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This Toy Can Open Any Garage

Veritasium - 2018-09-19

Or almost any garage - it's particularly good with fixed code gates and garages. Samy proposes other weaknesses with rolling codes.
This video was sponsored by LastPass: http://bit.ly/2oscAe9

I don't condone malicious hacking of gates, garages or other property. The point of this video was to discuss how it could be done using fairly basic technology like this toy that was originally intended as an instant messaging device. I learned a lot in making this video about how codes are sent and received, how they are encrypted or not encrypted. I found out how hard it is to execute in practice something which in principle doesn't seem that difficult.

Special thanks to Samy! His original videos on using the IM ME to open radio frequency garages and gates can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/s4myk
He's got a really cool channel so be sure to subscribe if you're interested in this stuff.

Music from http://epidemicsound.com "Critical thinking 2" "I think I was there" "Magnified X 3"

And music by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com "Marty Gots a Plan"

II - 2018-09-19

Now we all have to upgrade the security of our three-garage mansions.

tommi karsikas - 2019-12-02

Damn you science

Sarah Bovee - 2019-12-20


Magnus Juul - 2020-01-27

Yeah. wtf how does he afford that?!?

Magnus Juul - 2020-01-27

@Trekeyus Well it's quite a small niche of people who're actually interested in that stuff and/or cares about. Like it's probably 1/100000 people who cares about stuff like that.

Sheldon Edwardson - 2020-02-11

Somebody remind me in at least two years to eat my pasta.

Vaibhav Tripathi - 2019-10-21

Me: Installs Last Pass
Hacker: Okay, now I have to crack only one password

A K T - 2020-02-25

@fudge nuggert sippinslide youre not very smart.. at all. Lmao

fudge nuggert sippinslide - 2020-02-27

@A K T ..thanks sweet heart. Im sure that means a lot coming from whoever t f u r. And thus my self esteem is now low is shall shall crumble and slowly dissolve.. gooooooood byyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee..... Or not.. cuz I have unlimited lives in this game.. look up the word sarcasm.. if you need help spelling it. It is L. O. S. T. O. N. Y. O. U. btw your borderline is showing..no big deal.

Seth Adkins - 2020-03-13

@fudge nuggert sippinslide just send me the virus link.

fudge nuggert sippinslide - 2020-03-14

@Seth Adkins I may be easy but... .. hmm.. ... ... . ... ok why not ..

Harrison - 2020-03-17

fudge nuggert sippinslide stoopid

shhh nubss - 2019-06-09

And now imagine forgetting the password for lastpass..

RTG - 2019-12-18

@Misaka Mikoto

No, i dont have a bigger problem to worry about than my keys when my house is burgled.

Shit Bags - 2019-12-31

I copy my password in note pad and leave it on a book shelf full of bs books I dont read or you can put it in your wallet

David N - 2020-01-04

Does Veritasium actually use LastPass?

-][][- - 2020-01-16

U could try asking the NSA, intel, Symantec, Google....

Zai - 2020-03-12

I did...

Hasan Ali - 2019-02-15

"An average person has at least 200 accounts"

Well then I must not be average

Just_In _Drawing - 2020-03-17

He looks like elon musk

Samuel Xu - 2020-03-17

most likely those click farmer people. (they get 1$ per 100~1000 clicks)

Everything Dibs - 2020-03-18

There must be one person in there with 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 accounts that screwed up the statistic

Creepsington - 2020-03-20

200 accounts? i have like 30 tops

Creepsington - 2020-03-20

@Volvith in that case, there's probably some guy with 48 passwords for every applicable site on the internet

Altruait987 - 2019-05-10

Weird house flex but ok

Toxic Masculinity - 2019-11-10

Nice amount of likes

Frey Vestergaard - 2020-01-09

You think he needs to go to a friend's house to record a video?

Mr. Nice Man - 2018-10-17

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Davis - 2019-04-10


Vendy Bird Švadl - 2019-05-27

Is also ironic that He got sponored by lastpass

whenwillmakeupagoodname - 2019-06-15

Thieves know this. It's regular people who don't.
Similarly, if you have a shitty lock a thief will open it regardless whether there are videos on YouTube about it. But if YOU watch those you may think about changing it.

