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Chemical exhibit: White flames

Rhodanide - 2016-10-19

Hexamine, Nitromethane, Magnesium and Isopropyl nitrite burning. Enjoy! c:

Rhodanide - 2020-03-12

I remastered this video a year or two ago, check it out! Much better than this one. https://youtu.be/dmL25tlzhj4

explosivefreak666 - 2017-08-10

Cool.!! A Ghostly flame.. LOVING IT.!!

Rhodanide - 2017-08-10

explosivefreak666 Thanks mate

Åłęrtツ - 2019-11-25

It's actually the hottest flame

Beena - 2019-12-17

@Åłęrtツ yes..

drag enterprises k - 2017-09-14

Thank you for uploading this video. It was very useful to me

Rhodanide - 2017-09-14

drag enterprises k Well, great!

Sie GekLian - 2020-07-03

Yap ☺️☺️

piranha031091 - 2017-06-22

So, what makes those flames white? Emission lines from nitrogen-containing species?

Rhodanide - 2017-06-23

piranha031091 Likely! I think that this theory is further supported by the fact that the white spectrum intensity decreases as the size of the molecule attached to the Nitrite increases. I.e. Methyl > Ethyl > Isopropyl > Butyl > Amyl > Cyclohexyl > Dodecyl > etc.

Eric - 2020-06-09

@Rhodanide I'm a bit late, but from my personal research the cause of this flame would be due to an emission spectra subdivided along the entire visible spectrum, so I suspect that nitrogen is the suspect here since having emission in all wavelengths would require excitation and relaxation at multiple levels, and we know that Nitrogen is good at stabilizing formal charges (as in when an electron exites to a higher state, it gets farther from the nucleus so the nucleus induces a partial positive charge) The key thing here seems to be either erratic excitation (different levels all at once) or a slower relaxation of electrons (passes through multiple wavelengths before completely relaxing again)

Larry Bauzon - 2019-11-01

I hope you make some more videos i just love it! ^_^

Rhodanide - 2019-12-05

More videos on what exactly? I've been uploading at least once a month so far.

I'm Man - 2020-11-22

Finally, I FOUND THE REAL "White Flames" video, thx dude

justine gomez - 2020-11-30

Lol i looked for it so i could use it as zippo fuel. Im bored with a regular flame

squishenn - 2018-12-06

this made me subscribe :0

Rhodanide - 2018-12-06

Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Welcome! :)

KGero478 - 2017-07-28

So pretty! Wonderful!

Rhodanide - 2017-08-14

KGero478 Thanks!

Ellan Cahaya Amino - 2018-12-15

Woow amazing

Rhodanide - 2018-12-15

Thank you!

Superb Succulent - 2020-10-19

i just love this video i dont know why
i love fire 🦐🦐🦐

Rhodanide - 2020-10-19

🦐 ?

Superb Succulent - 2020-10-19

@Rhodanide i just really like the shrimp emoji

Rhodanide - 2020-10-19

@Superb Succulent 🦐🧡

Cool Man - 2019-07-01

Cool cool

OrcaRoomeii - 2018-07-24


Rhodanide - 2018-07-24

Ryust Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Chocobo Koay - 2020-03-03


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The Dark Abyss King of Destruction - 2021-02-03

Nice work

Rhodanide - 2021-02-03

Thanks! :]

Deonex - 2020-07-07

Hexamine huh? Someone call the FBiIes

Andrew Villalobos - 2020-07-27

RDX, HMTD, and HTDD (I think was the abbreviation, it's another organic peroxide) :)

Rhodanide - 2020-08-31

I haven't had Hexamine for years now. Was cool stuff to do organic reactions with. I'd like to revisit some Hexamine chem at some point.

Good vibes - 2020-12-08

thats actually kind of a blue flame but its light so appears almost white which means COMPLETE combustion is taking plave but great vid mate

Rhodanide - 2021-02-04

Yeah, I don't think there's a flame that's truly one color. Lots of other stuff showing up on the spectrum I imagine but who knows :p

Laboratory of Liptakov - 2017-03-23

From 2:47...pretty cool and nice flame....good work...thumb up...Dr.

Tom's Lab - 2019-02-13

Disliked for shaky camera

Rhodanide - 2019-03-23

w0w s0 r00d :v