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The rare property of pumpkin seed oil - dichromatism

Steve Mould - 2016-04-07

This liquid changes colour from green to red depending on thickness. It works because of it's unusual absorption spectrum but also becasue of the way our eyes perceive light. 

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Chizz - 2016-08-12

I bet that effect would seem much cooler if I wasn't red/green colour blind..

MaFren Gaming - 2019-07-14

666 likes. Nice

Jancristoff Ruiz - 2019-07-14

There are 666 likes

Guy L - 2019-07-15

@Rackergen well written.

jameswalker199 - 2019-07-19

I was going to say the same, all I can see is orange

VCuber X - 2019-12-01


Jamie Thelin - 2016-04-07

cutting away from swearing is always funnier than the actual words

•Ned Flanders• - 2019-06-15

@FuturePants ...but you still replied to his reply. And who needs to do the growing up here??

•Ned Flanders• - 2019-06-15

do people swear to be funny though? I dont think i do that

FuturePants - 2019-06-15

@•Ned Flanders• Anyone who get's offended by naughty words, that is who needs to grow up

FuturePants - 2019-06-15

@•Ned Flanders• also, noone said anything about swearing "to be funny" I just don't give a fuck if some thin-skinned dick-head is "offended" because I said fuck. Also it shows that the video creator is more worried about making money than being themselves. Gotta make those youtube shekels.

•Ned Flanders• - 2019-06-16

@FuturePants actually yeah the main comment we're both commenting on is talking about EXACTLY that! I replied to your shit comment separately. You come in here all raging with some "smart" shit.

Aaron Quitta - 2016-07-29

Why do you constantly look like you have never slept in your life?

SpydersByte - 2019-11-26

@Gabrianto Legend excellent comment :D

FlapJackInABox - 2019-11-26

He has kids 😂

Andrew Radford - 2019-11-28

Green cones

Spencer Wheeler - 2019-11-29


Spencerian - 2019-12-09

Aaron Quitta His eyes were itchy and he accidentally rubbed generous amounts of pumpkin seed oil on it.

insrtclevrnamehere - 2017-03-21

super baked watching colors on my phone about a guy who also looks pretty baked explaining colors lol

leonardo f - 2019-04-26

wholesome, as i am too, in that state

Oskar Elek - 2017-09-29

Instead of labeling the axes he axed the labels.

HOD0R - 2016-04-07

dude, weed.

Cloudfeather Bigthunder - 2017-03-28

they used to call me high boy

Pandaa Bro - 2017-06-11

I actually thought it's a certain hard drug tbh. I wouldn't judge even if you're on something, why would I? There is not much logic behind judging if no big problems arise from the use.

Azimov Watts - 2017-06-12

yeah man i use and no problems! dont judge

Latisha Mitchell - 2018-12-01

@Steve Mould Me too. People are very silly.

Sadder Whiskeymann - 2019-07-21

@unclejoeoakland i think transmission and reflection are one and the same ;)

jqerty - 2016-04-07


Encrearekisu - 2017-03-22

But he spelt colour properly. Don't be an arse or I'll tell your mum.

Chowder Stevens - 2017-03-22

Encrearekisu it's ok there a dumb American it's to be expected

Paul Lambert - 2017-03-23

My mom spells it color too. ;)

(Ahh, thanks for playing along, encrearekisu.) :)

Paul Lambert - 2017-03-23


Bacon CheeseCake - 2017-03-27

he doesn't give a fu-

Penny Lane - 2016-04-07

Before you've explained it, I was like "What is this witchcraft! How can this possibly work?" After you've explained it I felt like I should have figured it out myself because I had known everything I needed to know in advance. So thanks for making me feel stupid I guess. Also thanks for a really good explanation of an interesting phenomenon.

Steve Mould - 2016-04-07

+Penny Lane thanks Penny!

Jeremy Parker - 2016-04-07

Considering how talented you are, and the high quality of these videos, I don't know why you don't have half a million subscribers.

