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The Joy of Radio - Sixty Symbols

Sixty Symbols - 2019-11-14

Featuring Professor Philip Moriarty... See part 2 on resonant frequency: https://youtu.be/waKx4RVl_u0
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Phil's blog on this: https://muircheartblog.wordpress.com/2019/11/14/the-spirit-of-radio/

More videos with Phil: http://bit.ly/Prof_Moriarty

Peebles shares the 2019 Nobel Prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq-atYZFKPQ

The Ladybird book: https://amzn.to/2Klyb3c

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Sixty Symbols - 2019-11-14

See part 2: https://youtu.be/waKx4RVl_u0

Denis Goddard - 2019-11-14

That is not a small claim!

Louis Wong - 2019-11-14

Part 2 is even more fascinating than part 1!!!!!!!

Sam - 2019-11-14

That particular song has never sounded more appropriate.

Brian Streufert - 2019-11-14

@Sashi Peiris LITERALLY!

Simut Horia - 2019-11-14

Love it when some times, things just ... "tune" together!

Canadian Geese Own Eagles All Day - 2019-11-14

London's calling? If so, I agree.

VG Vets - 2019-11-15

my sentiments exactly

Sergej Natlacen - 2020-04-14

This exact lyrics at that exact moment to come out playing through this setup can not be a coincidence

mokopa - 2019-11-14

THIS is why I present electronics classes to youngsters...it takes just ONE dad, or uncle, or teacher and ONE project and BAM! Future physicist!

mokopa - 2019-11-14

@FREE WILL DEFENDER I never had someone like me in my life, and it sounds like you didn't either. That's why I'm there for them. I'll be that guy.

George Platen - 2019-11-14

Don't forget ladybird!

Giang Tran - 2019-11-14

Electronics lab was what I hated the most during my physics degree. Soldering was just not my thing I guess. This, however, looks fun.


@mokopa amen to that. Build minds my friend

Ibnul Hussaini - 2019-11-16

Or a mother or an aunt :)

frowning Joker - 2019-11-14

"It might involve quite a lot of swearing"
"Come on you...pig"

Antoine Roquentin - 2019-11-14


EbonAvatar - 2019-11-14

Best Unintentional Use of Green Day Ever

Chris Wurst - 2019-11-14

Legitimately got teary-eyed with that song and the photo montage.

Levi Howell - 2020-05-10

Lol I got the same feeling, although I feel it was intended as a troll/joke. Green Day... I guess they’ll hit ya in the soft spots

Bill Todd - 2019-11-14

Perfect "time of your life"

Qasxz - 2019-11-14

damn, been watching brady's stuff for pretty much 10 years or so now, it's really interesting to see how professor Moriarty has aged while still remaining as interesting and excited about science as always :D

edit: later while watching the video I noticed you put in some old pics of him too! great!

I Haddox - 2019-11-14

oh man, you made me emotional w/ the random montage

Mathias DP - 2019-11-14

same :' )

lostcause78 - 2019-11-14

Prof Moriarty always delivers quality content - going to do this with my kid once he is back from school!

Harry Svensson - 2019-11-14

You're going to steal a penny from him and give him a silicon piece instead?
That's dope.

Intermernet - 2019-11-16

@Harry Svensson N type or P type?

Harry Svensson - 2019-11-16

@Intermernet Both

Ed Jones - 2019-11-14

Taking a risk on YouTube’s copyrighted music detection algorithm at the end there!

iDemandU90 - 2019-11-15

Not to worry, WMG claimed the video smh

Sam Sırri - 2020-04-25

omg <facepalm />

tommihommi1 - 2019-11-14

the plank of wood is probably where the term breadboard comes from, since people used literal bread cutting boards to build electronics

Georg Plaz - 2019-11-14

OR old pieces of bread

Peter Schmidt - 2019-11-14

not probably - it is where the term came from

Joseph Cote - 2019-11-18

@Georg Plaz People still fight over whether rye or sourdough works better.

Toasted Fan Art - 2019-11-14

So happy to see Professor Moriarty back on the channel again, his genuine childlike obsession with physics makes the videos so engaging.

denelson83 - 2019-11-15

Too bad he isn't a ham radio operator...

Toasted Fan Art - 2019-11-15

@denelson83 Well he managed to get some rock from a penny 😉

Rusty Shackleford - 2019-11-15

I came for the science and I got the feels. Damn.

Robin Hedlund - 2019-11-14

Easily one of the best and most organic outros I've ever seen, to an absolutely great video. Thanks!

silver & noise - 2019-11-14

Have to respect a researcher wearing a Thin Lizzy t-shirt.

Manpet Epetrop - 2019-11-15

I was looking for that comment... Thumbs up!!

Gabriel Coelho - 2019-11-16

Don't forget the Rush mug

TheLongDark - 2019-11-14

Oh, it's been too long between Professor Moriarty videos.

darkius dark - 2019-11-14

Finally, the Mighty Moriarty!

Denis Goddard - 2019-11-14

Old enough to remember Happy Days
Young enough to have hope for the future because SCIENCE

Adit Vats - 2019-11-14

Video was uploaded 6 minutes ago, and your comment was 21 minutes ago.
Explain please!

Susan Ann - 2019-11-14

@Adit Vats LOL .. Spooky ..

