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Phenol from Salicylic Acid

Doug's Lab - 2016-03-19

In this video, I make phenol from salicylic acid using thermal decarboxylation.

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NileRed - 2016-10-20

Cool thermocouple thermometer. I really need to make one of those

Zivilyn The Wyrd - 2017-05-10

NileRed yes you do!

Clown Whisper - 2018-01-15

NileRed if you haven't got a thermocouple yet I think I have some watlow controllers and perhaps the thermocouple and cable somewhere around here I know I got to that I use personally I think I have some extras I'll start looking

Ram Iyer - 2016-09-26

It's not fennel. It's phenol.

Dylan Mcvicker - 2019-11-05

Ram Iyer literally

Elliot Williams - 2020-06-04


Dancing Rain - 2020-07-12

And soooo many YouTubers keep calling phenol "fennel"...

Bxnkroll BobbySands - 2020-07-26

@Dylan Mcvicker Repeated use fucks me off so bad

Bxnkroll BobbySands - 2020-07-26

​@Dancing Rain own expensive equipment but repeat 'fennel'

Space Core - 2016-03-19

I'm always amazed how chemistry can be so simple and so tricky at the same time, after all you only needed to heat the Salicylic acid... But it made a 17 minutes vid of an excellent quality !

bdot02 - 2016-03-19

Yay! I've missed your videos!

Matt Hunter - 2016-04-02

+bdot02 You're glad you missed his videos?

Paulo Constantino - 2016-05-13

Hello Doug. I am very interested in your home lab. I wish to build one at home for my own purposes. I am an organic chemist. Would it be possible for you to make us a video where you go over some of the finer points about your lab?

Gil Marquez - 2016-07-15

did Doug die? :( 5 months since the last video

gogear131 - 2016-03-19

omg your alive hazzah

Anneliese o'callaghan - 2017-02-20

Congratulations on not being poisoned!

homealchemy - 2016-05-10

When can we expect the next video Doug? I really miss it!

Emilio Vega - 2016-03-21

Finally, I've been waiting a month for this.

FullMetal - 2016-03-20

The high FPS is amazing :)

LazarusWorms - 2016-04-26

I suggest extracting eugenol from cloves and doing some stuff with that! Your lab will smell of Christmas!

INVISIBLE SUN - 2016-03-19

this is cool man, its been a while sence ur last upload keep it up!

Josh Russell - 2016-03-20

Another awesome video Doug! I have a question about your heating mantle -- Do you think your mantle could get hot enough to perform a distillation of sulfuric acid? I ask after watching NurdRages video on his home made mantle and sulfuric acid distillation. If it could get hot enough I'd love to know the details on your mantle, cost, wattage etc. Cheers!

AwesomePower1234 - 2016-07-16

Could you do a video where you separate aspartame into phenylalanine and methanol?

jon hoyles - 2016-03-19

glad your back doug great vid as always nicely done :)

user255 - 2016-04-20

+Doug's Lab
New videos soon? Can you do anything interesting with creatine? It's OTC and cheap.

Francesco Gabba - 2020-07-02

Man.. you are a legend Bro! :D

Abdul Basit - 2017-01-25

Can you tell how to synthesize phenolphthalein from salicylic acid?

OgJuiceJoint420 - 2016-03-22

hes back!

Tube Matrix - 2016-03-31

You definitely know your subject but need to speak slower.

zliveris12345 - 2017-04-10

Okay so I plan on performing TLC and traditional column chromatography
and I need help. gravity isn't a strong enough force to elute obviously
and I don't have a license or funds to get a 5ft nitrogen/O2 tank, and I
was thinking an air compressor but those are also expensive. does
anyone have any experience with at home chromotography workup? please
let me know

Tobinator - 2016-03-30

Can you Show us how you make your vacuum?

Scritch - 2016-03-19

Hey glad to see you posting again =)

beneric73 - 2016-03-19

thanks, this video is great !

OG Mixtapes - 2016-03-24

I cried

Myrco G' - 2017-02-01

Is it possible to reflux salicylic acid to decarboxylate it?
I think it'd be easier.

sunshine - 2016-04-12

How old are you Doug?

