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Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)

udiprod - 2017-01-31

This video visually demonstrates some basic quantum physics concepts using the simple case of a free particle. 

All the simulations here are based on real equations and laws. See more information here: http://www.zutopedia.com/quantum_physics.html

The mathematics involved was taken from this excellent book:

Zoxeful - 2018-12-30

yeb Einstein was right, time is relative: 15 minutes on youtube = 15 hours in school

Elisa B - 2019-04-04

I guess it's because school teaches you the actual mathematics behind this. Or it works like this just in Italy.

christian pegoraro - 2019-05-01

Zoxeful like to present you a possibility a thinking (need the math yet, but I jut think on it).... it explain the spooky action....

A quantum particle is moving in a speed equal or superior than the speed of light and when this happens it’s body spread all over according to Einstein .. e=mc2... so particle stills exists ... but in a different “body” format and that’s for impossible to determine with 100% certainty it’s position (it’s in all and none position simultaneously)... assuming a wave function.....when subjected to a measurement it slows down the speed and assume a particle characteristic again...

What is your opinion?

Krishna Vkm - 2019-06-17

Sometimes comments are important than the video itself

Dan Maxwell - 2019-11-03

@zoxeful, love the comment. Also enjoyed the series Imaginary Numbers Are Real for the same reason, you'll enjoy it

Filipe Rebollo - 2020-01-02

Can't understand either way however

Samy Bencherif - 2017-07-06

So glad there aren't stupid metaphors like in every other quantum mechanics video

xarmanhs k afragos - 2019-02-09

Dont swear or quantum jesus Will get u

SuperFalcoFalco - 2019-09-21

I couldn't agree more, I hate it when people use stupid metaphors assuming you don't understand the real thing..

ColtLaCh J - 2020-01-27

I hate those too, they think they're simplifying but really they just make the content more complicated by creating a false perception of what is going on.
I especially hate it when the lesson is 10% actual science and the rest is just analogies for entertainment purposes.
It's so hard to find decent visualizations like this one.

Adam Kyle Jackson - 2019-03-02

That click is the most satisfying sound I've ever heard.

catlover Iuraduri - 2019-04-18


Timur Girindra Wardhana - 2019-05-03

Quantum ASMR

Lauriau Victor - 2019-06-27

Guy getting hit in minecraft. That's all I hear

John T - 2020-01-21

Love it

Creator's Remorse - 2018-12-16

As a physicist I'm here to say that I'm a physicist.

Joe Black - 2019-02-23

I would like to say, if you try to observe your own thoughts you‘re an wave trying observe itself.

al dajjal shah e dunya - 2019-02-24

@David Walker neeeeeeeeeeerd

vgpe gana - 2019-04-12

i only get the two years in college 😳

vgpe gana - 2019-05-06

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Muhnnad Yacn - 2019-05-12

😂 +1

Aik Master - 2017-05-01

The las bit where the mass is increased and therefore the uncertainty shrinks. Is that the reason why we don't see QM effects in our macro scale world?

Atomous - 2018-12-20

If your detection machine (your eye) spans across a much bigger section of this visualized line then you're far more likely if not certainly going to detect it, multiply that a few billion times and you have a solid object in your view. Am I understanding this correctly. And when a particle is observed, it hardens its position in space? uncertainty goes out the window?

Dr Deuteron - 2019-01-25

@Atomous No, when you force the particle to be inside the detection box, the velocity (momentum) wave function blows up: note that some of probability reflects off the device and moves off to the left (8:51).

HKS 619 - 2019-04-01

Yes. The de broglie wavelength is given by Planck's constant divided by momentum which is (6.626*10^-34/mv)

Charles Drury - 2019-05-12

Oh I'm sorry but we don't see it in our world because it's just too small

Pyramid of Control - 2019-12-31

Dr Deuteron what does it mean to “force the particle to be inside the detection box”, how does observation disrupt

Stephen b - 2017-04-02

"I'll get to bed at 10 tonight"
3am and I'm watching this

Kevin Hall - 2019-03-15

Yep, started listening to music before bed and now around 4 am here . How is this possible? 😮

kekaishi8 - 2019-04-09

Its 3am now 😢

Ernthir - 2019-05-05

The night is the only time we have for ourselves.

Dion Arya Pamungkas - 2019-05-22


CoffeeSeoul - 2019-05-24

Reading this comment at 3:12 am.