Lord Applesauce - 2019-07-30

Butt Why?? /r/ whoosh

Some Nerd - 2019-11-29

@Lord Applesauce r/poeslaw

Aseki Bekovy - 2019-03-09

my garage door uses one bit.
But I won't tell you whether it's 0 or 1 ;))))

Steel Racer - 2019-11-07

But if you use hexadecimal then you can have 0-9 and A-F

Alexsei Borda - 2019-11-16

trick question. it's a tristate, so its Z

JS Studio's - 2019-12-14

If u wanted to know 0 = off and 1 = on so it must be 1.

ReefleksPlayz - 2020-02-21


Potter Plays - 2020-03-18

@JS Studio's But is on closed?

BlankBrain - 2018-09-30

I remember that when I visited my great-grandmother in 1968, sometimes her garage door would open when military jets flew over.

MKA667 - 2019-10-21

​@O ROUABAH Actually, I'm not gonna say that I'd expect a device from that time to have been developed around a shift register, but I absolutely wouldn't expect anything being 7-10 years newer to have been using something that simple either.
Early dedicated encoders/decoders appeared just some years later: I found a datasheet (check the second PDF on https://www.datasheetarchive.com/MM5320-datasheet.html - direct links don't work) showing that the MM53200 already existed at least in 1982 (14 years later, I know), and that's just a datasheet, the IC is, AFAIK, much older, like middle 70s.
I cannot believe that someone was still using a simple shift register to develop a decoder in the 80s, and, indeed, some of the remotes we see coming out of the bag in the video seems to belong to the 70s...

Joey Starr - 2019-10-24

@O ROUABAH maybe it just wasn't available in your country. You would be amazed to know how long phones and cars has been around. Try Google if available in your area.
Just joking of course, don't take this the wrong way

Aaron H - 2019-11-23

I remember when my grand daughter's pet rock used to order chinese whenever 8 dogs barked at the same time.

Tony T - 2020-01-19

Those pilots.. tsk tsk.. IM'in each other with their Mattels..😒

fudge nuggert sippinslide - 2020-02-09

I remember when my Tamagotchi would crack my middle school locker combo when it died!

or maybe i just smoked too much herb then forgot to close my locker and forgot about the digi waste-o-time.

Omar Yassin - 2019-11-29

It opens the "DOOR" to other issues 😂😂

I like his expression

Hypercube9 - 2018-09-19

I have a brick that can open any window!!

Toxic Masculinity - 2019-11-10

@Blox117 I have something called a blowtorch

AIDEN MITCHELL - 2019-12-03

Botw ITB I have a screwdriver that can open anything

William Mielenz - 2019-12-12

Sounds like the voice of experience.

AIDEN MITCHELL - 2019-12-12

William Mielenz 😂 I was on about the sonic screwdriver

Blockcamp - 2020-02-13


Marina Antolín Murillo - 2019-06-08

Ooohhh this is the guy who hacked myspace right?

fj - 2019-06-16

Yes he is

A Person - 2019-08-10

Yeah. Now he will get arrested for accidentally hacking everybody's garage.

DorianDotSlash - 2019-06-16

Thanks for this! My neighbour has lots of cool stuff in his garage. Just ordered one! ;)

Celtic Springs - 2019-09-24


mineshaft 121 - 2019-11-21

Oh no, you didn't did you?

William Conlin - 2019-11-25

Dorian did you forget? I got level 2 security.

Shit Bags - 2019-12-31

But you dont know how to program it

SyntaxTerr0r - 2019-05-31

4:35 the TOTAL number of codes is 4096, so it would take 262 seconds to try ALL the codes.
The door would probably open before.

Ahri - 2019-06-18

that's less than 5 minutes

flowjob - 2019-08-19

@Ahri wow, so it's less than 1/12th hour

fyukfy - 2019-11-27

@flowjob wow, so that's less than 263 seconds

Jörg W Mittag - 2019-12-09

To be precise, the expected time given an equal distribution of codes would be that you have to try on average half of the codes.

Query Delacroix - 2019-04-06

You threw in that last part so people wouldn't try breaking into your house.

Chris Manning - 2019-05-22

This man speaks truth.

chargermopar - 2018-09-25

Good luck breaking in my garage. I have no lock on the door, no power opener and so much junk inside that no one can pass.

Krzeszny - 2019-10-17

@spiciestt how is that a garage?

Shit Bags - 2019-12-31

Mine is padlocked

Bethany Davis - 2020-01-07

Except a latch, you'll need your hand for that.

-][][- - 2020-01-16

Dont forget to factor in risk (likelihood) when calculating a score for a hazard.
Yea, we could be attacked by biological weapons, sure. But currently, chances are it won’t happen so I’ll leave the gas mask at home today....

