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High speed footage of Potassium explosion

Thunderf00t - 2015-09-25

A mixture of footage I've gotten with the new high speed camera.  The stuff with NaK reacting under argon is particularly pretty.  There is also some explosions of NaK when being dropped on water and some regular potassium tied to a shot glass and dropped into water.  The water hammer effect is fantastic.  Yeah, this is how depth charges sink ships!

Part of a prelude to a new experiment which is a safe, extremely reliable way of making potassium explode.  It so easy to do, and so dramatic that its difficult to believe that this is not going to become a staple demonstration in the class room! :-D

burnininhell - 2015-09-25

Thunderf00t needs to collaborate with TheSloMoGuys.

Flameroller, Pale Cislord - 2015-10-03

Says you. Any rational to back that up or you just believe it because reasons?

Flameroller, Pale Cislord - 2015-10-03

Yes, I have been paying attention. Clearly you only read what you wanted from my comments and decided that made me self-entitled. Are you confusing me for someone else? I never complained about Thunderf00t's videos, I simply tried to explain my position to you but you clearly don't get it. I'm tired of wasting my time with you. You don't want to or cannot understand me.

Speider - 2015-10-03

@***** You have been reading flameroller's comments as poorly as you have read mine.

In my instance, I pointed out something Thunderf00t did that was dishonest. At best, he would change that particular behaviour. At worst, I'd end up in a discussion with someone who didn't understand what I mean, and who failed to explain what they themselves meant.

You have misconstrued both mine and flamerollerx01's opinions to be those of wanting to shut doen Thunderf00t, which goes to show that you in essence have very little clue what's beind said. At all.

Speider - 2015-10-03

@***** I'm glad to see that you are tired of trying to dishonestly misrepresent my position, but I'm sad that you had to attempt to do it even in your final post,

I don't believe that my comments are going to make Thunderf00t modify his content, and to state that as a fact is either a lie, or evidence that you still haven't started paying attention to what someone else writes, but also evidence that you do indeed not care about what anyone else has to say if you believe it to contradict your personal view. 

Have a good day.

Distracted Globe Productions - 2015-10-12

Then he can join Accomplishment Locator with Roy!

Bass-D C - 2015-09-25

People: He included the "Feminist rant" how you like to call it, to explain why he might need some more time to get some science videos out. It wasn't that hard to grasp ...

DeformedBear - 2015-09-26

Bloody potassium not respecting water's safe space by harassing it.

Krisztián Szirtes - 2015-09-26

3:54 Thunderf00t, also known as the inventor of underwater upside down mushroom clouds.

ExaltedDuck - 2015-09-25

wow, looking at that slow mo montage I'm thinking you must know ALL the keyboard shortcuts.

Lemon Party - 2015-09-26

The violent chemical reactions in Thunderf00t's videos are a subconscious representation of his violent tendencies towards feminists like Anita Sarkeesian and Emma Watson. Patriarchy confirmed!

Magic Mike - 2015-09-25

I'm over the feminist movement playing the victim card. It's crazy that they get that amount of airtime... It's starting to feel like the Kardashians...

Magic Mike - 2015-09-25

Sounds like it's going to be a case of sitting back and watching the feminist world burn :-/

MrManBuzz - 2015-09-25

+Michael Wheeler If you're a straight white male you'll be the one who is burning....at the fucking stake.

Magic Mike - 2015-09-25

+MrManBuzz haha very true... Another close parallel to witch burning hahaha.

MrManBuzz - 2015-09-25

+Michael Wheeler #KillAllMen ;)

OmnissiahZelos - 2015-09-26

This is witchcraft! BURN HIM!

:P Awesome!

James Gray - 2015-09-26

+EmperorZelos  well, how do you know that she's a witch?   Sorry, I had to  : )

OmnissiahZelos - 2015-09-26

Doing sorcery!