9uvwxyz - 2017-06-24

Nice, I'm ready to be a quantum physicist now. I'll take 1 PhD. please.

bormisha - 2018-12-19

You'd have to learn to solve the actual Schrödinger equation yourself, and for systems slightly complexier than 1D single particle!

Sir Knight - 2019-01-16

I believe Dr. 9uvwxyz knows what he's doing, he doesn't need the comments of mere peasants such as yourself.

Rich D - 2019-01-23

That will cost you about $70,000. Cash or check only

account - 2019-03-04

@Sir Knight hahaha

kinobiheart - 2020-02-10

You want fries with that?

abdallah meddah - 2019-04-25

Been reading books about quantum mechanics for years, and I've never completely understood nor could I tie everything together, this video explained things SO well, I almost cried. Awesome video.

Synkronization - 2017-04-17

I honestly don't think I've ever seen a more complete, accurate, and easily to understand visualization of such a complex subject (or at least, what others have made it out to be) in my life. Amazing. If only all subjects (computer science here) could be so perfectly visualized. I've never before realized how truly important it is to have an explanation of complex material/subjects be explained and visualized in an understanding way and how much you can learn based off this sort of material. I wish my professors could explain these subjects like this as a background, and THEN delve into the complexities. We'd all be better off for it, and I think learn much more in the end.

Pyramid of Control - 2019-12-31

Synkronization Totally agree, very attractive to do a streamlined rundown of a thing—reminds me of the tone of the How It’s Made series. It’s way more coherent to pair visual and technical, so long as the animation is accurately translating the mathematical description of the phenomenon.

Jojo - 2018-04-20

I was assigned a high school chemistry paper on the development of the atomic model (and quantum theory), so I chose to write on the uncertainty principle. I never properly understood it until I saw this video. Total legend.

BikeVlog LA - 2018-12-13

Big J what high school do you go to?? Man in my school all we needed to do was finish our packets and be quiet and then we got our diploma. Pretty sad

Constantin Suman - 2019-02-20

Did you study in the parallel universe where Marty McFly actually had a flying car in 2015?
I didn’t study QM even in the University, at Computer Science. And the University is pretty good, compared to the other ones in the world.

Odi - 2019-03-21

I'm guessing that school is not in America

Robert Scott - 2019-03-31

You still dont understand it dipshit! You now only understand the principal of what you didn't understand! So dont let that p brain bounce off the walls of that bighead!

Eis4EthAndEthanisMe - 2019-03-31

@Odi I'm a chemistry teacher, public school in a good area. We teach quantum mechanics. I show them the key equations, and explain them qualitatively, but I don't expect them to use them because they don't have the calculus background. They also do research on this, biochemistry, etc. Students find that this is one of the most difficult but most interesting units.

F M - 2017-06-25

I think the reason why this video explains things so well's because of the visualization factor. In college, every time I didn't understand something (especially when it came to math) I'd ask the teacher to give me an example by drawing a graphic. It really helped a lot and made me think that not doing so is a big part of why mathematics, physics and other matters alike seem more difficult than what they really are

bormisha - 2018-12-19

Not just that. There are all kinds of visualisations available in the last 10 years but none so far was so good as to grasp the essentials. The complex-valued wave function, its spread, and the Fourier transform.

TheFapFactory - 2019-02-25

Frank Drk0 Donnie Darko hell yeah👌🏻

kostas melissourgos - 2019-05-23

When professor starts with "imagine" you know you are faked up. Every person has different imagination, visual explanation i think solves this problem

TheRomichou - 2017-03-30

Is it me or this is the best representation of the transition from quantum mechanics to Newtonian mechanics! big revelation for me!

Erik Kay - 2017-02-22

did I just get my entire college physics education in a single youtube video?

Nate - 2019-01-22


Dr Deuteron - 2019-01-25

@Daniel Bundrick you forget "other times it's appropriate to create".

Daniel Bundrick - 2019-01-25

@Dr Deuteron - perhaps. I'd have to noodle on that. My initial reaction is that creation can be a part of application, but creation per se, apart from application, isn't necessarily a part of learning.

nic white - 2019-01-26

@Tyrael Archangel You are boring and you suck life, are you a teacher?

