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purification of pyrolysis oil

Hazel Chem - 2019-05-19

hello you all 
in this video i am fractionating the pyrolysis oil i have made in my reactor... in a later video we will test the burning properties and see if the fractionated oil can be used as diesel or gasoline 

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Jack Place - 2019-05-19

Have fun and don’t kill your self

GoneSquatchin'Gaming - 2021-02-28

Words to live by.

Ellis Kole - 2021-03-12

dunno if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram account using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

Jamison Soren - 2021-03-12

@Ellis Kole whoa! It took like 10 minutes but it actually worked!!

science_and_anonymous - 2019-05-19

Been looking forward to this for a very long time

Troy Dawson - 2021-02-22

So for the laymen out there, what is the end result of the liquids from the different temperatures? Like is one diesel, regular then premium? Etc?

Internet Kammerjäger - 2019-05-19

Very interesting series.

Volvox - 2020-06-27

when you though you knew how to English:

miguel castelo - 2019-09-11

What catalytic agent can I use to remove sulphur, or to make the fuel stable and ready to use in car. Is plastic oil good for cars?

welding/fabrication - 2020-02-14


Frank bellend - 2020-10-29

If I remember what I've read, natural zeolite has been used as a catalyst to remove sulphur. The fuel still was mixed with diesel at no more than 10% to get the same efficiency as straight diesel. The document stated it would work as bunker fuel in cargo ships or generators without being cut.

Humbulla93 - 2021-03-15

molybdenum, nickel, and cobalt sulfides, if it´s cleaned up properly there´s no problem, as it´s chemically the same, if you have an old tractor you can just pour the pyrolysis oil directly into the tank

Not Available - 2019-08-23

Nice to see this process, great job

Joel Barrera - 2019-08-04

Ty for make these vídeos, i'm making a pyrolisis plant design and i have learned many things with your videos (somethings i didn't read in PDFs like this), i hope you do more videos in future, ty, i'm from México and i'm university student

Karzacan - 2019-11-03

Please continue!

KravMike08 - 2019-11-07

I love the concept of using trash to make fuel!!!!!

Alex Lawrence - 2021-02-22

Is there any danger of explosions while you're doing this?

gilbert panjaitan - 2020-08-16

Can I get the Journal?

Tanner Stolte - 2021-03-05

Would these fractions from this boiling point be the most equivalent to gasoline used for small motors?

Thej Tejeshwar - 2021-03-04

So we can use it to our vehicles now??!!

Jacek Leśnierowski - 2019-05-21

Thank you for such experiment. I wanted to perform this on my own to analyse that fractions but I don't have the Chemistry knowledge as good as yours. Are you thinking of making experimental unit which will be pointed to make profits? If yes please let me know I'm open to cooperation. I'm from Poland.

Jacek Leśnierowski - 2019-05-23

profit from diesel or petrol or anything....

Hazel Chem - 2019-05-25

it is more of a self sufficient thing than a profit thing... but the unit will be upgraded soon to make it much more energy efficient :D

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Hazel Chem - 2019-05-25

well depending on the energy source you are using you can sell the crude oil with profit or fractionate it and sell the naphta

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Rakhesh I P - 2020-02-22

@Hazel Chem i have a pyrolysis oil from biomass but i wish to do the engine test. How can i do distillation done. Please help me in my work

Rst Ave - 2019-10-25

What do you do with the rest leftovers arter the end of the whole process?

Hazel Chem - 2019-11-02

kill it with fire XD ... no but seriously burn it so most of the toxic hydrocarbons get harmless

mfg hazelChem

lili thing - 2021-03-09

the end product is coffee

suha neha - 2019-05-20

Very interesting,please continue for next video

lili thing - 2021-03-09

guy In abc australia only use gas tank for condensing the gas and still manage 3 different product.
lubricant, diesel, and gasoline.
he not use water only depends on atmosphere cooling

MechaNikhil - 2020-01-12

gonna build it for sure

Ryan iverson - 2019-10-20

Could i make a stainless steel version of this and somewhat simplified?

Hazel Chem - 2019-10-22

yes this is possible maybe i will weld one when i have time

mfg hazelChem

Ryan iverson - 2019-10-22

@Hazel Chem I am going to open source mine, but i need to make a secondary man portable unit to distill it further. I have something ready to test tomorrow. Next stage was to make the SS version, or copper fittings from hardware store for the secondary purification. Maybe solar power option. https://www.minds.com/pacstove/

SF DaBigSucc - 2019-10-04

Essentially what you have is a crude oil so is it possible for this oil to be shipped to a oil refinery for purrification and if so is it possible to industrialize this process

Pittsa - 2020-09-05

What about to put a water pump to pump this oil in the reaction chamber until you distillate the pure fuel with the pyrolisis reactor distiller?

