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How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

VICE News - 2018-03-14

U.S. intelligence agencies accuse Russia of hacking the 2016 presidential election, a Ben Ferguson travels to Tel Aviv to find out how Israel is on its way to becoming the world's top cyber superpower.

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VICE News - 2018-03-14

Israel, or "Startup Nation" as some call it, has become a world leader in cyber security. And the nation's military is fueling its supremacy.
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Green Eggs & Lamb - 2019-12-03

I've heard Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump use the words "supremacy" and "superior" when speaking about Israel!

In all truthfulness, Israel is a very racist, supremacists, apartheid nation.

Dire Straitz - 2020-01-05

Some call it Hitler's Nazis #2 for the 5M muslims slaughtered since Unit3800 pulled off demolishing Larry Silverstein's 3 properties.

google Lavon Affair - 2020-01-21

Synagogue of Satan - Revelation 2:9 & 3:9

jaxsun72 - 2020-01-22

Yeah you liked your own shit? Bahahaha.

Tomy Calon Sarjana - 2020-01-30

hello my lord from Indonesia is very eager in your country because we in Indonesia are very tortured

CannabisCultureTechLife - 2018-03-14

Can't hack my car. It's too old :P

dee. M - 2020-02-14

@brewski your 04 civic can be hacked

dee. M - 2020-02-14

@SOL LUNA yup 96 4 runner is totally hackable

dee. M - 2020-02-14

@Moe Ali can be don

Director Lunchie - 2020-02-17

exactly, i hate the AUTO ROBOTIC EVERYTHING trend, imagine selfdriving cars get hacked, world's largest traffic jam followed by world's largest car accident

XPECTED - 2020-03-06

@Gaius Baltar your a legend

Lance Pickell - 2019-04-13

So this is who is editing those wikipedia articles

Director Lunchie - 2020-02-17

@Mechanicles X zionpedia? the guy is from England

Director Lunchie - 2020-02-17

@Mechanicles X it's more like REDCOATPEDIA

April May - 2020-02-24

Of course that’s why the only ethnicity listed is Jewish. Hispanics are never stated as being catholic but they always have Jewish if the person any any yid in them

Conscious One - 2020-03-16


VJ AGUIRRE - 2020-03-18

Wikipedia approves of any Edit's before it makes it official.

Goula Goula - 2019-02-09

This is the reason why the real smart people go off grid.

Julie Lea - 2020-02-26

@BAPHOMET They specifically said they blackmail INDIVIDUALS....
They broke into 34,000 hospital records in NYC....social security numbers, credit cards.
Are you dumb, deaf, or blind?

Julie Lea - 2020-02-26

@campy :3 Just the fact you can't go off grid should answer that. Remember the lady in FL who didn't need water or electricity? Why do you think they said " It's ILLEGAL"? ....because they can't keep track of you with no water/electricity! Where do you live? They don't know.
Agenda 21 states we're ALL supposed to be switching to solar power, etc....in 1993 in Rio it was written. So far they've only been working on DEPOPULATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY....right under your nose.

Julie Lea - 2020-02-26

@BAPHOMET No, the brainwashed zombies who never read Agenda 21 & get it confused with Area 51.

Jacquelynn - 2020-03-05

@BAPHOMET When I look up Cardi B ONCE 18 months ago...then my inbox gets flooded with hip hop material...I feel a bit stalked...lol. I know algorithm, smalgorithm.

Naofumi Iwatani - 2020-03-11

real smart people know about cybersecurity, most "off grid' people are just country bumpkins who have no clue on how modern tech works.

the weelist - 2019-08-19

I can’t wait for the day we go back to riding horses and no phones.

Ritwik Reddy - 2020-02-16

Says a guy who has a Porsche as his profile picture.

naked sname - 2020-02-17


XPECTED - 2020-03-06

@naked sname hahah rektd

Japanese NiBBA - 2020-03-16

Technology is a evolution, The law of nature is if you can't move on with the evolution and the rest of the world then you can't survive...

Mohit Kalro - 2019-07-25

'1984', 'Enemy of the state', 'The Matrix' foretold all this.

Aee Bee Cee - 2020-02-03

Mohit Kalro don’t buy 5G

Super Nova NoTp - 2020-02-03

@Aee Bee Cee 😂😂😂 Like anyone can afford it?

Simon Peter - 2019-08-06

"Yeah you can call it blackmail."
That's a dictionary example of blackmail..

amin jamal mungin - 2019-12-27

Not blackmail! It was a perfect call! Perfect!

Benjamin Allen - 2020-02-07

Me, watches The Ring: "Hahaha that's kinda scary"

Me, watches Vice News World of Cyber Security: <Can't sleep for a week>

Warrior of the Light - 2019-03-08

Now we know why our phones have two cameras.

