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Making uranium glass

NileRed - 2020-02-15

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WARNING: Working with uranium and radioactive material is dangerous, and this video is for entertainment/educational purposes only. Please don't try and repeat what you see. Also, when the project is done, the waste needs to be dealt with and handled properly. On my second channel, NileBlue, I show what I did with it and you can check it out here: https://youtu.be/7ZUqSncJ5U0

For this project, I'll be making radioactive uranium glass, which was very popular 100 years ago. Under a blacklight, the uranium in it fluoresces to give off a nice green color. 

Applied Science: https://www.youtube.com/user/bkraz333
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Frozen June - 2020-02-16

"Special waste container:"
The neighbors trashcan.

Juicy342YT - 2020-12-18

@Sausage Bros r/itswhooooshwith4os

Polski Developer - 2020-12-23

69 thousand like

convergence clown - 2020-12-27

@CommonApathy of course, he’s doing this on YouTube. You think he gets paid enough to take perfect care of this uranium.

Infini_Ryu - 2021-03-11

Lol, if he dumped it at the beach it wouldn't even be detectable with all of the other radioactive isotopes in the sand.

GodPanda - 2021-03-12

@Michael Johnson ._.

Fluffy the neko - 2020-12-19

I love how this youtuber is so relatable, I haven't made uranium glass before just like him

watermelon - 2021-03-09

@Doc Holladay007 i can make acid and im not as good as him at chemistry so i think he can do it too

James Davenport - 2021-03-09

Delete tour channel

CarFreak - 2021-03-16

Bro ur name just like mine lol

CarFreak - 2021-03-16

My name Jacob clement bro who tf put a y after Jacob or a S in clement wtf bro

ExplodingSteve - 2021-03-22

i make CO2 all the time

cool right?

SkyGameZ - 2021-01-14

I like how he listed “can’t make bombs” under cons lis

Riot! - 2021-02-02


DesertRACER 619 - 2021-02-27

And no nukeular energy

nerd-chan - 2021-03-11

well yeah, who DOESNT wanna nuke their enemies?

Infini_Ryu - 2021-03-11

@nerd-chan A lot of countries, apparently. It's actually really easy to get nukes, you don't even need to build nuclear reactors, but most countries don't want them or have nuclear allies. Any country willing to spend some GDP on nuclear research can dig uranium out of the ground, enrich it to weapons grade in centrifuges, and voila--You're a nuclear power. That's how North Korea got theirs, without a single reactor.

Hence why the argument for less reactors to stop bomb proliferation is utter nonsense, it's actually the complete opposite. Ironically, 10% of the energy created by US reactors is from old soviet warheads bought from Russia, rather reactors have done the most to stop proliferation.

nerd-chan - 2021-03-12

@Infini_Ryu yeah ik. i meant civilian wise. *nukes my 5th grade bully*

XXhyper GamerXX - 2020-12-26

Cons: can’t make bombs... yes clearly this man has his priorities straight

ECZPlaysGames YT - 2021-02-04

123 likes I don’t want to ruin it sorry

Wednesday - 2021-02-04

@ECZPlaysGames YT you good now, it's over

Hausevult - 2021-02-13


Super Sophisticated - 2021-01-15

normal: "world war 2 was very, very horrible because of the mass killings and treacheries of war."

nile: "world war 2 was a bit sucky cause they took all the uranium for weapons instead of uranium glass.."

Eggs Benedict - 2020-02-16

“The government doesn’t really like it when you show how to refine uranium on the internet.” Damn my Saturday plans are ruined

Martin Rustan - 2021-02-16

We’re on a watchlist! (In sing song voice)

lmao tuf - 2021-02-16

@Δημήτρης Κυρκου what are you planning... lemme in

Jeffery Bartlett - 2021-02-26

i know right

SAM JARIRI - 2021-03-04

@Blim The Toolman what is a us radioactive agency

Random Youtuber097 - 2021-03-07

Hihlog John m pp

Espen André - 2020-12-26

10:03 - By keeping it slightly wet. I was able to apply it to a burger as mustard and serve it to a guy i dont like.