Hazel Chem - 2020-09-08

doesn't work like this there is no such thing as pure fuel ! the fuel is a blend of specific fractions

mfg hazelChem

Mr Pepperoni Pizza - 2019-12-08

Can you do an amazon link in the description

Hazel Chem - 2019-12-09

what do you mean ?

Ushuaia80 - 2020-01-15

@Hazel Chem I believe he wants to know where he ca acquire the glassware and burners to do this experiment at home.

Hazel Chem - 2020-01-15

@Ushuaia80 ebay is good for lab glassware BUT i recommend buying the good German stuff because china and us glass tends to be crappy.

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GREAT VIDEO. Curious what chemicals are in each fraction

Hazel Chem - 2020-10-15

Good question! When this pandemic is over and my university is open again I am allowed to do some analysis in my campus.

mfg hazelChem

Adi Olteanu - 2020-12-17

@Hazel Chem
First flask t<65
Second flask 65<t<85
Third flask 85<t<95
But......you said something about the temperature reaching 160 degrees (the limit of condensation temp of gasoline)
Q1...... What happened between 95 and 160 with the extract?
Q 2..... If after 160 degrees the solution is instable we need a shorter pipe and a cooler temp when cracking the plastic (so the reflux will be minimum) , for creating longer chain hydrocarbons.... Or there is an other explanation?
Q3..... I need more diesel 😁😁 from the reaction.... Should i lower the temp in plastic reactor +shorten the pipe favouring the longer chains to be created. Or there's something else in the making?
Q4 🙈🙈🐒🐒😂😂..... The process can be made in one stage, just for being economically viable (for not wasting the heat)

Mr Stratau - 2020-12-12


Milton's World - 2019-07-28

Nice teaching from the previous one till now. Still enjoying every bit. Because it baffles me more to see a lady showcasing such demonstration.

Hazel Chem - 2019-08-04

the only reason i have the lady voice is as a tribute to chemplayer (a now deleted channel)

mfg hazelChem

Maher Farwati - 2019-08-21

Nice ideal...could you please tell me how to remove sulfur from diesel?

LaserFalcon - 2019-08-07

I love the engineering and the chemistry knowledge that went into this but very impractical to average person to do.

Eric Lotze - 2020-05-17

I think this is more so a testbed for developing for community scale recycling like Precious Plastic. Too hard for 1 household, but for a community center/makerspace it is easily do-able.

Eric Lotze - 2020-05-17

Also good as a learning tool for students.

LaserFalcon - 2020-05-17

@Eric Lotze 👍

AMINUL ISLAM - 2019-06-20

Pyrolysis oil is Good or Bad?
I want to know answer of this question. Because,i'm going to start tyre/plastic to oil pyrolysis.

Hazel Chem - 2019-06-21

pyrolysis oil can be described as "good" .... but there is a difference to tire oil !!! in tires is sulfur which forms sulfur-hydrocarbons which when burned release sulfuroxides ..... and they are very harmful to the environment !! so unless you have a catalytic desulfuring plant please do not pyrolyse tires

mfg hazelChem

Susan Thrapp - 2021-02-26

The biooil is very unstable it is the main reason why this tech hasn't gone anywhere . try mixing a solvent like methanol or similar and vacuum distilled in 1 vol oil to 4 parts solvent. I have a huge amount of info on this if you need it.

spartan azeez - 2019-11-02

How to contact you . I have some business proposal as a start up

Hazel Chem - 2019-11-03


Anthony Donker - 2020-01-12

A business proposition from a random YouTube user.. seems legit...

Rovi mex - 2019-07-28

Hello: I congratulate you, I really like what you are doing. The product you get is a um blend of hydrocarbons. It is appreciated that it is not stable, possibly there was oxidation reaction, because it is cloudy. Will it be a solution to use any antioxidant agent? have you tried it ?

Hazel Chem - 2019-08-04

the instability comes from the PS and the formed styrene the double bonding has to be eliminated to create a stable fuel

mfg hazelChem

Rovi mex - 2019-08-09

What solution do you have to create a stable fuel@Hazel Chem

miguel castelo - 2019-09-11

@Hazel Chem what agents should be used to create a stable fuel?

ZodaChem - 2019-11-30

Good experiment. Unsaturated hydrocarbon are of course present, these can polymerize in air and become tar and low your hydrocarbon yield. You should add some radical scavenger in the crude pyrolisate, just after recovering. Few milligrams are enough.