Lyrical Terrorist - 2019-11-11

And jerking off just got a lot more less lonely.....

Ronie Lavon - 2019-11-13

One camera for Mossad, one for CIA

Catnip - - 2019-12-08

@Lyrical Terrorist xD

x a - 2020-02-05

WARNING ! Your account is now under federal investigation. By letting you know this we are legally authorized to take and collect all your information from all your electronic devices and use it as evidence in the case of a potential lawsuit. Both of your cameras will be used so that our evidence is irrefutable. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY THIS MESSAGE.

Akshat Puhania - 2020-02-11

@종징 mine has 5 realme 5 pro

Rendroc - 2019-05-27

McCain couldn’t resist the “Find Hot Russian Brides near you” Ads.

Mirwaiz IB - 2019-11-10


Christopher Kidd - 2020-01-19

Rendroc lol same with trump:)

The California Kid - 2020-02-05

Rendroc 🤣

LJKfromJHB - 2019-07-12

Can't hack my car. I don't have one. Also don't have that Alexa nonsense in my house.

Polybius Scipio 1812 - 2019-07-17

Alexa-Whats the weather like.
Fucking awful state of affairs isn't it. Talking to AI like its normal.
Mass propaganda hypnosis.

N igger - 2019-10-04

Soon Alexa will brainwash people to legalize murder.

Making humans end themselves even before A.I. has to do all the hard work

Brock Garrett - 2020-01-06

Your own youtube trust me you can be hacked

pratyush Shukla - 2019-03-16

Anyone taking israel lightly should also read about stuxnet.

Blah Blah - 2019-11-30

chutiye ko ye bhi edit karna para lol

Catnip - - 2019-12-08

@Joseph Lee do you believe everything you're told

Catnip - - 2019-12-08

@Blah Blah la beda freuden ber ren mari

MrBottezini - 2020-03-08

@Gene Simmons That's a complete garbage - checked that fairy tale thinking there was something real.

Gene Simmons - 2020-03-08

@MrBottezini I'm with you on this - I eat ju azz too!

Pasteghost 42 - 2019-04-06

Jokes on you Israel! Im too broke to afford technology. HAha......wait.

Dor Bitan - 2019-07-03

Im an Israeli, I took a loan for a calculator

כלכל כתכתכל - 2019-07-16

We are waitinggģgggg🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

Bebop Lady - 2019-09-01

@SustainableLiving Lol

stanthology - 2019-11-04

Try smoke signals or carrier pigeons.

Lyrical Terrorist - 2019-11-11

As you use your phone lol

MikK Channel - 2019-10-09

After 11:26


: google “How to download python”

: google “how to hack using python”...

AVM 69 - 2019-11-14

yeah sure, just run

sudo rm -rf /*

Madhavan Rajagopalan - 2019-11-15

@AVM 69 works like a charm. Thanks

TroyTVProductions - 2020-03-03

Thx man worked

Golden 47 - 2018-03-18

Good luck TESLA owners

석영미 - 2019-08-14

anime laughs

Catnip - - 2019-12-08

@Jenday Mate shut up

Alexander Supertramp - 2019-12-29

Sam guevenne
Lmao “just a rich dude”. No, Jeff Bezos is just a rich dude. Musk is a rich dude who is trying to change things for the better, and already doing that. Tons of research into renewable energy, space travel, transportation, and his companies publish basicall everything they do so that anyone with the tooks has access. He is working with people all over the world to make it better.

Jeff Bezos is just a regular rich dude who wants nothing more than money.

yefrem - 2020-01-03

You mean, goodluck to everyone who uses technology. So pretty much everyone.

XPECTED - 2020-03-06

Isn't that why cyber security exist tho? LoL to stop the bad people

Mansoor Ahmad - 2019-04-29

Who is Here From Junaid Akram Video?

Islamic Info - 2019-12-15

Me ✋✋✋✋✋

lebronjamesfan - 2020-01-03

Who is that and what did they say and do.

Hina Attaria - 2020-01-20

@lebronjamesfan He is you tuber. find him on you tube .

Kindrêd dōj - 2020-02-19

@Haris Ahmed israel don't have oil reserves lol

Haris Ahmed - 2020-02-20

@Kindrêd dōj That's what i said mr dumbo

musicguy20 - 2019-07-26

Soon vibrators will be hacked 🍆🙀

Bob Kmak - 2019-10-01

Buck No. Those were buttplugs

N igger - 2019-10-04

😂😂😂😂looking forward to the future

Monsieur Dorgat - 2020-02-07

To be fair, you were asking for it the moment you hooked your vibrator up to the internet for some reason XD

chaz Gurrero - 2020-03-03

Why not??? Sounds good to me.

