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Electromagnet MOT strength

James Cambell - 2018-01-23

The secret behind strong electromagnets

Paul O'Sullivan - 2021-01-29

I like these videos, shame you stopped uploading.

William Cameron - 2018-12-03

What kind of bridge rectifier did you use? Will I need any other components if I were to only use one secondary coil?

James Cambell - 2019-01-03

I used a a bridgeed rectifier that i robbed off an old circuit board. If you use only one coil you may have to duty cycle it.

821Duc - 2019-01-02

For a 12VDC application would the primary winding still be the better choice over the secondary side? Also would you suggest cutting the unused winding out or cutting the actual top off?

James Cambell - 2019-01-03

The primary winding (low volts winding) is great if you plan on using 12v. Cut the welds on the core and put a block of wood on the winding and use a hammer to carefully drive the winding off the core. (Hit the wood with the hammer and alternate after each blow)

821Duc - 2019-01-05

Ok great information and thanks for getting back to me. I have been working on creating a tool/device for use in my field and had been playing with commercially available mag-locks. The holding force is perfect but the size of the magnetic field is terrible, a sheet of paper between the mag lock and the whatever your trying to “grab” renders a 600lb lock useless

James Cambell - 2019-01-06

@821Duc the sheet of paper you mention is a problem with any electromagnet. Good analogy. Also the thicker the steel the better the grab force

Felix B. - 2021-01-28

Did you lose the fingers due to the NCl3

Max Matunis - 2021-01-29

Quoting him from the comments on another video

"screwing a cap back on a 2oz bottle of mekp when it exploded(must of had dirt on the threads)"