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Lab Notes - Unrefined tea tree oil tests and stoichiometry tests - September 26th 2018

NurdRage - 2018-09-26

In this video we try a few experiments using unrefined tea tree oil and find it's not all that great. We also do a couple of tests involving substoichiometric and superstoichiometric amounts of magnesium to see if there is any effect.

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NurdRage - 2018-09-26

I hate flies.

Your Crazy Inorganic Chemist Is Phoenix - 2018-09-27

NurdRage the rage in nurdrage has been unleashed on the flys

SAV OİE - 2018-09-27

Do you know about this mixture?
4.16 minutes

maurizio - 2018-09-27

I know that making sodium metal by electrolysis using propylene carbonate as a solvent, will it work?

Julas xZiom - 2018-09-30

Well, maybe that fly have unexpected catalyst in their body? Who knows ;)

Shazam - 2018-10-05

But that was not a fly, it was the science bug.

Andrewx8 88 - 2018-09-26

"Flies ruin science" should be a t-shirt. If you ever make merch.

Dawnlit - 2018-09-27

Or a t-shirt with a picture of a flask halfway full of liquid and a dead fly at the bottom with the words "Well f... you too."

Richard Wiersma - 2018-09-28

Picture of Jeff Goldblum on it. 😎

Muhammad Ismail Bin Rosani - 2018-09-30

@Dawnlit Genius 😎

GRBTutorials - 2018-10-02

Unless it's biology, in which case, they're important, especially in genetics.

Talon Drake - 2018-09-26

Love the lab notes series. It feels much closer to actual science than other similar content out there. Can’t wait to see the next one.

Basil Ng - 2018-10-08

You should check out NileRed then, he is even more professional and you would probably like him if you like lab notes

Nicola Toma - 2018-09-26

Tetrahydrolinalool, a saturated branched tertiary aliphatic alcohol, is available for $14.50/100g from The Good Scents Company, among others. It's used in perfumery.

TheMrbunGee - 2018-09-26

I don't get why the fly made you restart the experiment..

Will Reid - 2018-09-26

Flies cause unwanted side products... such as youtube comments about flies.

vladsinger - 2018-09-26

Yeah, since it's in the bubbler?

Elizabeth Greene - 2018-09-27

PETA and getting delisted for animal experimentation come to mind as non-chemistry reasons.

Chemistry'sCuriosities Cannagorilla - 2018-09-28

Gravel Left LMAO

Lumian - 2018-09-30


The_StarByte - 2018-09-26

Hi! I'm a year 10 chemistry student in Hong Kong, and you're my favourite chemistry YouTuber! You don't really help me improve my grades since your experiments aren't in the usual secondary school syllabus, but you always remind me about what's so fun about chemistry! I forget that sometimes when I'm stuck in the boring hell-hole of homework.

I'm totally not praising you so that I can get that molecular modelling kit... although that would really help me with my studies

Bisingir - 2018-09-26

Knowing the thought process behing these sodium experiments makes it sooo much more engaging and interesting. I honestly can't wait for the next vlog and how purified tea tree oil will influence the reaction.

Walt Sorensen - 2018-09-27

So what are the upper and lower limits on the amount of the Tertiary alcohol catalyst needed for the process?

Mark Reeve - 2018-09-26

This channel is on my list of recommended viewing for my IGCSE chemistry class :)

mayaknife - 2018-09-26

The primary component of tea tree oil is 4-terpineol, which I assume is the tertiary alcohol you're after. The primary component of pine oil is alpha-terpineol, an isomer of 4-terpineol. Would it be worthwhile to try that as well or would you expect the two to have similar properties?

ejkozan - 2018-09-26

Probably nice idea would be to check other terpenoids with are tertiary alcohols. There is some that should be quite easy to obtain. There is Linalool, and definetly others.

ramirez223 - 2018-09-26

you should really put up some fly paper, theres been too many suicidal flies attacking your experiments
gimmie kit

Nope Norris - 2018-09-27

ramirez223 Wild sergal spotted

Xyneef Phaenix - 2018-09-26

I've been following this series on the Sodium recovery for so long... man, this has been a long trip! Watching the discoveries, the failures, the successes, the breakthroughs... thinking that you've got so far with your research is so...refreshing. keep up this work man, I want to see the good end of it! Also, those molecular models.... they are cool!

Morlanius - 2018-09-26

When are you going to do some experiments with fly catalysts?

thejkhc - 2018-09-26

that is a really cool molecular model kit!

Anamnesia - 2018-09-26

Comment in the Description...
Shameless grab for the prizes! 👍🏼

Abdega - 2018-09-27

2:50 “They’ll need to find some other amateur chemist”
Well, they found me too…

Yu Wish - 2018-09-26

Fly be like: "Yo, man! Let me get in on this action!" Damn, now I can't stop laughing.

Asmodeus Mictian - 2019-03-20

Your reaction to the fly was possibly one of the funniest "chemistry" things I've ever seen. Keep up the awesome vids man, they're top notch!

Biohazard - 2018-09-27

I'd love one of those kits, I just started organic chem and those seems really interesting.

