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Crazy pool vortex

Physics Girl - 2014-11-23

This unique phenomenon can be easily reproduced in a pool on a sunny day. 

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Joshua Chhakchhuak - 2016-07-17

When she put the food colouring my eyes went (●__●)

Mr Hole - 2019-03-15

spot on Jupiter anyone?

lololmanidek - 2019-05-08

Mind literally blown

Mr Hole - 2019-06-12

this must be how the physics of Quantum Entanglement work

Future IITian - 2020-03-22

> × < right.....! ✔ but for the love of science...🚀

sara madkour - 2020-06-17

Ha ha😆

Peter Young - 2016-02-25

I hesitate to bring religion into this, but the first image you show is a perfect representation of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Gregory Samuel Teo - 2019-05-30

​@liquid klone he ain't the bicycle NINJA for no reason.
also, praise be unto his meatballs.

and no, life is not a well-defined term in science, neither are consciousness or existence. for that matter, science can't tell you why pi is a certain precise irrational number, nor why infinity is infinite. some things are definitional.

Joseph Gao - 2019-05-30

@e8iMm7KE999 Some guy from the 17th century: "I've never seen man fly. Why? It is not possible."

Just because we haven't been able to produce life with purely inorganic material yet, doesn't mean that we can't.

Fakob Jakob - 2019-06-09

@New shuffle brass band rame

TheRoyalGallade [TRG] - 2019-08-10

Dude organic implies that it comes naturally from living things. What else would it come from if not inorganic things

Brian P. - 2020-06-07

It looks like squidward.

Jacob - 2016-01-29

It's the secret to creating wormholes! All we need is a 4 dimensional plate and we can make a tunnel through the fabric of space and time!

Danny Hoberman - 2020-01-16

Except that the fourth dimension is time and you can't have time as a dimension in your "4d plate".
Also, we need two media (one being the fabric of space-time) for this kind of an arrangement, and last I checked our universe has only one.
But the Idea is still open to future discoveries.

charles joshi - 2020-01-16

@Danny Hoberman thanks for the explanation 😊

Samar Singh - 2020-02-08

but i don't think you will be able to find negative energy in your garage.

Samar Singh - 2020-02-08

@john noe to be more precise the curvatures required to create a wormhole can not be created using the normal energy we deal with. It requires a different type of energy called the negative energy to create a curvature in the fabric of space-time for connecting to distant points in space as well as time.

Scott J. - 2020-02-24

It's already been done. They just keep coming back in time and foiling our efforts to reinvent the process. :)

Alex Contreras - 2016-12-03

What if black holes are just vortexs

It's the fox! - 2019-06-11

@Cat Poke you are seriously confusing the erm theory with hypothesis

Tharanga Madhusankha - 2019-07-02

They are

Mikkel Højbak - 2019-08-24

According to theory, they are! Rotating black holes make a Ring Singularity when they collapse - and since nothing will have "no rotation" forever, they all have some non-zero radius. It's a 0 volume vortex, basically.
For more info, see this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_singularity

Mr Hole - 2019-09-07

this explains quantum entanglement and why they have opposite spin..

entangled particles are actually the SAME higher dimensional object!! (that intersects this dimension.)

we are therefore the "shadow" of a higher dimensional reality.

Anshul Tiwari - 2020-06-06

They are infact a vortex of spacetime.

Someone Special - 2015-08-28


SeriousThree - 2019-05-27

@Dominic Lee All the tax demands ever issued.

Mr Hole - 2019-09-07

this explains quantum entanglement and why they have opposite spin..

entangled particles are actually the SAME higher dimensional object!! (that intersects this dimension.)

we are therefore the "shadow" of a higher dimensional reality.

Vegetable Man - 2020-01-05

thats the point

will brito - 2020-02-03

The Feynman technique always work

Ld345 jr - 2020-05-02

Someone Special same

Aldrick Espinosa - 2016-05-09

Me: *pauses at 2:34 *
Me: c:

Nobody - 2019-08-24

The food coloring makes it look like it's a face.