Archis - 2016-04-08

+Jeremy Parker He doesn't make them regularly. Considering how periodically other successful youtube channels make videos it is natural that regularity of output plays into the subscription equation.

Steve Mould - 2016-04-08

+Jeremy Parker thanks Jeremy. Getting there slowly!

proudblackjynx - 2017-10-22

Jeremy Parker talent and quality does not equate to subs

Fionn Connor - 2017-03-15

Looks more yellow to me

alf - 2019-01-03

A. your monitor settings make it appear more yellow than green

B. you have colorblindness

silberwolfSR71 - 2019-02-26

@alf C. it's greenish yellow, but really mostly yellow. RGB ~ (218, 240, 0)

hurktang - 2019-05-17

@silberwolfSR71 To be more specific it have a hue of 66° where yellow is 60° and green is 120° . So yeah, it's yellow.

John Connor - 2019-07-02

@hurktang i think it your eyes..........

hurktang - 2019-07-02

@John Connor I did a bit more research, and it could be very cultural. If we are lazy about it, every color from 60° to 150° could be called green. While what we call yellow is a much narrower band of color 50°-70°. So it's much more precise to say that this is yellow. According to wikipedia list of colors this should be called "lemon green". Which just shows how culturally we call everything "green".

George Wills - 2016-04-07

Had to pause, like the video and double check I was subscribed when you came to labeling your axis! xD

GruntUltra - 2016-04-10

+George Wills Same here - I just about spit my drink out when he did that!

Thomas Giles - 2016-04-07

That was great! Good simplifications to help us "get it," and then the "corrections" to expand our understanding. Good job!

Robert Larsen - 2016-06-30

You are a really good teacher!

Anirudh Sathiya - 2018-11-27

Yup he is amazing

Sandi V - 2017-08-15

So...would your blue eyes surrounded by red be dichromatic?

anthony nagle - 2019-12-01


Pikachulova7 - 2019-12-05


donal reilly - 2019-07-09

"I haven't labelled my axes because aaaaah I don't give a f-"
Steve Mould 2016

i asimov - 2017-03-23

That's not green. That's blellow.

Christoph Michelbach - 2017-05-24

Did you just assume the substance's color?

not amouse - 2019-05-08

Interestingly, this behavior is also present in the mineral Alexandrite.

David Green - 2019-12-11

I've seen some beautiful rings made with that.

Dixavd - 2016-04-08

I do wish you had gone into the chemistry of where the idea of colour comes from, if only because it would required you to have to mention the molecule's chromophore.... and I really like saying the word 'chromophore'.

Steve Mould - 2016-04-08

+Dixavd ooh, interesting. I'm going to look into that.

Zeedijk Mike - 2016-04-07

Really enjoyed this one.
Good explaintion, both the simplified and the extended.

Steve Mould - 2016-04-07

+Zeedijk Mike thanks Zeedijk!

aandj1989 - 2017-03-21

i wonder if soap made from pumpkin seed oil would also be dichromatic?

Tristan Wegner - 2017-03-08

I really liked the simple explanation first for understanding and then adding the full explanation add the end. I wish all pop science would do it that way.

George Rickard - 2016-11-17

Do a video on the colour of your beautiful eyes?

pink Fungi - 2017-09-30

ZipplyZane it was a joke thread

NitroJon Science - 2019-06-29

Water is mostly colourless. It may have a slight blue tinge, but the ocean is blue because it reflects the blue light from the sky. The sky is blue because it reflects more blue light than other wavelengths. A property of the oxygen, I believe.

Aryansh Sharma - 2019-07-02

NitroJon Science well liquid o2 is blue but the sky is blue due to rayleigh scattering

alan connelly - 2019-07-21

@Dylan Halouska wrong. Period. Nothing to do with water

AyyMD VEGA - 2019-07-21

@NitroJon Science oceans don't reflect blue light from the sky. Ocean blue is actually darker than sky blue.

doggonemess - 2017-03-21

3:20 He said "your red cones aren't getting much stimulation". I've gone back to middle school all of a sudden.