Hazel Chem - 2019-12-01

hydroquinone for example should work.... i will try this with a sample the next time! for your catalyst idea i don´t see how (without stirring) sand silica will help in this process... in sveral papers i read all come to the conclusion that there are nearly no beneficial effects of a catalyst

mfg hazelChem

ZodaChem - 2019-12-01

@Hazel Chem No. Catalyst help a lot in cracking. For example calcium oxide is fundamental for PET pyrolisis to yield benzene as major fraction.

Hazel Chem - 2019-12-01

@ZodaChem could you send me links or names for the papers you are referring to?

mfg hazelChem

ZodaChem - 2019-12-02

@Hazel Chem Yes. This is one. Look also on google patent digitazing " pyrolysis ":


Elle Jay - 2019-08-08

Is it safe to use pyrolysis oil or not?

Hazel Chem - 2019-08-08

with skin protection yes! .... but do not breath the fumes ..... just like with petrol

mfg hazelChem

Enioska Briceño - 2020-05-14

i pyrolyzed PS, i made small reactor (30 lts) , is any way to eliminate the odor of the pyrolytic oil? what consideration i have to take care to Distill this pyrolytic oil to fuel (gasoline and diesel), what about the Contaminant. do your think with only the distillation the result fuel coul be used in engine?

Hazel Chem - 2020-05-16

if have tried many things but i could nor get rid of the odor. Polystyrene oil is not very well suited for engines because the main product is styrene which polymerizes back into polystyrene which will destroy your engine! the PS oil would work if hydrogenated.

mfg hazelChem

Invictus † - 2021-02-23

I have a gut sense that you could obtain hydrocarbure in a fairly small range of combustion points if you control the output of the boiling chamber.
I am thinking you could use a spring pressed kind of lid that would prevent the gas from exiting the boiling chamber until a certain pressure is present.
If the source of heat is constant, I think this will also translate in a fairly small range of HC chain lengths that reach the condensation phase.
Keep that pressure up until everything is burned, then leave the gas flow freely, driving the condensed fluid somewhere separately.
The small amount that is condensed last and is not regulated by pressure can be used in the next batch.

Baburao TR - 2019-09-15

do you have the composition run on Gas Chromatography to find the separate component of each distillate?, kindly reply please, thank you,

Hazel Chem - 2019-09-15

not yet maybe in the next months

mfg hazelChem

Baburao TR - 2019-09-22

@Hazel Chem looking forward your Gas Chromatography details, thank you,

lethaldriver - 2019-10-06

at what temperatures do we get gasoline?

how about temperatures for diesel?

Hazel Chem - 2019-10-07

depends .... and you still have to blend the distillate with the right amount of additives

mfg hazelChem

lethaldriver - 2019-10-07

Hazel Chem can you specify the temperature for gasoline and for diesel?

Greg Miller - 2019-08-30

I had a thought. Maybe a dumb thought as Im definitely no chemist. However what if you put some Alum in the dirty oil. It should separate . Pour off clean, mix with alcohol .

Hazel Chem - 2019-09-05

that´s a idea but not a practical one you need to distill it anyways so that you can blend the different fractions so you get a fuel that meets the standard

mfg hazelChem

miguel castelo - 2019-09-11

@Hazel Chem meeting what standards, and if you meet those standards then it means your fuel can be used in normal cars?

H Jaffri - 2019-08-16

Dangerous. Kids you need your parent consent before doing this. In case you burn down your dads garage.

Hazel Chem - 2019-08-23

hahahahah..... well i laughed there ;D but thanks for the advice

mfg hazelChem

Sudhir Jindal - 2020-07-29

Dear Sir at what vaccum pressure it will be fully distile

Nauman Saleem - 2021-03-19

Same question.
I wan't to Vacuum Distillate the TYRE PYROLYSIS OIL, but unsure whether what Vacuum pressure must be maintained😕

VAPE NATION - 2019-06-20

hello, i'm going to assume you're german because of the "mfg" at the end of your comments lol. assuming you live in germany/austria/switzerland (which i think are all equally as restrictive when it comes to reagents and lab glassware), where did you buy all your equipment from? i live in germany and can't seem to find glassware and some specific reagents easily (or they are way too expensive). thanks in advance!

Hazel Chem - 2019-06-21

well just register in a chemistry forum there is a lot of trade that should allow you to get the things you need cheaper than just buying them online :D

mfg hazelChem

VAPE NATION - 2019-06-22

@Hazel Chem i see, thank you!

