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Make Concentrated Ammonia

NurdRage - 2019-11-02

In this video we make ammonia gas and dissolve it water from various chemicals easily accessible to the amateur.

The first method is merely boiling household ammonia solution that's domestically available from the local supermarket. The ammonia boiled out is lead into cold water where it can be dissolved. While this did work the yield was quite low at around 2.5g per 100mL of household ammonia solution. From the 600mL of ammonia solution used only about 15g was obtained. 

The second method was to revisit the classic method to produce sodium nitrate from ammonium nitrate and sodium hydroxide by dissolving them both separately in water and then mixing them together and trying to boil out the ammonia. This worked terribly and i got almost no yield at all.

The third method that seemed to work the best was to react urea and sodium hydroxide in water. This reaction was well-behaved, steady and easily performed with domestically available chemicals. Starting from 200mL water, 90g urea and 120g sodium hydroxide, about 38.6g of ammonia was obtained. 

I intend to use the ammonia in a future project to make nitric acid.

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NurdRage - 2019-11-02

I still don't have a lab. So my next video will likely be something simple like the classic chemical garden reaction.

Osprey Trading Company Bahrain - 2019-11-13

NurdRage could you please provide me with your email address.

Francisco Javier Guerrero C - 2020-03-19

we are in business

Francisco Javier Guerrero C - 2020-03-19

@The Dank Side lol... juar juar juar

Coarre - 2020-10-27

Are you using Sulfur hexafluoride all the video XD?

Kwang Yoon - 2021-01-28

im on my 4th kit technically :P

Danielle Spargo - 2019-11-02

how did you lose your lab?? :(
that's awful

FishFire_2 - 2019-12-01

Hal from breaking bad took it over πŸ€ͺ

JKL DVS_ONE - 2020-03-11


Danielle Spargo - 2020-04-12


quite the hot take there :o

John Bond - 2020-07-16

It probably blew up. ;`)

Stephen Jacks - 2020-09-08

Wouldn't lose your lab if you had a dog whistle to call him back.

Skull Leader - 2019-11-02

Next time "getting ammonia from urine!"

Matt Tuck - 2019-11-03

Check out NileRed's video on pee processing. He extracted urea, though.

Jauzijau - 2020-03-07

Hey man, its pretty easy. Extract the urea. Heat it up in a test tube. Collect the gas. Heatin urea forms NH3 and CO2

Polarcupcheck - 2020-06-09

One thing I thought was unusual was researcher saying you don't want to let urine degrade into ammonia before applying to a crop, yet, farmers side dress corn crops with anhydrous ammonia. So, I am guessing, you can side dress crops with straight urine.

Divad Ignawm - 2020-08-29

@Polarcupcheck You mean dress crops, as in putting a skirt on your crops? LOL

caspar valentine - 2021-02-27

that's more like nilered's cup of pee

Nuovoswiss - 2019-11-03

The reaction between NaOH and NH4NO3 can be run more "gently" by pre-cooling both in the freezer, then just adding an ice cube as the "catalytic" water.

The Dank Side - 2019-11-02

God the timing is perfect was just about to look this up, thanks!

Todd Kobell Jr. - 2020-07-18

For what can i ask?

Nathan Trigg - 2019-11-03

Of course rocket fuel, that's what l need it for..

piranha031091 - 2019-11-02

I once purified 37% ammonia by adding it dropwise (I even used a syringe pump!) to some sodium hydroxide granules, to convert it to the gaseous ammonia, and bubbling the output in pure water. (I wanted it to be free of carbonates).

It worked great. So something similar with household ammonia could work too. ^^

Kevin O - 2019-11-02

piranha031091 - you should make a video of it.

piranha031091 - 2019-11-03

@Kevin O That was in my old lab, I don't work there anymore, and I don't have a use for that stuff in the foreseeable future.
But I do plan to make more chemistry videos! ^^

crank Xl - 2019-11-12


Nini L. - 2019-11-03

Thank you! The urea route was stuck in my head since Doug's Lab stated that it would foam a lot when he tried it.

The King Of Chemist - 2019-11-03

Hey put sodium in liquid nitrogen, cool it and react cooled sodium with water.

Josh Lambe - 2019-11-03

So excited for video on the cheap high yeild method for making nitric acid. The stuff is expensive to buy.

Chris P - 2019-11-02

Can't wait to see the Oswald reaction! Are you going to make a video on making the Platinum catalyst too?

Chinchilla - 2019-11-05

Funny, I was just googling how to remove ammonia from my fish tank the other day

caspar valentine - 2020-03-14

you should boil all your fishes to extract the ammonia

lbochtler - 2019-11-03

this is very useful for me. since i need ammonia to clean high vacuum ceramic parts

John H - 2019-11-04

We appreciate all your continued work operating without a lab. hope you find yourself in a new one soon!