Aaron Clark - 2020-03-04

I'm gonna leave you on 69 likes

Positive Warrior - 2019-07-08

Hey look it's REAL life key board warriors!! 😂😂

omnipotent tissue - 2019-12-31

And the most important

Christs Revenge - 2020-01-12

Positive Warrior. Keyboard terrorists is more like it.

JD Proctor - 2020-02-29

10:12 that “McCain Email” is clearly talking about Edward Snowden.

Rod D. - 2019-09-12

They are creating the code that runs on the devices which control the components of the car. Because they have developed it, they have installed backdoors.
This is how they are able to hack it.

I would be willing to bet they have backdoors (zero-day exploits) the world does not know about.

Now with github and other code repo sites, coders can easily place a backdoor as long as those doing the merging are in bed with the new malicious code being merged/ committed.

The same is true for all super powers who wish to take this path.

Blackmail has always been around and will continue to be. Companies masquerading as security consultants are doing dirty work for govs.

A Boogee - 2020-01-19

You hit the nail right on the head.

The California Kid - 2020-02-05

Rod D. I believe it

XPECTED - 2020-03-06

Nice propaganda

The California Kid - 2020-03-06

XPECTED I have seen it in person

Somraj Bhowmick - 2019-07-08

Lesson learnt....own or build a car without a computer in it

Agha Khan - 2019-12-08

Destroy Isr-hell.. number 1

WonderMagician - 2019-09-15

Without accountability and oversight these cyber 'geniuses' place each of us risk

Ankit Podal - 2020-01-11

meanwhile- me iwconfig
no one can beat me hmmm...

Dee Kay - 2019-11-01

Seems like I've to re watch "Zero Days"

mxp6466 - 2019-02-09

"The revometer"....also know in the rest of the world as a tachometer

Random Person - 2019-03-14

ha u cant hack my car if i dont have one

live and let live - 2019-03-31

Israel also started mobile eye the company everyone uses for self driving!

BlessedMelinatedMischeifMaker - 2018-03-14

This is why I will never get rid of my 05 old manual Mustang...Never.

Shadow Fox - 2018-03-24

Lmfao ikr

Elwin Roy - 2018-04-02

TheYafnit thank God u are not living my country they just use a plain steal ruler to hijack ur car..they faster than technology

BlessedMelinatedMischeifMaker - 2018-04-02

Jackson Bluff Of course I am, and cheap asf. After she gives out, I have absolutely no idea what I'll do if my trucks and bikes break down.

BlessedMelinatedMischeifMaker - 2018-04-02

truth seeker FD I do have other vehicles its just she's my favorite/first.😁

BlessedMelinatedMischeifMaker - 2018-04-02

915TANK I see thanks for letting me know.😏

Patrick Leabo - 2019-03-11

I would love to see him hack my Tacoma lmao

Large Pizza - 2020-01-22

4:32 Your a professional with that belt ? Could wrap it around you 3 times

Anaesthesia - 2019-07-14

Solution to all this: go simple.

CB Games - 2019-07-14

Didn't Mosad hack the LAPD before 2001? I remember Carl Cameron reporting on it. They were watching the hijackers while they were in flight training.

tzunammi shadai - 2019-07-20

What hijackers?

Smedley Butler - 2019-10-07

Mossad, Saudi and U.S Intel are responsible for 9/11 false flag event.

live and let live - 2020-01-20

@Smedley Butler 🤦‍♂️

Yankee Yakuza - 2019-09-01

I smell mossad. Who's gonna keep an eye on the spooks.

Michael Parissi - 2019-11-30


Charlie 420 - 2019-02-20

Watch Dogs 2 has made me obsessed with this type of stuff

Joy Chetry - 2020-02-10

I am surprised why so many dislikes, it's not like your country doesn't do the same 🤷🏻‍♂️

mechanical jedi - 2020-02-13

They do,but Other countries are not that advance, that's why.

Saadi J. Khan - 2019-08-05

"How does she know about 8200" The way she flips is amazing... Vice homework is awesome... Hats off...

Carlos Llanos - 2018-04-05

Good luck hacking my car, it doesn’t even have airbags.

SvendBosanvovski - 2019-07-17

We'll go after you vacuum cleaner and juicer. Then we'll hack your TV and electric toothbrush - ohr sorry, I see you don't have one.

douglas howard - 2019-07-18

@SvendBosanvovskiwhy ndoes anyone need an electric tooth brush?

SvendBosanvovski - 2019-07-18

@douglas howard Its not really about need, is it? We humans are imperfect organisms and easily manipulated by connotative appeals to deep psychological needs: fear of death, ego, libido, urge to be loved and appreciated for our physical appearance all lead us to the array of consumer goods that have nothing to do with human need.

