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Tempest - Make Your Monitor Play Beethoven 2.0

Aliendisc - 2010-12-31

**Success or Failure? Comment!

**Requirements: AM Radio, CRT or LCD Monitor (works on Laptops too)
**Optimized for 1920x1080 Display Resolution
**Disclaimer Notice: Aliendisc is not affiliated or associated with those credited.

Instructions: Make sure the video is on Full-Screen, the higher the quality the better the reception. Move a radio on AM around your CRT or LCD Monitor, channeling through the frequencies until you hear Beethoven's Fur Elise.

HBC 101 - 2015-01-04

It worked for me. I could hear it on 612 KHz MW and 7.100 KHz SW using my Tecsun PL 600. It was a success!!

fsto - 2016-11-16

Success :)

peerfunk - 2013-07-20

worked for me on fm 92.2mhz on a view sonic vp181p lcd

Carla C. León - 2014-11-09


DoctorNoob - 2020-01-07

Much success very WOW,
really wish someone would make a program so we could make other music. Might mess around with this a bit see if I can make one for windows or mac.

ThatRetroGuy - 2013-07-14

worked for me with placing it behind the lcd monitor and even could catch the one played in the video section!, on a grundig concert boy on the lw band.

minousoft - 2013-01-23

This is actually working for me on 5303 kHz with an HDMI LCD.

Sam chun - 2019-05-25

worked for me ... 1530 MW ! keep the antenna close to your screen ! awesome video thx for sharing

Zelif - 2012-09-07

This does work with DVI LCD as well, though it was a lot fainter and had to be right at the base of the monitor. It was at 558khz and even weaker around 950khz

skil3z - 2015-11-15

This is scary. I can actually hear it at 1300khz MW. I didn't believe it would work

everythingdigital1 - 2017-12-14

It worked for me I wanna know though how you translated the song into video was it generated or was it just a trial and error thing. Also I made a video and made sure to give you credit it won't be up for awhile though but I made sure to leave a like. :D

Platinum Boi - 2019-05-08

didnt work for me on a mac

Xeno Qc - 2018-10-06

I only see stripes