Abhijit Borah - 2019-11-14

Hey, that same book had also started me on a path to electronics hobby.

Dan Sheppard - 2019-11-18

abhijit : me too!

Abhijit Borah - 2019-11-18

@vikki adi : yes.

Brian Streufert - 2019-11-14

No lie, this was absolutely beautiful. Very funny how such a fitting song comes on at the end. Seeing Prof. Phil's excitement was priceless.

Ath Athanasius - 2019-11-14

06:45 - I hope he's changed his password since this was filmed.

Bernardus Muller - 2019-11-16


Bernardus Muller - 2019-11-16

I used to use that one for quite some time, it served me rather well. Although now I use right turns and jumping over keys as well;)

Hafiz Aji Aziz - 2019-11-14

I can somehow imagine how Phil is jumping around as an adult

Frank Graffagnino - 2019-11-14

that ending got me right in the feels.

silver & noise - 2019-11-14

So happy to see Prof. Moriarty again. An amazing physicist and educator, I've missed his contributions very much.

Sharad Richardet - 2019-11-15

This is the best cry Green Day has ever given me.

McNulty's Sober Companion - 2019-11-14

Always happy to see Professor Moriarty. You can't not admire his enthusiasm.

Simon Chappel - 2019-11-14

I was literally grinning through this whole video because it just exudes pure joy and excitement.

MrSidney9 - 2019-11-14

The ending was emotional. A fitting music too !

mr pain - 2019-11-14

This teacher is an absolute blessing

jca111 - 2019-11-14

Ahh the Green Day song at the end was Perfect!

Greg Hartwick - 2019-11-14

I tried to make a crystal radio when I was a kid. I came to the part of connecting the “cat’s whisker”; I went to my father and asked if we could get a cat...

Vinny Trevino - 2019-11-14

Did it work? Haha

fburton8 - 2019-11-14

I remember playing with my uncle's cat's whisker set. It had a tiny wire that you tweaked into contact with a tiny black crystal using a rod with a bakelite handle. Amazingly it worked.

Zuthal Soraniz - 2019-11-14

Greg Hartwick That‘s adorable

Greg Hartwick - 2019-11-14

Vinny Trevino My father was allergic to cats... hehe

RWBHere - 2019-11-25

@fburton8 I still have a genuine 1920's cat's whisker, with the Galena crystal in a holder, and the screw-mounted whisker wire, all inside a short glass tube with Bakelite and metal ends. It works really well.

Forty-2 - 2019-11-15

This is all an elaborate plan to finally get rid of Sherlock Holmes.

Earl Lemongrab - 2019-11-16

Phil is just an amazing person. I love him.

atrumluminarium - 2019-11-14

Man Phil is such a gem <3 look at how his face lights up when Brady brings up his microscope

Dregoth 0 - 2019-11-15

When the aliens eventually come to wipe us out, this is the kind of ingenuity that will save us.

Matt Seremet - 2019-11-15

Love seeing Professor Moriarty's consistent passion for physics. These are always interesting videos but this one made me especially happy with the fun experiment and trip down memory lane. Nice hair! The synchronicity of that song playing was pretty sweet. Cheers!

Zeedijk Mike - 2019-11-14

This video really brought up childhood memories. Loved listening to the AM radio with my crystal receiver. I did use a Germanium diode for greater sensitivity (Ge 0.2V vs Si 0.7V)
I remember reading they even old corroded razor blades instead of the penny during the war.
Great video as always from you guys.

Luigi Gallerani - 2019-11-17

mee too the Germanium Diode! and exactly the same piezo ear-phone

Q.D. White - 2019-11-14

I cannot give this enough 👍

It was experiences exactly like this that led me to electrical engineering.

Søren Koch - 2019-11-15

Yea, I still remember when I build my first crystal radio set (using electronic components, not pennies) and finally getting it to work and then spending hours listening to Radio Moscow (the transmitter in Kaliningrad was powerful enough to be picked up in Denmark and happened to be in the right frequency range).
I can still remember how puzzled I was of how poor the propaganda was, it was completely unbelievable even for a 15 years old kid (it was in the 80'ties)...

Pronto - 2019-11-18

Love the t-shirt: "Tin Lizzy" (said in an Irish accent)

plurielle - 2019-11-15

"London Calling" the best way to start a video 😍

Dragon Curve Enthusiast - 2019-11-15

This is just wonderful to watch!
I'm a scientist myself, I know the fascination first hand. It's so engrossing to watch Prof Moriarty!

Dan K - 2019-11-14

I love his enthusiasm!

Jamie G - 2019-11-14

I'm happy to see you in another video, Dr Moriarty! I usually wait until the evening to watch things, but any new video with you is an instant watch.

David Beddard - 2019-11-16

Making me nostalgic for Phil's lectures!

TimeWalker - 2020-02-12

My favorite professor at Sixty Symbols, others are awesome too though.

Subin Manandhar - 2019-11-14

There couldn't have been a more suitable song. Absolutely amazing!

Chaz Thurgood - 2019-11-17

This is really fascinating, you guys should do a whole series on radio.

Moist von Lipwig - 2020-01-20

This is probably the most excited I've ever seen someone on YouTube, it's absolutely delightful

stustjohn - 2019-11-21

Absolutely great! We love you, Professor Moriarty!