Lammergeier - 2019-11-12

Just need to off grid.

Chino Chino - 2019-11-29

Old cars get hacked with a flat head screw driver

Elan Goldstein - 2019-06-07


Jason Yao - 2020-02-14

10:19 that is priceless

Isaac Ronquillo - 2019-05-09

Many people ask me, "Why do you still keep a Nokia when you could afford good technology?" My answer's simple. Do you want other people to know where you are?

Harut'yun - 2019-11-07

They ping your location from local cell towers...

John Ames - 2019-11-12

they still know where you are with the Nokia, you are a dummy

Ritwik Reddy - 2020-02-16

Every phone has cellular connection and anyone can use it to find your location. It gives an accuracy of upto 5 metres in a dense city with many towers.

Jonathan - 2020-02-16

So I guess then that means you use only cash since they can track your movements with credit card purchases.

Tailss1 - 2020-01-02

Social media is the biggest single threat to western society as we know it. It will not end well.

Lel - 2018-03-14

Watchdogs 3 in Israel confirmed

Abu Troll al cockroachistan - 2018-08-09

Dima Gurevich it is no surprise to me that a Jewish state doesn't waste money it invests but instead makes stunning achievements and gains more then it loses. How ever Israel isn't that big of a country and it's population isn't that massive. So teaching it's cops manners isn't that hard

BreakerSneaker official - 2019-03-15

@Dima Gurevich no, the us security agencies take israeli people to their FBI, CIA etc... because they are competent.

João Leonello - 2019-06-11


Daniel דניאל - 2019-07-16

Watch dogs in bee’er sheva or in Haifa would be insane. But lots of Israel is deserty there won’t be a lot of things to hack

Ronie Lavon - 2019-08-15

@BreakerSneaker official Yes, the Israeli cops/soldiers/intelligence are competent at pacifying an occupied population.

GT AU - 2019-06-21

'The miles an hour thing' and the 'revvometer'. Is this guy a journalist?

Ronie Lavon - 2019-06-24

What they failed to tell you in this "puff piece" (what else do you expect from VICE) is that unit 8200 is busy trolling the internet, creating sock puppets and trying to influence world public opinion by posting on Facebook, Twitter and even the comment thread of this very video....
What the Russians are accused of doing is small potatoes compare with what the Israelis are doing.......

fancy O - 2019-02-22

Haha he's already trying 08:03 to figure out how will he sort himself out. He can see that cheating will get him nowhere, it's best he comes clean.

kaleem ullah - 2020-01-28

11:38 it's unfair the target is win XP

Patrick Baptist - 2019-07-30

Easy way to beat this is don't buy those new junk overpriced cars/trucks.

ihsan khan - 2019-04-27

If technology win the wars then why America failed in Afghanistan.

RedEyeOfJupiter 2121 - 2020-01-18

@puffy 111
Haaaa Haaa
20Years & STILL Taliban Waiting to see How Israel Gonna Get Americans to Come Feed The Soil.

mikael feathers - 2020-01-27

ihsan khan they don’t fail it’s their plan

DAHABI ZIZY - 2020-02-20

Beacuse afghanistan have no petrolium or any sources😂

XPECTED - 2020-03-06

@puffy 111 no one wins lol,

XPECTED - 2020-03-06

Wow so many experts 😂🖕🏻

adnan ahmed - 2019-04-30

Nothing different than the firaun during the time of Musa peace be upon him

Joel 14 - 2019-05-31

Who is fuiran ?

adnan ahmed - 2019-05-31

Some human being who Allah made an example for those who fear the events of The Hour

shaheed00 - 2019-06-11

@Joel 14 Pharoah in The Bible who was drowned in The Red Sea most likely he is Pharoah Ramses II whose mummy is on display in Musuem of Cairo.

Justice Warrior - 2019-04-03

Do you need an army suit to be on a pc??

Itzik Ashemtov - 2019-04-09

Depends if ur in a mandatory service (2+ years) or stayed in the army after (As a regular job) then yes you have to be in uniform.

If you are a civilian and the army needs you're skills (Signing Contract) then u don't have to wear uniform unless you are being called as a Reservist for a few weeks. (Every retired soldier stays as a reservist until the age of 45 in Israel)

hhh3892 - 2019-04-10

They are on a mandatory service, there are thousands of units and roles to serve in the IDF and they chose this unit. They are still soliders like anyone else and they do not seat on the computer all day

Carlisle DeLacourt - 2019-04-30

they’re not even “army suits” LOL. They’re just uniforms

Ronie Lavon - 2019-06-24

@Itzik Ashemtov Thanks for the explanation how the Most Moral Army in the World (IDF = Israeli Occupation Forces) works....

Don Maverick - 2019-06-10

They can poisen your water if they want to they only need a laptop