The concurrent events that need to take place for you to find yourself requiring to exit your burning dwelling via the garage door are so highly unlikely for someone who lives in and knows their house, that your comment makes you sound like that bitching mootch that never has anything positive to say about others and thinks they are smarter than everyone else.

Sam Linton - 2020-01-31

10000 min.

Kettlesimulator - 2019-06-01

me: looks out window to every garage in my neighbourhood
"it's fun time"

TheGastlyGamer - 2019-07-10


TheRedEncryption - 2019-07-11

use lastpass to store your lastpass password so you won't have to remember your lastpass password

Zach - 2018-11-05

A video about hacking into stuff that begins with an advertisement for a product to keep all your passwords in one place.
Nothing suspicious about that at all.

caezar - 2019-02-18

"This is my Facebook password" "This is my Google password" "This is my Twitter password"
These are all strong and unique passphrases :p
Of course someone might see the trend, so you could encrypt them with a simple system.

Marco Grubert - 2019-03-04

@caezar Except all those passwords would get rejected as "insecure" because they have no numbers or special characters. :(

caezar - 2019-03-04

@Marco Grubert It's so stupid to enforce numbers and special characters in 2019. People that aren't worried about password security will just go with "password@123", it's barely a small inconvenience for modern password crackers; while 4-words long passphrases have been shown to be quite effective and easier to remember.

Najwa Laylah - 2020-01-05

@caezar You think those are unique? I know someone who uses those.

caezar - 2020-01-05

@Najwa Laylah "Unique" means you'd not be using the same exact password for all your services; although that specific pattern could be recognized easily

Jesse Sullivan - 2019-03-04

What kind of bourgeois gated community do you live in?

Farhan Yousaf - 2019-12-17

@Daniel Laverde I'm moving to TX!

Demef - 2020-01-10

Once you have 6.6M subscribers: "any damned bourgeois gated community I want to live in!"

fudge nuggert sippinslide - 2020-01-13

Only the bourgeoisiest of the bourgeoisiest!

bebebj137 - 2020-02-06

Jealous much?

Shirley Knot - 2020-02-09

Farhan Yousaf I wouldn’t bother, poor people in TX dont have them..

Cleetus - 2018-09-19

That’s Samy kamkar he was banned from using any computer with internet access in 3 years for hacking MySpace lol

grey99p - 2020-02-07

@IamIUareU Again, he wasn't allowed on computers not just the internet. Also, the internet has been public since 1991. I guess you may not have had it but it certainly wasn't pre-internet. Also how are you supposed to keep up to date on new code advances without the internet? Also what constitutes as a good programmer? If they don't use the internet then I highly doubt that they are. "Good" programming is generally about speed, safety, and general efficiency all of which require you to be familiar with public libraries and use something similar to GitHub. As "good" as they may be there is no reason to program everything from scratch for every project.

IamIUareU - 2020-02-07

@grey99p first of all, internet become widespread in my region around 2002-2003, before 1998 there was only 56kbps dial-up internet here that was only provided to companies or ngo's and the government, till 2006 there were only handful of people that had internet (i had internet at home since 1998 dial-up, then in 2001 i switched to adsl and in 2010 to cable internet), so yeah i am talking about my country and region not about global...

speed in programming is irrelevant, its only relevant if you are "office robot" and you are forced to "fast print" projects so that your boss and owner can get rich and you can pay your bills... thats not good programming, thats resourcefulness...

you cant talk about security if your software is based on someones else libraries, your software will be as secure as the weakest in security library that you are using in your project...

general efficiency, again your software will be as efficient as the weakest optimized library that you are using...

to be clear, at the moment i am working the way you are explaining too, in a company where we are "fast printing" projects for money, but thats not good programming, thats resourcefulness...

good programmers were the people who were writing and developing the libraries and systems that we are using today, nowadays we are all only "copy-paste office robots", just like those people working on factory lines... i do low level firmware development as a hobby nowadays to get out of that monotony...

the real good programming happens when someone says "you cant program that, its impossible" and you accept the challenge...

grey99p - 2020-02-07

@IamIUareU Uh so you didn't get it at all. Safety isn't security. If someone designs a library then you don't have to spend the time making sure every test case the library goes through doesn't fail. That's what safe code is not security but making sure your code doesn't fail on its own. Speed isn't just about pumping as much code as you can, it's about being able to work on the parts of the code you actually need to work on. When making a car people didn't invent the wheel. That comes back to what you say as well. These libraries that were designed in the past were also written with libraries and so on. Coding in a bubble doesn't go far and is self defeating.

vitusverden - 2020-03-13

@JaytleBee Not css, javascript

The Flash Ninja - 2020-03-22

SapphFire every time a person scrolled on to his profile (on myspace) they added him as a friend

FrozenFacade - 2019-03-07

"This toy can open any garage" Shows it opening 2 garage doors on the same house

Michael S. - 2019-07-30

The real question is, "will this work on my neighbors garage?" 😂

NanoSync - 2019-05-27

Remember when lastpass was malware installed by hamachi if you didn’t uncheck it’s box

Shatterdpixel - 2019-06-17

NanoSync lmao remember hamachi?