Mister AAA - 2021-03-01

@RF _N not a nuclear reactor more like a corpse

Aditya Gupta - 2021-03-03

that's best use of sodium urinate

crazy4bricks the brick brothers - 2021-03-12


Rat - 2021-03-18

@crazy4bricks the brick brothers permitted mustard 🤫

crazy4bricks the brick brothers - 2021-03-18

@Rat E V I L M U S T A R D

Jotaro Kujo - 2020-12-19

“I didnt want to let off any death clouds”
11:29 shaking the bottle full of dry uranium with the cap off

Infini_Ryu - 2021-01-18

It has about the chemical toxicity of lead, so it should be avoided, but it's not exceptionally toxic compared to other things people can handle.

Sophia Astatine - 2021-01-18

@Notthe Bees Let's be real. All of us want some death cloud at some point of every day.

Notthe Bees - 2021-01-18

@Sophia Astatine but you have to resist bro

Sophia Astatine - 2021-01-18

@Notthe Bees Yes. Never give in to the temptations of heavy metal poisoning. No matter how hard they say it rocks.

karenate - 2021-03-11

@Mac H. dang lol

Paul _ - 2021-01-03

Hey honey, i drank the ice tea you left on the table :3
Him: T h e w h a t ?!

Cho - 2021-02-27


John Westmoreland - 2020-12-21

2:04 “it’s missing the isotope to generate nuclear power and can’t make a nuclear weapon...” well then it’s useless to me.

Mutrix - 2020-12-23

Aww man i just wanted an nuclear reactor but government is against free power ;(

?stormii_wastaken¿ - 2020-12-28


karenate - 2021-03-11

we all 76

blkmgk16 - 2021-03-15

In Minecraft*

Roblox - 2020-02-16


"It can't make nuclear bombs."

Dani K - 2020-02-17

@Anthony N. I knew that those maple loving people can't be trusted, eh?

Huh, I didn't say eh-

Jack Armstrong - 2020-02-18

PerseusPlayZ pros?

Mr. Trox - 2020-03-31

@Technetium 47 It is my god given right to make a dirty bomb if I damn well please. Now excuse me as i go looking for Strontium-19.

The Waterleaf - 2020-03-31

@Tasha Chan chaotic good, neutral or evil?

Infini_Ryu - 2021-03-11

@Mr. Trox Strontium 90. And dirty bombs are pretty silly.

Papilionidae - 2021-02-20

"When it's dry like this though, it has a tendency to give off dust and powder which is obviously horrible to breath in."
Shakes container without a cap

Hecc Mann - 2021-01-12

"You could get heavy metal poisoning"

Heavy metal music stops

Mix Zombo - 2020-12-23

“What I didn’t like was the tiny shards or uranium glass shooting everywhere”

Continues to break glass shooting it everywhere

Tomoki Sakurai - 2021-03-02

he is like: "it would be really dangerous, if the dust would fly into the air"
me seeing that cloud of uranium @17:33.. ouch!

Todd McQuiston - 2020-02-15

“I’d never worked with uranium before, so I figured I would follow the instructions.” Good plan.

CHARLES 13X - 2020-11-01

@Silky Ilkay flux capacitor

PlaneSIMple - 2020-11-01


Prerana daha - 2020-11-05


Brian Coleman - 2020-12-02

"Cons: -can't make bombs" Kim Jong-un hates this.

NightSkyACC /\ - 2020-12-26


John Westmoreland - 2020-12-21

0:48 “so the glass itself is only minorly radioactive.” (cuts to him drinking out of glowing green cup). LOL

Daniel Steger - 2021-02-27

I know it’s a joke but how do you think that just because it’s glowing it’s really radioactive

Infini_Ryu - 2021-02-27

Well the thing about Fiesta ware is that the uranium doesn't actually leave the glass, and radioactive particles can't stick to anything, they simply decay. Unless you actually ate the glass, you won't become radiated. So it's entirely safe to drink from uranium glass.

Heck, this glass is less radioactive than beach sand, and people consume a ton of that crap through sea water when they swim.