Kerstin - 2019-11-02

I'm so addicted to your videos. I really hope you can release videos more often at some point

Shane Miner - 2020-01-31

Thanks! This will be of great help for a project I'm concocting for my son when he misbehaves.

Melody Hynes - 2021-02-16

Assuming you're starting from the the stone ages what chemistry would be needed to start collecting modern synthetic materials

James Kennedy - 2019-11-03

Almost ready to design and make the old styli cooling units of the 40 and 50's. Good video.

wwwelkam - 2019-11-05

while i never tried I always thought that thermal decomposition of urea is the simplest way of getting ammonia

R.B. Ratieta - 2019-11-02

Yay! You're still alive!

Bob Werner - 2019-12-02

I remember the old Pig barn I worked in as a kid would make Ammonia all on its own...lol

DesignWorksDW - 2019-11-03

Thx for the video, i was wondering awhile back you said you may be on a tv show in the future, what ever happened with that?

Seymour Pro - 2019-11-12

Adblue is a retail available solution of urea at about 30% -used for reacting with NOx in a car exhaust pipe to reduce emmissions

Studio BingBangBoo Kangaroo - 2020-12-21


Andi Kusnadi - 2021-01-22

can you give how to make hydrazine , more effiecient.

Bob Werner - 2019-11-04

that first lab I know your fire wall in the back used that just before it was banned

Tim Ka - 2019-11-04

Hi, can you please make a vid on how to make hydrazine (aq. solution) which can be used to turn silver chloride into pure silver? Thanks!

Taha universe - 2019-11-03

Thank you i made some ammonium chloride by reacting urine and sodium hydroxide and bubbling the ammonia in hydrochloric acid but it's not very efficient obviously πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

Gareth Dean - 2019-11-02

Whenever I want quick ammonia gas I just slowly dampen a finely ground mixture of the two substances. I've noticed it takes a while for the reaction to go to completion, but with cheap starting materials I've had pretty good yields. Is the release really that uncontrollable? Did you try dropwise addition of water?

Charlie He - 2020-07-06

This video... I can smell it through the screen!

ReactiveChem - 2019-11-02

Thank you for this video, you just cut down my research for searching how to make really concentrated ammonia easily to no time at all. πŸ‘

Andrew Villalobos - 2020-07-08

Lmao I find you everywhere πŸ˜‚

Bob Werner - 2019-12-02

I feel honoured my birthday

barry - 2020-10-29

Thank you for your vids, so well understood. Do you have any compilation videos that can be purchased. It’s difficult to always search back to find what I’m looking at.

Felixkeeg - 2019-11-02

You lost your lab? What do you mean by that, exactley?

Unprofessional Professor - 2019-11-03


LoneWalker - 2019-11-03

I think he lost his job :(

Cagatay San - 2019-11-03

Ostwald process! Yeaah!!! I would love to see a video series about the Ostwald process, like you did with sodium production. OTC nitric acid production for amateur chemists is the next level.
Astral Chemistry proved, that itΒ΄s possible. And i think you can bring this to perfection!

guillaume berger - 2019-11-30

hello everyone , i had good result,with a stochyometric amout ammonium salt an sodium/potassium and just mixing it wet , without any water.

LoL-O-Mat 1000 - 2019-11-04

Thumps up on the plans for the Oswald process!!

TheDoctor - 2019-11-02

Thank god, been having withdrawals!

Logan Clementi - 2020-04-28


MX ZHANG - 2019-11-03

maybe you can try heat up Ca(OH)2 and NH4Cl solid mixture (A method from Chinese chemistry textbook)

Grant Pickens - 2019-11-06

You are the best chemist channel on YouTube, period

Andy Wells - 2019-11-02

Another great video-hope you get your lab back!!

Edward Science Innovations - 2020-03-30

Conc. Ammonnia smells like almonds and it almost knocked me out.

Andi Kusnadi - 2021-01-22

is "water" means of pure H20 ?

Matt Hunter - 2019-11-03

The second method is viable for steady output if you add concentrated Ammonium salt solution to dry sodium hydroxide or vise versa.

KingHalbatorix - 2019-11-04

have you ever wanted to smell like piss?
I mean REALLY smell like piss?

realcygnus - 2019-11-07

As opposed to a batch of fentanyl with a street value > the GNP ?!

confuseatronica - 2019-11-02

i have a cold and my nose already hurts. I'm not sure I want to even SEE ammonia gas right now.

Darian Ballard - 2019-11-02

I used ammonium chloride and sodium hydroxide.

Soma - 2019-11-03

Make Concentrated Ammonia Great Again!

vibzz lab - 2019-11-02

Hey that intro is nice and crisp. Very good video. I will be doing videos on ammonia too