James Gray - 2015-09-26

@EmperorZelos She looks like one!!! 

dishmanw - 2015-09-27

+James Gray She turned me into a newt. I got better.

lawoftheeast - 2015-10-02

Wouldn't a pyromancer take advantage of that sentence?

jpc1918 - 2015-09-26

You know, us standing up against them together showing google what their userbase really is would make it possible to shut them up

Jerry C - 2015-09-28

+jpc1918 We don't need to shut them up, what we have to do is point out exactly how wrong they are. Of course they already call us misogynist, so I am not sure what more they can possibly do other than tell the world that we are hurting their feelings. No, I think what we have to do is point out to them exactly how they would be treated in a muslim country. If they honestly believe the BS they are spouting, then we simply have to show them what being a real second class human actually looks like and to do that, you don't have to look any further than the way women are treated in muslim countries.

jpc1918 - 2015-09-28

@Jerry C
They already know that damn well, they ignore it these people don't care about other humans let alone other women as shown by the way they throw the term rape around acting as if it's nothing. All they want is to be special little snowflakes with everyone on the planet being their servant

Titus Orelius - 2015-09-25

Keep it up TF. Ignore all these crybabies that are whining about the mention of feminism.

Shkotay D - 2015-09-26

The science is awesome, but I cant help but worry that Google will cave to the feminists and censor criticism as hate.

They literally could not win a fair debate as you said. Using the gender and harrassment "oh poor me please help" cards may let them get away with this one.

LordDragox412 - 2015-09-26

But convincing people that you are right when you know when you're wrong is so hard! It's just much easier to have everyone shut up so only your words may be heard so everyone gullible enough will believe you. It's just like with politics. Anita for... uh... not president because that word is so chauvinist and there's no female version which TRIGGERS MEEEE! #Kappa  

rg0057 - 2015-09-26

+Shkotay D

It's long past time a competitor to YouTube emerged anyway.

With the continual improvement in processing power and storage capacity, it's inevitable.

The ideal solution of course is to make YouTube a protocol, rather than a service.

Vaping Dad - 2015-09-28

+Shkotay D Anita literally can't do anything without a script

Andrew Tall - 2015-09-29

+Bastard Species The same reason that Twitter shut off Tf00t account for a while, and that he's had video's flagged in the past.

What we can expect given the appeasement given by google to Sarkessian and Quinn is that the people checking video's for hate speech, breach of copyright, etc will come at it from an extreme feminist perspective, so while I'd expect Tf00t to pop back up in due course, I can see him being targetted by people who have drunk the coolaid, or just want their 15 seconds of local fame, and for him to have to continually clear himself against a biased court.

Personally I find the science and anti-creationism stuff more to my taste than the feminism, but as Tf00t is heavily pro-free speech, opposes dogmatism, etc I can see why he hammers the extreme feminists.

523FIFI - 2015-10-06

Money is the key to VICTORY

R.B. - 2015-09-25

For all the people asking I'll answer. The update on Feminism is to let us know that his channel could be in danger if censors in Google are allowed to mess around, and then you won't be watching this video.

Rin Aldrin - 2015-09-25

Thunderf00t is going all Mythbusters making things go boom

Rin Aldrin - 2015-09-26

@Red House Productions
Of course I do I hate anyone who makes shit up about games without actually playing it. I still have not forgiven Fox News for what they said about Mass Effect 1

Lenny F - 2015-09-27

+Rin Aldrin Mythbusters was great the first few seasons. Then they went Hollywood and got stupid.

Darius Moon - 2015-11-12

+Rin Aldrin Fox News should speak about the parents or* the mental issue of the kid had because if he just watches or plays a game and it out... first off there's a label stating the age? and A) The kid got it from a parent who allowed him to have something inappropriate of his age or B) A store clerk gave him to him knowing his age is below the limit and should be the person being filmed instead of a game for.. nothing really get angry at the real shit Fox News/CNN (Basically the kid has something wrong with him, the game is not of his age and therefore the person who allowed him possession of it should be in the face of a camera.

Mcfluff - 2015-12-04

+Rin Aldrin Imma going to have myself furry version of thunderf00t. And Imma call'em Thunderhoof

Hugh Mungus - 2015-12-11

+Billy Diaz Lucky. Most science teachers are broken about the fact they didn't make it as scientists.
I would have loved a science teacher that gave a shit about the subject he/she was teaching.

Not A Good Robot - 2015-09-25

Badass. Thanks for this.

ObservableFiction - 2015-09-26

Feminism is becoming seriously disgusting

dishmanw - 2015-09-27

+The Ultimate A.I. First wave feminism actually fought real misogyny. 3rd wave is imagined misogyny.     If it feels true, it must be true. Truthiness.