Yourmoms Asshole - 2019-07-05

NanoSync hamatchi is adware

Demo - 2019-09-25

@Yourmoms Asshole Nope. its a virtual private network. I used to use it to connect my network & pc, to my nephews, so we could both play FSX together. its actually a useful utility to have.
Edit:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LogMeIn_Hamachi

operation alpha - 2019-07-12

Most people don't need to open my garage door by using technology.

Most people just need to lift up the cardboard flaps.

Mostafa Alakhreety - 2019-10-09

that's similar to the Evil twin attache when hacking WiFi

John You Cant See Na - 2019-10-19

Last Pass: I can store 200 passwords for money
Chrome: Am I a joke to you ?

zsin128! - 2020-01-21

firefox too

Growtopia Mods - 2020-02-29

Using chrome to save your passwords is one of the worst thing you can do, I you go on any compromised website, like a pop up add or something like that, you can get a virus that grabs all the info from the browser. The browser doesn’t do any encryption, it’s just a plant txt file with all emails usernames passwords and credit card info

Gabriel Ko - 2019-07-21


Blake brummett - 2019-08-17

Why hasn’t this comment gotten more likes 😂

Christian Weissmuller - 2019-10-26

@Blake brummett
Cause the freed xenomorphs ate them.

Hiero Onymos - 2019-11-21

Surprised, the "incorrect" wasn't common.

cdude100 - 2019-06-15

75% of the people watching this video wouldn’t even know where to begin on hacking garage doors.

Snow Paw - 2019-07-02


W.W. - 2019-10-07

I gotsa CB with a big ole amplifier and I ain't done seen nothin it can't open. Can of Beenie weenies: opened. Preacher's daughters legs: opened. Source software: hit and miss

Kian Cameron - 2019-04-15

But what if you forget your LastPass password? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Steve Davis - 2019-07-27

i am giv'in all this garage door opener info ( only can understand the first 30 seconds of the video ) , then spend two and a half hours trying to figure out as to how you made that face thingy after the end of your comment,
good grief !

4TheRecord - 2019-10-24

@Steve Davis ( ◔ ʖ̯ ◔ )


Wonder Woman - 2019-11-02

Tattoo it on your arm camouflaged by another design. A lock, perhaps?

Ezekiel Nual - 2019-10-12

Dear Veritasium

Thank you for allowing to steal stuff from my own house


sutil Al - 2020-03-12

"the average person has ABOUT 200 accounts" that is An AD average

An average AD lies 100% of the time period.

Matt 24 - 2018-09-19

Just wait till you learn about the 300 year old key technology we use to secure our homes.

Leahpar Suidualc - 2019-06-06

@Michael Hartman .. 9000? - Could it be you are a Proto-Creationist? - On 'good ol modder erf, fa treehounded dousand yers we Ugh and then we Ugh and then i have a new waifu nd a new garage. Ugh.

Blox117 - 2019-06-06

@Leahpar Suidualc post your proof or shut your mouth. dont just assume "anything is possible hurp hur hur!" just because you are ignorant.

Shawn Pitman - 2019-07-15

@st1300 r buddy, hotels aren't meant to be THAT secure. Want an example of electronic locks you're NOT going to bypass? Bank vaults.

Oliver Taylor - 2019-08-10

@MyBrothersMario Master locks are useless, watch Bosnian Bill or the Lock picking lawyer, they literally say BOOOO and the lock opens. I know it was a comedy edition, but their still crap, I think a cable tie is more secure -it takes longer to undo lol.

Zayd Abbas - 2019-09-03

Electronic systems range from hackable by phone (mifare classic) to double key 3des encryption which is not hackable practically (as of now). Of course, physical break in is always easier...