Harry Anderson Egbert - 2021-03-07

@Infini_Ryu man i'm craving some uranium glass now.

eedd sdsd - 2021-03-07

uranium is an alpha emitter with a few weak gammas. You will get chemical poisoning long before radiation problems.

Call me Val - 2021-01-09

Ahh, another episode of "Videos that put NileRed on a FBI watchlist"

Nala - 2021-03-18

All of us is now under the watchlist, I am afraid :-))

Химия – Просто - 2021-03-04

2 года назад это снимал

Daniel Geer - 2020-12-18

You should do a video all about how you clean your equipment after stuff like this. I'm sure the process of cleaning is just as intensive if not more so than making the product.

cynthia cels - 2020-12-31

he has videos like this on his second channel, NileBlue !

Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist - 2020-02-15

Drinking from a uranium glass?

You’ll probably get atomic ache.

Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist - 2021-01-18

@Sophia Astatine thank you

PhoenixUltraMotive - 2021-02-12

You're a genius for saying that... but...

Get out.

Eyron Hiciano Ortega - 2021-02-18

No its little uranium so it will not do efect

Eyron Hiciano Ortega - 2021-02-18

@PhoenixUltraMotive what cha say to her little shit

Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist - 2021-02-18

@Eyron Hiciano Ortega No, it's a pun

Jackbenv - 2020-12-31

Ah yes, the forbidden lemonade

Riot! - 2021-02-02


Gavin Goes Gaming - 2021-02-28

Yeah, ImARandomDudeOnTheInternet pretty sure piss is always forbidden

Riot! - 2021-02-28

@Gavin Goes Gaming Wait, so it’s not a sweet drink?

karenate - 2021-03-11

@Riot! ayo-

Jethro23 - 2021-01-25

Iranian and North Korean Government: "Hmm interesting." *Furious note taking.

Vroom Vroom - 2020-12-24

Breathing while watching this video was extremely difficult

Tin Novosel - 2021-01-27

Dont worry cobalt is a common slighty radioactive and toxic metal that you can find on the surface of the earth that is also atracted by magnets ;D

Also you can find potasium which is a explosive and radioactive metal in bananas :/

Ok thx for listening to my bland facts

Vroom Vroom - 2021-01-28

@Tin Novosel you mean I can commit war crimes with bananas??

Tin Novosel - 2021-01-29

@Vroom Vroom well. If you cook the banana peel to remove the water and then burn it you can get about 0.45 uSv/h from it

FilthyCasul - 2021-02-16

@Tin Novosel you're better off just extracting the potassium and making a bomb with it tho ;)

karenate - 2021-03-11

thank you very useful

Dizzydude - 2021-01-21

"Only beta and gamma radiation can escape the jar" holds jar in hand

nerd-chan - 2021-03-11

*only*. adjectives, ppl, adjectives.

Dizzydude - 2021-03-11

@nerd-chan :O

Excaliburner - 2020-05-17

dust: is toxic
Nile: hehehe orange Shakey Shakey bottle

Bagel - 2020-08-01

Haha Geiger counter go kckckckckkkckckckkckckkckkck

Alex Buchanan - 2020-08-03

@Mostlyharmless1985 Uranium is a heavy metal like lead or mercury. Uranium oxide (aka yellowcake) is okayish to be around, so long as you limit exposure to 24 hrs over 2 months (assuming nothing between you and the UO like glass or lead). Just don't eat Uranium or its derivatives, it's a double dose of f*kery from both the heavy metal and the radioactivity, but the heavy metal aspect is actually more harmful. For instance depleted uranium is used as a super dense, super hard metal in bullet tips for armor piercing rounds. The problem with this is not so much from the radioactivity, but from the heavy metal poisoning in areas where it's used.

Kaveli - 2020-08-04

@Alex Buchanan you should make a informational Channel man

Yolk Those Nuts - 2021-02-28

fr he complained about the dust the entire video and then did everything in his power to make more dust

Esman - 2021-03-07

put it in a pipe and smoke it

Justin Webber - 2020-12-19

Watching you grind that uranium is giving me anxiety.

Computenol - 2020-12-23

9:30 "So instead, I carefully took out the coffee filter"
He just some uranium water on the table.