ObservableFiction - 2015-09-27

@IThinkWithMy Dick Perhaps I should have phrased it "good intentions are not enough". I agree good intentions are good, but I don't really think truly bad intentions are very common at all so it's not so relevant.
And that hitler math comparison was a little extreme, that doesn't form a valid analogy, you're obviously emotional, given your weird capsing pattern.

ObservableFiction - 2015-09-27

@David N Hahaa. I actually just watched the first two south park episodes yesterday. I was confused for a long time, until they explained why there was a wall preventing americans to go to canada.
Fucking brilliant how they take on the social justice epidemic and donald trump at the same time.

Desperadox23 - 2015-09-28

Feminism IS unnecessary in the west.It´s very necessary e.g. in Saudi-Arabia.

ObservableFiction - 2015-09-28

@Desperadox23 Yeah, exactly. That's what so sickening about when feminists use examples from the third world to propel their ideology, and then use the attention and funds to try to stop man spreading and cat calling in the fucking US.

Dole Pole - 2015-09-26

Thunderfoot cooking up his usual Misogynium again.


Leggo My Ego - 2015-09-26

1:34 Notice how they put the hottest faminista in the front of the photo? Even the feminists are sexist.

drunkenPlasmid - 2015-09-27

I'm a biochemist so I'm more familiar with more "controlled" exergonic reactions.
Is the sublimation of alkali metals a side reaction that uses the heat of reaction from the
na/k-redox reaction and the following oxyhydrogen explosion?

David Daivdson - 2015-09-27

This is what I thought science in secondary school would be like when I was a kid.
Sadly it was more memorising numbers and doing so many titrations that one night when I got absolutely wrecked on drink and other things I kept looking for the burette so I could set up the experiment.
Why couldn't we drop Na-K alloy down an argon filled tube into water then watch it in slow-mo.

It was pretty much the reason I dropped out of A-level classes and am now doing a diploma. Dissecting pigs hearts on the second week and having practical chemistry lessons every other week fuck yeah!

Sadly they didn't have a more chemistry involved course at the only decent college in my 'city' (small town), so much so that the chemistry module is optional. Naturally as I want a pharm-chem lab job I'm doing the optional class even though it takes me an hour+ to get there vs 10-15 mins.

Questionable Object - 2015-09-26

Damnit thunderfoot, put in sources when you're using cool music! ;<;

Evgeny Savelev - 2015-09-26

I wonder if it is possible to do 100fps in X-Ray spectrum :-)

Also, I really want to see Dr. Polyakoff face when he sees this video.

Shen - 2015-11-05

Awesome reaction. I really hope this sort of thing is shown in schools.

Nyght - 2015-09-29

AH! Science is amazing. I really hope you get to continue to do this, because I love watching you, man.

CerealKiller - 2015-09-26

explosions near the end were pretty impressive.
and by ''near the end'' I mean the second half of the video

Dominic - 2015-12-07

Cool video professor. I love watching your videos, I spend most of my day with painfully stupid people so your videos give me my nerd fix for the day. haha

SIMKINETICS - 2015-09-26

Real scientists blow thing up!

magma2680 - 2015-10-05

@Doug M
but how? you're a person who is studying bioligy, where do you get the explosion ingredients?

Doug M - 2015-10-05

@magma2680 If you don't have those within reach everywhere you go, you're obviously not a scientist.

magma2680 - 2015-10-05

@Doug M
but, but what if you doing some little agri sceience and u just drawing, you don't need it den

Darin Conard - 2015-10-06

@magma2680 you have any idea how many flammable liquids are in a typical bio lab?  Just might have to be creative on your choice of accelerant/oxidizer ...

magma2680 - 2015-10-06

@Darin Conard
oh right :/ well i guess it depends on the lab, honestly we aren't near that many flammables in our lab

Pryen4 - 2015-09-25

you should do some work with the SlowMoGuys, they have amazing high speed cameras and love science stuff like this

Carl M - 2015-09-25

Use that reaction to make a projectile :)

The Great Noodle - 2015-09-25

I came.
Thanks Thunderf00t, saved along with the rest of my porn

Nichola Szelong - 2015-10-01

That was an awesome spectacle! Cant wait to see what you have coming.

Eugen Afanasjev - 2016-01-10

Iodine clock reaction could look interesting in slow motion.
Maybe even better if spread thin on the surface.