Danilo Mancini - 2019-05-13

This is the first time I've seen you "swearing" and even though I didn't laugh, it was funny as fu-

Vanessa Hernandez - 2016-04-08

That was a very interesting and thorough explanation. I love your videos. Thank you!

jojojorisjhjosef - 2016-04-07

The actual explanation at the end made more sense to me.

Penny Lane - 2016-04-07

Why? It would have worked with the other explanation as well and there are substances that work as really narrow band-pass or notch filters.

Vylyb K - 2016-04-07

steve, you're great!

Pikachulova7 - 2019-12-05

1:27 me labeling axis on my papers lmao. That was a good moment from him lol

DemolitionTurtle - 2016-04-07

Wow, that was really interesting! Very well explained; great video as always, Steve!

Steve Mould - 2016-04-07

+DemolitionTurtle thanks :)

*Danni* - 2017-03-22

Some of the spectrum absorption/reflection info was incorrect.

TheHellRay - 2019-06-30

what would we see under different filters? as UV or UV camera :)

Scott Wallace - 2017-03-12

That's fascinating, thanks. It's especially pertinent here in Austria, where everyone uses pumpkinseed oil.

uhlus - 2017-03-21

in austria we put pumpkin seed oil (Kürbiskernöl) on salad

Pipplcrack - 2017-03-25

uhuh, the cells at the back of our red, red eyes. I'm on to you.

ttimo123456 - 2017-04-09

is it just me or does the green pumpkin seed oil look more yellow than green?

Farlig66 - 2017-03-20

1:27 - Love it!!!!!

Chuck Davis - 2019-11-27

Thanks for making that easy to understand I learned something so I'm leaving you a like fair is fair huh?

Kykk - 2019-06-29

4:06 Awesome movie!

Real.Piece.Of.Work - 2016-04-07

So damn interesting!

Benjamin Scoville - 2017-04-10

I watched this video and later that day, I learned the concepts again in chemistry class
thanks for making me seem like a genius

Jacob Heine - 2017-04-13

Just found your channel, love your videos! I've learned so much and had a good laugh at the same time! I look forward to more of your videos!

Odd Solberg - 2017-03-22

Awsome!!!! This is how to teach!!! You have cracked it, I'm inspired. Thank you for explaining the simplifications, that's just brilliant.

Steve Mould - 2017-03-22

+Odd Arne Roll thank you!

d4n4nable - 2019-03-10

It's also delicious, btw.

Sajxi - 2016-04-07

How do you come up with ideas for videos?
By the way interesting as always!

Steve Mould - 2016-04-07

+Sajxi thanks Sajxi! Do you ever go to Wikipedia for something and end up following loads of links until you can't remember why you were there in the first place? That happens to me a lot! And I some ideas that way.

Niall Mackenzie - 2017-03-25

I love this. Thank you so so much, your amazing, keep up the keepie upies, upies puppies, throw them in the blender, mender, lender saw ya all on an episode of eastender.

Erika Devine - 2016-04-08

I always knew pumpkins were awesome...thanks Steve!

Tony Mottaz - 2016-04-07

Great video! It was very clear, and I think those simplifications were absolutely reasonable and informative.

Steve Mould - 2016-04-07

+Anthony Mottaz thanks Anthony!

Tony Mottaz - 2016-04-07

You got it, Steve! Keep up the great videos!

meeeeee423 - 2017-07-14

Steve you're amazing. I really do one day aspire to be you

Michael Blackshore - 2017-07-28

Thank you for this! You got a new sub!

WakeTheMountain - 2016-11-19

Very cool video Steve! Just found your channel a couple weeks ago, love it!! Please keep making them :)

Steve Mould - 2016-11-19

+WakeTheMountain thank you!