Kawau The pond - 2019-07-13

We’re sorry, all IM-ME’s are sold out currently

Balendula - 2019-06-01

Wow, he has a huge house with 3 garage doors and a gate... Jealous.

augenbutter - 2019-08-30

1:18 back up..."if there's a password breach." so it's "hackleberry"

Don't Look At My Profile - 2018-09-27

Thanks for telling people how to steal my Ford Fiesta...

Pixel Man - 2019-05-25

can't you make a garage door open with a manual key

jojojorisjhjosef - 2018-09-19

3 garage doors and a gate, damn, youtube definitely dint demonetize Derek.

Mr Tupins - 2018-09-20

He was also wealthy prior to Youtube so there's that.

Bacopa68 - 2018-09-20

G+1121494  Yeah, lots of times recently he's said footage will be part of a documentary in Australia or Europe. That's where the bux come from. Let's just hope he doesn't get hit with retaliatory tariffs.

Veritasium - 2018-09-20

surprisingly that's not very lucrative

Matthew Watson - 2018-09-20

Then what's your secret? I could use an education in how to not be poor. Teach me, kthxbye <3

Scrotus Maximus - 2018-09-21

He also does other stuff and produces full length documentaries for tv-networks porn e.g. in Germany and France.

Jesse Stefan - 2019-07-07

This whole video is him flexing with his mansion

CarbonGlassMan - 2019-09-24

Oh whatever! What's he supposed to do, hide where he lives? It's not a mansion either.

Amellow - 2019-09-26

@CarbonGlassMan Nah that row of trees outside is the same kind that every mansion in Cali has, I swear.

CarbonGlassMan - 2019-09-26

@Amellow the same kinds of trees are in front of all different kinds of houses. He doesn't live in a mansion. He lives in a nice house. Oprah Winfrey wouldn't be caught dead living in the house like that. She lives in a mansion. I guess having part of your house in a video is a case of the video maker bragging, so long as the person watching lives in a house considered not as good or as large. This is a pathetic attitude for Americans to have.

fudge nuggert sippinslide - 2019-12-15

@CarbonGlassMan i dont care what kind of box people live in. Oprah's home choices seem not as fashionable after the apparent lack of any barriers from wildfire. Oye

mtssvnsn - 2019-12-29

"This is insane"

Fungated Plum Cake - 2019-08-01

*Forgets LastPass account password like a boss*

Xys d - 2019-06-15

Burglars: "It's free real estate"

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi - 2018-09-19

Can't hack into a garage door when you're too broke to have a garage

Honudes Gai - 2018-09-20

its it a Olympic sport to open my garage door, it has no electronics, its just huge and heavy

sabitsuki - 2018-09-21

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi
Got himmmm

Chubbysumo - 2018-09-23

better yet, in my case, I just leave my garage door opener unplugged when I know im not going to be using it or going to be not home for extended periods of time.

Mel Gibson - 2019-02-09

"Oh what a handy video to help me open my garage if I break my remote" I like the naivete. I like you.

Leahpar Suidualc - 2019-06-06

@Zes ???

SmilingIpad - 2018-10-06

Are there any resources to learn more about how the chip inside the toy was reprogrammed? It seems interesting.

Aurelius R - 2019-03-02

The chip inside is a CC1110. That's a chip made by Texas Instruments. I've used the CC3xxx series, and it's quite easy to program these chips. Assuming you know C, all you need is Code Composer Studio and a JTAG programmer. Look up the datasheet for the CC1110 and boom, you're in.

chris vighagen - 2019-03-14

SmilingIpad check out Travis Goodspeed & Michael Ossmans Tooorcon talk from 2012 on the pink pager. https://youtu.be/WGU30mF_dgM

Nexalian Gamer - 2019-06-17

Finally I can steal my neighbor's microwave!

The Rust Admin - 2019-08-29

12:27 bottom right, looks like Riccardo

Nathan Luong - 2019-06-15

the crime rate for breaking and entering exponentially increases

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke - 2018-09-19

"Opens the door to other issues.." ;-) Nice. I see what you did there

Schrader - 2018-09-19

My neighbor really does leave her garage door unlocked all the time. Not even kidding.

Penapenis - 2018-09-20

Einstein got the joke guys

Veritasium - 2018-09-20

My favorite Samy line...

TGP Gaming - 2018-09-23

The moment you think all your issues are solved..
A door opens.

Biggest Normie Ever - 2019-04-06

i door not believe it

makasiparsad - 2019-03-14

having 'just' installed garage door automation on my garage... u had me worried there, for a bit #punIntended

GianMarco Rosado - 2019-06-02

its ironic cuz hes sponsored by a security company....