Henry Wang - 2015-09-26

whata the name of solo music at the end of th vid?

Bad End Happy - 2015-09-26

first time seeing metalic gas :O

Andrew Kincade - 2015-09-27

My Favorite Alchemist!

Eric D - 2015-09-27

It's like water based fireworks! So neat!

Blag Cog - 2015-09-25

Thunderf00t you need to change the thumbnail so that its upside down and then the title to "WATER NUKE WORLD FIRST FOOTAGE"

Tach - 2015-09-25

+Jeff Quartz But then it wouldn't have ass in the title.

Keem's Popcorn Machine - 2015-09-26


biggingeryeti - 2015-09-26

Is it possible to do these experiments in slightly darker conditions?

The Curious Sapien - 2015-09-26

Good luck fighting the fuktards Thunder - It is a shame you can't expose Na or K in a larger volume of water, like a pool or something. So we could examine the blast radius and see the explosion without all the paraphernalia getting all blown to crap and disrupting the shot. I'd be really cool if you could submerge a device that popped the Na or K through a foil seal about 6 feet underwater in something the size of a swimming pool, just to see what and where the ejected pieces go and do. That would insane!
But I have to clean myself up after this last one anyhow. lol

Darin Conard - 2015-09-26

+SKYlyNe House Music "You'd have to test your underwater delivery with something less explosive" pop rocks! :D

This Dude - 2015-09-26

+Josh Phelan (alwaysmissmyq) I barely remember much from sciences classes, honestly. Most of my knowledge comes from reading published studies, papers, etc.. I wouldn't know this lol. I have no real background haha

This Dude - 2015-09-26

+Josh Phelan (alwaysmissmyq) but thanks for sharing.

This Dude - 2015-09-26

+Darin Conard hell yes. as irrelevant as it may be, that's just too awesome to pass up

Darin Conard - 2015-09-26

@SKYlyNe House Music well, figure it would definitely give a positive operational test and even the failures would be funny as hell.  Especially if tested on a pool in use.

But couldn't be classified as a violent attack in any jurisdiction I've ever lived in - at worst, vandalism for "littering" the pool.

*Name pending* - 2015-09-27

i love it when thunderfoot makes shit blow up XD jejee science is great.

Lay Law - 2015-09-26

"the f00tage"

Caleb The Red - 2015-09-25

This is so so cool. XD

SHINBAXTER - 2015-11-07


One of the None - 2015-09-26

Great stuff sir! :D Will the coming video be horizontal? Super eager!

vanishy0urself - 2015-09-26

Jeez, I know modern feminism can be incredibly intrusive, but can you not make it even more so? Like... keeping potassium and feminism in separate videos? Those interested in the "sciencey" footage will see things they're not interested in, and those interested in your criticism of feminism might not even see it. Keeping these things in separate videos is, IMO, in your own interest.

vanishy0urself - 2015-09-26

Someone has recently discovered the sheer amount of incompetence of that cyberviolence UN report. To put it mildly, it's complete fucking garbage. Just to give you an idea, there are two blank end notes, they mention sources that don't exist, they use sources without mentioning them, and, the perfect kicker, at one point, they literally source a local PDF on their C drive. Not even kidding.

They shot themselves in the foot there. No one is going to take that shit seriously.


(long version, goes over almost everything)


(short version, less detailed but more fun to read)

It's comedy gold.

dravorek - 2015-09-27

+vanishy0urself +1 on that one. I know some of the feminst crowd can act quite clowny, but I stopped watching stuff on that topic, because it really does not interest me one bit.
Still love the science vid stuff Thunderf00t puts out, that's why I'd really like those two topics to be seperated in his videos.

magma2680 - 2015-10-05

+vanishy0urself hey don't forget the sodium

Michael Klos - 2015-12-03

does it have the same effect/reaction in saltwater?

Tyrell - 2015-09-28

never see many of these vids anymore


Pretty cool. Lol at the guys laughing with joy at the explosion.

bkeyes - 2015-09-26

What was the music used in the slow-mo part? :o

iconforu2c - 2015-09-26

That was awesome Thunderf00t. I hope you do some more vids like this. Are you going to do a follow up video about this whole google matter? This topic of women rights has to be addressed and shut down. They are destroying what "women's rights" is for. I am tired of her subjecting people (Men for the most part) for her own financial gain and nothing more.