Irving Kurlinski - 2017-06-11

Good luck getting the phenol out of that small necked bottle!

Mike Seidman - 2016-04-05

I saw one of your video were you have lot of sulfur, i was wondering if one day you will test the Willgerodt variant where styrene/sulfur/morpholine is used

Eric Torkelson - 2018-02-10

TLDR:you have sulfur, make a meth precursor... not likely.

Tobinator - 2016-05-04

Where do you buy your glassware? Is there a recommended shop?

Hamdi - 2016-03-21

You pronounce phenol wrong. It is (fee-nooL)

Hamdi - 2016-03-27

@SoDerpy I don't care, I'm just saying. 

Anneliese o'callaghan - 2017-02-20

I think it's pronounced "fee-nol"

Hamdi - 2017-02-20

It is.

William Ackerson - 2018-01-09

Yeah ik... He kept on saying phenyl which was confusing me for a second because I thought he meant benzene. It actually makes a big difference.

SinisterMinister - 2018-06-16

this is absolutely not a question of "only you care" but a question about the correct nomenclature you idiot...

spinNspiral - 2016-04-06

how can i get the same thermometer setup? And what kind of gloves are you using? Would using a respirator even make any sense during these distillations, like the nitric acid video?

Good Sir - 2016-04-22

Why do you only make one video a month?

William Ackerson - 2018-01-09

This year he said he will probably make one per week!

Steven S. Smith - 2016-03-19

New Camera? The footage looked so much clearer than usual.

Quantum Lab - 2017-10-22


TheBookDoctor - 2016-03-19

P.S. you forgot the patreon link.

steve buczek - 2020-02-28

(FEE- KNAWL) not (FEN- NEL).
directions unclear ketamine turned into chocolate pudding.

Exemplary Ligas - 2016-03-19

how do you clean de rbf? nice yield

TAS:TheAmateurScientist - 2016-03-30

doug i have an interesting question i just bought a distillation apparatus and now i dont know a solvent that can remove avry thing and when i distill alcholol it will be safe to drink CAN SOMEBODY REPLY TO ME AND TELL ME SOME SOLVENT

bdot02 - 2016-04-19

Elbow Grease? Or I'd watch a few of the Periodic Videos and lurk in that comment section.

Holden Saaring - 2019-11-26

I'll bet you had a really nasty headache after the whole procedure?

kentuckyprepper1792 - 2016-07-03

The cloudy mixture is phenol in water. The phenol is clouding because it wants to be a solid at room temperature.

Stefan Raul - 2017-08-02

Is it true that these heating mantles can reach 450 degrees C ?

Drakkar Calethiel - 2018-01-25

They can get so hot that5 glassware starts to melt. I think NileRed had such an accident.

Diego Crescente - 2016-03-19

Sooo right!

John Libal - 2016-03-19

I was getting ready to look for news reports of a home lab accident in MI.

Something Something - 2016-03-19

Why are you pronouncing Phenol (Fee-NOL) like Fennel? hahaha
Most "OL"'s pronounced the same way.

TheRedKnight - 2016-03-19

+Something Something Different dialect then your own.

Something Something - 2016-03-22

No, when something is ACTUALLY called/pronounced a certain way - you're meant to read it the same way - it's not a dialect thing, it's you saying it wrong.

Alexey Leontev - 2019-11-07

Why not using the simple deflegmator and reflux condenser

TMoD7007 - 2016-03-19

Why don't you get a temperature control or build one?

Diego Crescente - 2016-03-19

Could the yield be increased by protecting the OH group?

marcofico1 - 2016-03-19

+Diego Crescente probably but it would require another 2 steps (protection and deprotection). Phenol is such a cheap compound that if you really need it you should just buy it. This is a nice demonstration for small quantities. Ciao

aetius31 - 2016-03-19

Nice vid! But are you sure it is a good idea to put the phenol in a bottle container (especially with such a small opening)?
 getting it out will be a pain again

BackYard Science 2000 - 2019-11-11

With such a low melting point (104°f) all he would have to do is hold it under some hot water and liquify it to get it out of the bottle.