2018-09-22

seems like youre column is trash

caspar valentine - 2020-07-13

@PuO 2 don't talk about my column like that, you'll hurt his feelings

wesley Snipes - 2016-08-29

Looks like a meth lab...

Onam King - 2017-06-26

no, it looks like a lab