Bradley Mcewen - 2019-02-04

@Evi1M4chine %100 agree i always found that out of my peers the ones who had posotive attitudes towards learning new things excelled while those who whined about math continued to struggle with it. %100 learning can be exciting.

gammaking - 2017-08-31

The wave function moving brought back memories of watching Tom and Jerry and how the water in their pipes flow and then to my disappointment realizing it didn't flow like that in real life xD , also the video was really easy to understand :D Thanks !

Ignyte - 2018-01-28

This is some high quality, premium CG Animation. Bloody amazing work!

Andy Everett - 2020-02-04

No and yes? On the surface not really complicated animations but beneath the surface quite complex and bloody amazing work. Looking at the same thing from many points of view. Thank you!

Me Yes - 2019-02-23

This is an amazingly well constructed video on quantum mechanics!

As a rule of thumb when it comes to quantum mechanics videos: if the video mentions consciousness, it's probably bullshit.

Santino Demaría - 2020-01-28

I like how she says "wave function"

Daniel Bundrick - 2017-02-16

Remarkable. So the more massive an object (compared to an electron), the less of an effect uncertainty has. So when you get to the macroscopic level, it's a concept completely foreign to an observer. This is why Newtonian physics is such a natural conclusion, because quantum effects are so negligible at our level.

Dr Deuteron - 2019-01-25

@Aufenthalt There are 40 kg silicon mirrors in LIGO that are coherent quantum objects. That's a few moles of atoms.

Evgeny Mamontov - 2019-01-31

What a thread! Please do it again!😂

BGS Member - 2019-02-03

@aa If you taught in our schools, then you should know that QM isn't required material in our high schools. Yet, you insulted him for not learning QM in high school. Instead of insulting this person, it would have made more sense to focus your criticism at our education system. Happy trails... err, trolling.

krishna CoC - 2019-02-09

Well summarized. Thanks.

Anthony Flack - 2019-02-24

I find it very difficult to believe that this nasty person was ever a teacher, and if they were, I think we've located the problem with the education system right there. And if they think that quantum wave functions should be the first topic on the first day of an introductory high school science class, presumably accompanied with plenty of sneering insults for anyone who struggles to understand it, I can only assume that their objective is to actively destroy science education.

toneal30 - 2017-07-07

The only thing missing from this beautiful video is a discussion of how the narrow wavefunctions at the end approach (in fact are) classical mechanics.

Francesco Calvanese - 2018-10-07

Forces on a particle (in the classical model) are represented with a variation of the index of rifraction that affect the way the wave moves, the oribit is the same as the classical one

Red Dj - 2018-02-07

its almost as if an A.I was instructed to make a video that explains quantum mechanics to people in the most effective way...
awesome vid tho! :D

Edward Maxwell - 2018-08-20

I wish I'd seen this when I was learning this stuff in school.
Millennials you have no excuse to not be the most knowledgeable generation ever.

LOL Science - 2019-03-07

Generation Z and alpha are going to turn out amazing!

SinnerD2010 - 2019-03-08

@Dr Deuteron suggest not going back 200yrs, they most likely would burn you as a witch if you tried to show them

Brooks Davis - 2019-04-08

Edward Maxwell As a millennial myself I can predict the generation before you said the same thing.

Bojack Horseman - 2019-04-19

They are though. Gen-Z could be a train wreck or even smarter, pretty much a 50-50 at this point.

Eko Jar - 2020-02-01

And Tik Tok

David Mihai Chira - 2017-04-15

i love the sounds in this video

Chicken Permission - 2017-03-29

This is exactly what Youtube needed. tired of all the metaphor in explaining quantum physics, this comes straight from the horse's mouth, with the horse being mathematics.

rrhone - 2018-11-29

who's horse?

Microage - 2019-01-22

I've never seen anyone using a metaphor?! lol What could you possibly use as one?!?!

Dr Deuteron - 2019-01-25

@Microage The Higgs boson is like molasses, when the correct metaphor is "a cutoff frequency" as in a waveguide.

user - 2019-02-10

straight from the horse's mouth.

David Lloyd-Jones - 2019-02-28

Mathematics is a metaphor, but horses are real, so you're on firm ground there. Fer shure.

Marcos Biagi - 2019-02-14

I wander what would happen if I could travel back in time and show Einstein this video.

krishna CoC - 2019-02-09

Please do a visualization of Gravity in 3d, i am tired of seeing 2d rubber sheet models. Please !!! please !!!