Mark M - 2021-01-02

Everything was cleaned up after and put into his box of uranium waste. I know he could have been more careful with that.

ECZPlaysGames YT - 2021-02-04


andrew__welsh - 2020-12-22

A few years later, has a kid. It comes out glowing green.

Infini_Ryu - 2021-01-18

@Jaffa Calling lmao. With a name like that, I can imagine.

But I was being facetious, this Uranium Glass is absolutely harmless. The only danger is ingesting the uranium during making it because it acts like lead, or if you drop it on your toe. You get 20-50 mSv/hr from black sand at the beach, over 5 times the radiation from the glass he made.

Jaffa Calling - 2021-01-19

@Infini_Ryu That's good to know because I had a small collection sitting a foot and a half away from my desk for years lol.

Infini_Ryu - 2021-01-20

@Jaffa Calling Yeah, people still use the linear no-threshold hypothesis to determine the danger of radiation, which has been debunked. The idea is that any radiation above normal is dangerous, but none of the data really shows that.

That makes the international limit the normal background radiation, so we evacuate people based on that. Little do they tell you that there are cities and beaches that are more radioactive than many parts of Chernobyl. Heck, flying commercial exposes you to 40x background, but people have no fear of radiation when flying. We say that Chernobyl killed thousands and risked billions of people, but in reality it only killed 40 and was too dilute to kill billions of people.

Fletcher Ross - 2021-03-08

Because green water?

karenate - 2021-03-11


The Bandit - 2020-12-17

17:23 Ah, so that’s how Cheeto dust is made.

Riot! - 2021-02-02

@R. Blaise Rasmussen r/woooosh

ECZPlaysGames YT - 2021-02-04

@Hridakshi Pareek and into the Minecraft world

sourcreampringles - 2021-02-25

@R. Blaise Rasmussen New Vocabulary! Joke!

R. Blaise Rasmussen - 2021-02-25

I know I t is a joke

Josiah Martinez - 2021-03-02

@R. Blaise Rasmussen ok buddy

amronass - 2020-12-22

nile’s hand movements look like ratatouille is pulling his hair

Lilith Sahl - 2021-01-12


Mattis - 2021-02-01

It's called Ratatouille's monster

Riot! - 2021-02-02

@Timothy Van Kuiken it’s Remy.

amronass - 2021-02-04

@Riot! it's urMum

Riot! - 2021-02-04

@amronass wow, so funny,

StopThisBoii - 2020-12-21

5:38: I would hate to be poisoned with Heavy Metal (🤘)

Andreas Obama - 2021-02-13

l e a v e

Pingier - 2021-03-15

I was looking through the comments to find someone who thought of the same thing. 17 mins of searching later and i found this comment.

Elfin Dreamer - 2021-01-04

"Where did you acquire fissile materal?"

Got it off Ebay, bro.

Danigamer 32 - 2021-02-27

"Heavy metal poisoning" that had me in tears for a minute straight. I couldn't think of anything else but an old man getin' sick from listening to heavy metal XD

mikemorr100 - 2020-02-15

"I'd like to refine uranium"

*The government is watching

unknow unknown - 2020-10-26

I cheer you make nuke

Party Almsivi - 2020-12-19


sir tokesalot - 2020-12-19

@John Benjamin Tatum man Canada's even worse, the government is scared of what they don't understand lol.

And where I'm at they keep rolling swat and dogs on people with bb guns (even on suspicion you have em in your house, they'll raid you)

malik faisal nazeer - 2020-12-26

Yes u right ...f.b.I want

Shane Warne - 2020-12-28

Yeah, right...

Pedro Leão - 2020-12-20

The censorship over uranium refinement made me sad. Democracy, they say.

Hey Gek - 2020-12-24

yeah, most people would agree uranium refinement shouldn't be accessible, so it actually is democratic

Zac Roebuck - 2020-12-26

@Mix Zombo it's the centrifuge that's the difficult but btw, turns out spinning a ton of molten Uranium at 100+ rpm is tough. That's what Iran struggles with and is what the US hacked a while back

manw3bttcks - 2020-12-30

@Zac Roebuck- "spinning a ton of molten Uranium at 100+ rpm is tough"
Zippe Centrifuges don't work on molten uranium, they work on gaseous UF6

Compressed Depression - 2021-01-13

Democracy means the majority decides. If the majority agrees that uranium refinement should be censored, it will be.