Chad Blechinger - 2021-03-09

If you can make a cut that is oily but not thinner than diesel you have a solid alternative fuel for diesel engines. Thicker than diesel and thinner than clean veggie oil and you should be good, so long as the flash point is not to low.

Hazel Chem - 2019-05-31

hello you all

in this video we will fractionally distill the previously made pyrolysis oil

as you can see the crude pyrolysis oil is nearly black in colour and has fine particles supendet in it , and some paraffines formed a small amount of gell at the botom of the char

the distillation we performe is similar to the process used in the petrolindustrie to sperate the different hydrocarbons from each other

therefore we fill the crude oil in a one liter two neck roundbottom flask

at the end of the pouring you can see the solidified paraffines that formed a gell with some of the lighter hydrocarbons splashing in the funnel

to get a better seperation of the hydrocarbons we install a short vigreux collum

this collum works by enhancing the surface on which the gaseous hydrocarbons and the cold glas have contact
the hydrocarbons condens in the collum and release their condensationenergie thus heating up the collum
the so heated collum has a lower temperature than the mixture in the distillation flask, this leads to some reflux, reflux means that a liquid is evaporated and condenst back into the evaporation flask,
on the so heated collum wall some of the hydrocarbons are evaporated again but this time the percentage of lower boiling hydrocarbons is higher then before, this happens all along the collum and sperates the lower boiling from the higher boiling hydrocarbons

the water present is most likely do to insufficient inertisation of the reaction chambers atmosphere which leads to oxygen reacting with hydrocarbons to form water, this in term has to reasons, number one is that i may have used to little carbon dioxide to get rid of remaining oxygen from the air, and the second is that the sealing i am using is not realy made for this purpose and that air could get in the chamber through the ISOTHERM sealing rope

there is a considerable amount of gases dissolved in the pyrolysis oil which can be seen at the adapters of the distilling spider, these gases are driven out of solution during the distillation do to the decreased solubility in hot solution

the second fraction was set from sixty five to eighty five degrees C, so when the temperature needed was reached the collection flask was switched again, as you can see the way i am doing it is complicated and labour intensive, if i had had the right equipment the change of colection flasks would be just a matter of twisting the spider ninetee degrees

the second fraction is a lot more cloudy and has a yellow colour to it which shows us that the composition of the two fractions we already collected differs quite a lot
the third fraction from eighty five to ninety five degrees celcius has to separate phases, with a upper hydrocarbon and a lower water layer

at around one hundret and sixty degrees decomposition reactions occur in the distillation flask indicating that the non heat treeded pyrolysis oil is not stable
the distillation was stopped when the decomposition occured and the flask was swapped again to save the third fraction
here you can see the different fractions and how they vary from each other in water contend and colour, all of these fractions were dryed by first separating the organic and the water layer and then stirring the organic phase with tenn cubic centimeters of three angström molecular sieves
to yield nice and clear hydrocarbon fractions which will be shown in a later video, here are all the datas i collected about these fractions
the distillation residue was transfered into a storage vessel and will be processed later
have fun and do not kill your self

Mark Dixon - 2019-08-27

Hello Hazel. Where does one get the angström molecular sieves from please?

BARRY WILLIAMS - 2019-09-29

You are get oxygen from the No1 (PET) plastic you are putting into the chamber. Don't use PET and PVC plastic.

Hazel Chem - 2019-11-21

@Mark Dixon hello mark i only now saw your comment ..... you can buy them from resatauro and many other sources online

mfg hazelChem

Qaisar Raza - 2019-12-31

After purification we use this fuel on car and bikes ?

MrMidnight - 2021-02-18

Your pyrolysis projects are amazing but your destillation setup is realy messed up!

miguel castelo - 2019-12-02

Hi, thanks for the video, can you try to distill waste engine oil into diesel

Clyde Bouwer - 2020-05-13

Hi Miguel

I am currently doing running that project with a self made distillation column.

Clyde Bouwer - 2020-05-13

Pardon me I meant to say "running"

miguel castelo - 2020-05-14

@Clyde Bouwer wow. Thats nice and what end products you making? Are you from South Africa.

Mohamed Elhassan - 2020-06-09

short answer, chemically yes, financially, depends on oil quality and cost.
Bonus fact. Nazi Germany Does not have oil fields, neither one of the occupied countries, yet it managed to mobilized large army, via coal conversion into synthetic fuel.

miguel castelo - 2020-06-11

@Mohamed Elhassan thank you and I get the sense of German nazi...

A Resident - 2019-12-12

that is one crazy looking bong

moncorp1 Inc - 2021-01-23

Time to grow up.