Axis O'Depeople - 2018-09-26

Yo I'm glad you do this kind of thing makes my day every time I watch a video

Alan Ball - 2018-09-27

I'm so sorry that fly fell into your reaction, I can only imagine because it was time-lapsed that you woke up and found out everything was ruined.

Matthew Taylor - 2018-09-26

It wouldn't be Nurdrage without the files! Absolutely in love with you, incredible work!

XxValleMxX - 2018-09-26

I love the Vids! Especially after a long sythesis lab day in the inorganic lab :D (Im in the 3rd Semester :) ) Keep up the good work

Patrick Sheridan - 2018-09-27

Nearly everything I know about chemistry I have learned by watching this channel. Thanks!

Big Boi Neptune - 2018-09-26

Sodium is one of my favorite elements. Can't wait for the tutorial!

Andrew Eicher - 2018-09-26

Love the series thus far! Pro of giving me one of the sets: I'll have something to fiddle with at my desk while my mass spec is running and I have nothing else to do. Con? None. :D

MLG Samantha - 2018-09-26

Damn flies! I remember that when I used to fly kites, they would always land on them and cause lightning to strike them!

Jake Dowzell - 2018-09-28

I'll comment to have a chance of winning!

Also, loving the lab notes videos, so glad you decided to put them out :D looking forward to seeing the next ones!

Science Marshal - 2018-09-26

It’s interesting to watch how well this method has been refined over time. I remember being on forums when this process was first popularized and many people were skeptical of it.

Thorlak Metalmace - 2018-09-26

These kits look great, I would love to play with them while learning :3

Czaro Bil - 2018-09-27

As a biochem student I would love to get this kit.

It looks awesome! <3

Chemist97ful - 2018-09-26

Always loved your videos, keep on going!
When you feel satisfied with the optimisation are you gonna publish a paper about it?

Interstellarsurfer - 2018-09-27

yay! (maybe) free stuff from my favorite nurd! Keep rocking that chemistry, Nurdrage. :-D

123kevster - 2018-09-26

Gotta love Chem professors extorting money. I love the content. Wish I was in a position to support your work directly

Casey James - 2018-09-26

The suicidal fly cracked me up 😂😂😂 can't wait till your tea tree oil shipment gets in. 🤔😓

Michel Pronk - 2018-09-26

wow even though most of your go way above my knolidge i love to learn and try and untherstand more.
great molecule kit. good luck all

blargmeblarg - 2018-09-26

Thanks for bringing us all into your lab, and letting us be a part of this chemical detective story - you're making great science, and great videos.

Greenlightning - 2018-09-26

Did YΘu Anger The Fly KingdΘm Θr SΘmething? This Is Getting RidiculΘus!

Rsaramallac - 2018-09-26

Greenlightning what’s with the thetas?

Greenlightning - 2018-09-26

@RsaramallacI Think They're Real Neat.

JTGaming - 2018-09-26

Greenlightning  no

adfaklsdjf - 2018-09-27

Would the fly actually have interfered with the procedure? Wasn't he "downstream" from the reaction?

One of those molecular model kits would really tie my collection of science things together..

Michael Goodrich - 2018-09-27

Will the same reaction work with KOH for potassium? One of my favorite series

Synchron - 2018-09-26

I absolutely love this series, you're part of the reason I've realized I love chemistry, and projects like this are so rewarding to me to watch. Very insightful, and not terribly difficult to follow. Great stuff!

Tantalrik - 2018-09-27

I Would really like to have one of Those Kits, since I‘m a chemistry Student at university and I Don‘t own one yet :)

Caleb Op't Land - 2018-09-26

Haha! I love your reaction to the fly. I'm sure they have a collective vendetta against you.

It's awesome to watch as you slowly troubleshoot and refine this process of sodium production. I'll be sure to try it out once the final video is released.

Hoss Delgado - 2018-09-26

You should have kept going and seen if the fly helped the reaction :D

JEFF - 2018-09-26

These videos are great! Been watching you for years and I always love to see your experiments

Uwe Dobberstein - 2018-09-26

Thanks for posting these labnote vid's. Research is a time-consuming, humbling and sometimes fly infested practice. Keep up the good work!

pyromaniac000000 - 2018-09-26

Wow. Not only am i early, the time is early. It’s checks time 3 in the morning. Science>sleep huh?

scientia eterna omnes supera! - 2018-09-26

For sure

Spackolatious - 2018-09-26

What is this magical thing you call s-l-e-e-p? Care to elaborate?

Danielle Spargo - 2018-09-26

Always :)

ThriftStore Hacker - 2018-09-26

No sleep when there is science to do!

S0RA - 2018-09-27

That modeling kit looks amazing. I might just buy one. They'd be great for tutoring

Katechol - 2018-09-26

*doing homework and checks Youtube expecting to waste time*
Well this is a pleasant surprise!

AbH - It's an Amazing World! - 2018-09-27

This has been a great video series. I always look forward to seeing your next video. Watching your channel got me interested in learning more about chemistry. Thanks!