FullMetal - 2021-01-15

It is not censored, you can actually find the process written over the internet, or in a university library. The problem with videos is that books actually need some intelligence to read and the written instructions and calculations need some actual knowledge. The video makes it awfully accessible, with the scale and calculations done for you. And since it is very hazardous, this knowledge should not be accessible.

Literal Lace - 2021-02-21

I love how he like “I need to be very careful to not get radioactive dust everywhere” and then on the other hand is like “oh sodium hydroxide, how much? Well let’s say 30% by weight”

Esther Lucas - 2020-12-27

16:46 "After doing it just once, I was definetely by no means a pro with making glass, but I felt that I was ready to get uranium involved".

frankieromustdie - 2021-03-07

"it kind of looked like flour"

right flour thats def what i was thinking too -- not .. not sniffy powder...

echalone - 2020-02-15

"I never made glass before, so let's make uranium glass"

eurus kreacatoa - 2020-03-17

@Naz Shey and then sends a cyborg chick to save me from a shape shifting terminator

eurus kreacatoa - 2020-03-17

@ًSomething with Bungalow with white sauce

XtreeM FaiL - 2020-03-18

At least it is not led.

The Tutorialist - 2020-04-01

hard stuff first, screw the easy crap

『Crying Water』 - 2020-04-05

A big leap. From Earth to the Stars

Nathanael Hutchison - 2021-01-13

"and it kind of looked like flour" hmm yes flour...

Comfortable Sofa - 2021-01-22

Anyone else notice how his hands go in the same pattern everytime he talks? Lol

Turtle Back - 2021-02-05

Love how he’s wearing a Bobby Duke shirt. That’s fantastic

Andreas Obama - 2021-02-12

prank idea cover some blank cheetos with this powder and laugh at people after they eat it before then informing them that they have 6 months to live before they die of gastrointestinal cancer... p r a n k e d

salamiflavoredlacroix - 2020-12-07

im just wondering what his search history looks like because it must be insane, I mean seriously

"uranium for sale"
"uranium glass"
"diamond carbonated water for sale"
"toilet paper alcohol"
"how to make carcinogens"

Heavy0331 - 2021-01-11

@Soarimg i use TailsOS

Qimodis - 2021-01-24

not 'how to make carcinogens' just one

Danielm - 2021-01-28

Fr same here

Vitobru - 2021-02-19

@Heavy0331 epic

SapphireRush - 2021-02-26

After I research stuff like this I usually also search "Mr. CIA agent, I'm just curious, please don't take me away". I haven't been taken away yet, so I guess this is working.

S V - 2021-01-19

"I've been wanting to work with uranium for a while"

Peter Wang - 2020-12-27

Thank you for doing this as I could never find similar videos on the internet.

Mr.Ratticus - 2020-12-20

Im just imagining him, in his monotone voice saying, wewd.

John Westmoreland - 2020-12-21

20:36 thought you were going to say “but when i went to check on them in the morning, they were gone.” lol

The Memegeneer - 2020-02-16

Nile: this dust is extremely toxic that’s why I’m keeping it in a container

*shakes the bottle without a top

Jason Clouse - 2020-10-06

FolstrimHori Once it’s embedded in glass it’s safe to handle. You just don’t want to be inhaling the dust. I’m pretty sure he was wearing protective equipment while working on it for that reason.

Bobby - 2020-10-10

@Josh Symonds - that guy is crazy - 17:31
he'll have uranium dust everywhere including his lungs.

Vincenzo - 2020-10-11

@FolstrimHori you should subscribe to cody's lab, while nile tries to take every precaution cody probably actively tries to kill himself

Junho Lee - 2020-10-25

@Bobby Lmao that is done in the hood, harmful dusts should be absorbed there.

Химия – Просто - 2020-10-27

I'll just leave it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poyUuXYt704