Tsavorite Prince - 2019-04-20


oussa - 2019-07-18

i think gravity is actually 2D

Wes Allen - 2019-02-04

that clicking noise of the device might just be the most satisfying noise I've ever heard

Gentle Mountain - 2018-01-08

I have to say that this was the best Quantum Mechanics for Dummies that I have seen. Great Video -- Thanks! (btw, I'm one of the dummies)

MrTomlabete - 2018-06-01

I just totally freaked out when I heard the mass changing sound effect o__o but really good visualization, btw ^^

Swarnim Sujagan - 2018-10-23

Even by paying attention in the class... I just never visualized even the 10% of what just you did 💯 👌

xyzct - 2019-07-08

You've got to check out the YouTube channel 3blue1brown for similarly astonishingly illuminating mathematics lectures.

Don Gorney - 2018-10-16

It has been years since this was covered while at my UCLA physics, but never have I seen everything so clearly explained. Wonderful video.

Keith Cleghorn - 2018-01-04

Finally a way for me to even start grasping Quantum Physics, Thanks udiprod.

Neil Murphy - 2019-04-15

Incredible. I've been reading about these topics for several weeks and this video helped them all click intuitively in a way I never expected. Thank you!

Jordan - 2017-12-27

One of the best and most educational videos I've seen! Please do General Relativity next!

Mark L'Estrange - 2019-02-19

This has made things SO much clearer for me - thank you! (I teach IT so this is a 'related' subject for me)

Intrebute - 2017-06-26

This video is fantastic. How did you make these animations? I've always been curious how people make these animated diagrams and graphs, they're always so neat

udiprod - 2017-06-26

Thanks! :) I'm using Autodesk Maya.

Rajah O'bagal - 2018-09-23

2:07 the quantum mechanics version, "we don't know exactly where the particle is"
well, we do it is at it's starting point "0"

Johannes Richter - 2019-03-17

After watching this video, I'm feeling like I'm a physicist already.

A PK - 2018-09-25

It's the most amazing visualisation of quantum phisics I've ever seen.Realy appreciate

Cavor Kehl - 2019-04-11

13:00 I thought someone upstairs was moving their chairs...

AntonioKowatsch - 2017-03-20

As a physicist I have to thank you for making this video. Simulations like these are more tangible and easier to digest for younger minds. Your effort is greatly appreciated.

James Lalliss - 2018-10-07

AntonioKowatsch n

Patrick G. - 2018-10-11

I am age 76. Simulations like this also help older minds. Never stop learning!

Dom Ex - 2018-10-15

by all means explain how Heisenberg equations fit in to this model , as this would suggest a breaking of the wave function and not in the way explained

Anurag Timilsina - 2018-10-22

True! this simulations are effective.

Jay C - 2018-10-24

Sir. Are you able or willing to mark, using Time Stamps the areas that I might want to focus on in more detail ? As you say this is a very tangible video, introduction if I may. Surely being in your position allows you to define this video and my simpleton Human Brain is blown away by Quantum Physics.

PP NN - 2017-05-06

So clear, readable and informative even for a guy not studying physics.

nomad27 - 2019-01-22

A physics student is pulled over by a cop who asks him "Do you know how fast you were going?!" The student replies "No, but I know EXACTLY where I am!"

Stephen Gillie - 2019-12-31

This seems so strange until you tell everyone that you have to entangle with a particle to measure it - like having to hit a basketball with billiard balls to see if it's there.

It is as though most of quantum physics "education" exists not to elucidate, but mystify.

陳盈智 - 2018-07-22

A really great vedio! I'd love to translate the subtitle into my language so more people can watch it and understand it!

Axion Prime - 2019-03-07

Great video, however I want to point out that this is coming from a mathematical perspective. The physics perspective gives us a very different and less concrete insight.

Tate H - 2019-04-20

The area of the square depicted by location x velocity just gave the whole concept a perfect meaning for me wow

michael chotia - 2017-08-30

I'm a high school student who likes new concepts and this is amazing and very informative the idea of quantum mechanics is absolutely astonishing thank you for the video

Khenric - 2017-03-30

That was actually.... A really clear explaination.

mmmoshe levin - 2019-01-31

why am i watching this for fun instead of doing actual home work
why does this seem interesting
why is this the first educational YouTube video that i'm not watching for school

Things That Meditate - 2019-01-21

The velocity of transmitters in my brain was certainly relative while watching this video 😂