MondyYT Gaming - 2019-12-27

I only see It once even if I use the 0.25 speed in youtube

Frank BLOX Jacob - 2019-12-28

@Jasson TV The holes formed a face

Herculydia - 2020-06-10

Somebody has too much free time on their hands.

Steven sun - 2020-06-17

Jasson TV a smiley face do u see it

Clark Magnuson - 2016-02-03

I don't know how many people worked on this video, for how long, or what budget.... but it is a real accomplishment.
You deserve 4 million views.

Nakad - 2019-06-16

Ikr she has 7 million now

Adrian L. - 2020-05-25

8 million now

Christian Sanchez - 2016-05-27

That's not what I was expecting when she added the food dye

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

It's not food dye it's food coloring silly

David Burton - 2017-02-26

"Happy physicsing!"

"Nowadays, any noun can be verbed."
- author unknown

CdRGames - 2019-05-17

Verbed is also an example.

Denys Sene - 2016-03-26

what kind of person dislikes a video like this?

Ryan G. - 2020-02-29

The Anti-Vortex Lobby

Dario Impini - 2020-06-06

@Ryan G. Big Vortex

Axe 001 - 2020-06-08

Sexist males
Jealous females
Random thots...

The Artist Incognito - 2020-06-10

@Axe 001 gays?

Axe 001 - 2020-06-11

@The Artist Incognito male versions of jealous females.

Phillip Parr - 2016-03-09

Sun. Home pool. Clearly England is just not meant to see this.

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

All Countries You Can Do Everybody Has A Pool Exept for me :(

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

England Is A Geography of The United Kingdom

ScorpioX` - 2016-05-30

congratz, you just simulated a space wormhole!

S4R1N - 2017-05-04


This is probably the coolest part of the video for me.

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

Me to s4r1n

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

I Love Whirpools So much

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

Also My Mom Is Just Mad T Me So I Can't Make Whirpools

BinkieMcFartnuggets - 2015-02-19

So in order to stop hurricanes we just need to destroy god's plate.

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

Why Is Your Picture Is A Clown. Creepy Clown Control XD

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

Wait You Not Control

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

Your Binkie

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

sighs I Mess The Text Up

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15


DGonzalez Tutoriales Unity en Español - 2020-06-08

damn! The day I dissamble my pool (winter is coming here), youtube recommend this video. I'll have to wait to november.

FreakyChumy - 2020-06-18

Wow, apart from the 2 connected vortices, I always love seeing the green graduated frog... And her of course.

Exeter College, UK, Technology Centre - 2018-11-20

Physics Girl - I've just found this video and it's brilliant! - I'm going to show it to all my pre-university and university level students when they are starting their learning for hydrodynamics. Many Thanks

The Nose - 2020-04-29

guy who pitch ideas to his lookalike: vortexs are tight!

omid parsia - 2018-12-06

This flow pattern is like magnetic field. you know, instead of the plate imagine a magnet.

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15


Fck'in NonStick!!! - 2016-10-29

Space time brought me here ^_^ Anyway is this the same what happens in a typhoon?

HKF1 - 2017-02-13

Reality brought me here

Michael Liu - 2016-06-19

"So cool!"

HoustonionTheGreat - 2016-07-19

It's been proven. Aliens exist.

Mouli Thirumalasetty - 2016-12-20

"Awesome" loving your videos day by day....

meadow boyd - 2016-07-21

It's summer. what am I doing here😭 I can't stop watching

Evvy SoccerSinger - 2016-07-21

I know right?!?! she's smart and awesome

MtwMnr - 2016-07-24

+Evvy SoccerSinger same

وردة الربيع - 2016-08-01


WeebM - 2016-12-05

durka durka to you too

Daisy - 2018-05-27

meadow boyd 😂😂😂😂😂

Lynx_ - 2017-08-27

I see this in all the time while rowing, once we found a place with eight of them in a double row.
Good to know why they work!

The Mopomi - 2016-09-23

ive been asking this my self since i could remember. i thought im the only one noticing finally getting the answer

AA ; - 2016-07-28

I've learned more from here than in any of my science classes lol

lillie - 2016-07-30

AWESOME!!!!! The whole time I was like ( · _ · )

lillie - 2016-07-30

P.S. your soooooooooooooooooo cool!!! I really want to meet you. (As a freind)

DJ_I.D. - 2016-06-30

Wait is "physicing " a word …?

shashank soni - 2016-10-09

Can we make a connection of wormhole with this?

Imaginary Universe - 2019-03-14

Apparently until it contacts a boundary of a different medium, water through water, air through air, space through space. I think space is where the greatest potential is and the question is how exactly to create the vortex. I think the answer can be seen in Giza but I don't know if it can be understood exactly. It seems to work as the electron transfer chain in our mitochondria most apparently with the slabs above the King's chamber resonating as the enzymes that attract the electrons in our cells. It may sound crazy but I am pretty sure it's correct.

Pi - 2019-06-15

Gerard Sanford what

Dolan Dark - 2017-05-31

I like the part where she says "so cool"

leahsdreams - 2017-03-13

Had I seen this in high school, i'd be signing up for physics immediately.

Jalkar the Melon - 2020-04-06

I'm coming back five years later and am still amazed.

david hingston - 2016-02-06

Some years ago I caught this great video on YouTube and was thinking, hey; cool visualization for a particle-antiparticle bound state:
"Awesome Twin whirlpools in Australian Floodwaters"

Jim Germann - 2020-04-28

Like Entangled Particles, they have an opposite spin; A good experiment for pilot-wave theory .

Icegun7799 - 2016-06-19

I´ve just discovered this and fell in love...

Nick Kateris - 2016-11-10

I love your enthusiasm, it reminds me of myself! I love fluid dynamics so much!

MrDerhanswurst - 2016-04-01

3:15 is this the startup music from Spore ?! :D

Kathul Emerald - 2014-11-23

"try this at home" because everyone has a pool. 

Eddie Phillips - 2017-03-24

Victor Chandra eht

Nat Silverguard - 2017-04-10

salty af...

epic gamerMCTV - 2017-04-15

Kathul Emerald i dont have none

KingHype 22 - 2017-11-26

not me

CdRGames - 2019-05-17

Just go to someone who has a pool

Rak Hit - 2020-06-03

Dating this woman would be a trip. Literally.

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

Also There So Many Questions Like Why Those Darks Spots form?
Reads More

Ill Blues - 2019-07-13

I’ve had this in my watch later list for months, I love it & thank you for making people love physics, it’s one of my favorite branches of science

Atharv Kawle - 2018-06-09

it makes a smiley face

Sancarn - 2015-02-13

This is why I signed up to do Theoretical Physics at University.
This is exactly what we didn't do during my course on Theoretical Physics at University.

Sad times.

Seth Catalano - 2015-04-16

This stuff is cool, but theory is the coolest.

cabaretampere - 2015-08-03

@electrocat1 Stop saying cool so much

Seth Catalano - 2015-08-03

@cabaretampere sorry are we cool?

panagos1986 - 2015-10-15

+Sancarn Dindn't the word Theoretical give you a hint? :P

Mark - 2018-05-25

Sancarn Perhaps because this isn’t theoretical physics, this is standard model physics?

liquid klone - 2019-05-22

Instructions unclear: pool stuck in cabinet.

Test McKnight - 2016-05-13

Damn it this is interesting. Good job dude.

Abhishek Tiwari - 2017-01-23

oh boy, gotta love this channel.... the physics can be so much related to real life and/or tried out irl!!

Bonardemy Ma - 2020-05-15

I Would Try That In The Camp De Jour Though lol

Man the Sand HAnd - 2019-06-05

You can get this process if you drag a spoon though a hot drink
In my case I use :
- Hot coffee w/ 3 tsp of honey
- Metal tsp

Jack Sparrow - 2017-11-22

Glad to see that this cahnel is growing so fast. Good job, Physics girl!