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Synthesis of Copper (I) chloride without Sulfites

Rhodanide - 2017-09-04

It's been a while since I said I'd make this, but here it is! 
Regardless, please ignore the video editor shitting itself and replacing the footage of me removing the CuCl from the filter paper and putting it in the container with a still shot of the filter.

AllChemystery - 2017-09-04

Nice job! We must think on the same wavelength. One of the next videos on my list is a CuCl prep but using sodium sulfite to reduce CuCl2 my preliminary tests have worked quite well yielding a paper white product. Vacuum filtration and very fast manipulation is key. Too bad it is super prone to oxidation and doesn't stay that way for long. Unless it is ampouled under vacuum- which is no good if you plan to use it. Should be back to uploading regularly soon. I have a bad rootkit on my PC who's is resistant to removal so I'm needing to nuke and pave the system.

Rhodanide - 2017-09-04

AllChemystery Haha, yeah, we must! I'll stay tuned for your video.

Akhil the Chemist - 2018-03-13

I reacted some copper with a mix of 6.3M HCl and KNO3 it produced NO gas which reacted with air to form NO2 . After some time the green solution. Turned brown since copper and HCl were in excess and I also heated that. And when I poured that solution into my waste jar it reacted with water in the jar and produced white ppt . First I thought what the hell is this white ppt . I thought can this be CuCl so I put that brown solution in water and got a lot of white ppt . When I was filtering it it started turning green from white . Now i was confirmed that it was copper[I] chloride I took of that ppt and dissolved in ammonium hydroxide and got a blue soln due to tetraamminecopper [II] Chloride due that oxidation of some CuCl from air . I passed acetylene gas and made copper acetylide . ,Dried it in sun , as I touched a matchstick to it , it exploded in fraction of second and my hand became black. Even very small amounts(size of a grain of salt) of Cu2C2 produced explosion but explosion was small

Big Boi Neptune - 2019-01-24

Is your HCl contaminated?

Rhodanide - 2019-01-24


Big Boi Neptune - 2019-01-24

@Rhodanide In the video it looks greenish even before the copper carbonate was added, just wondering.

Rhodanide - 2019-01-24

Oh, you know what? I DO remember that! I was unsure whether it was Cu Carbonate or Phosphate that I had there, so I added some. Once I saw CO2, I just used it as-is. Hope that clarifies!

Beyblade metal and burst fights - 2019-04-16

When conc HCl is stored for long time it turns into greenish-yellow liquid,This can be remedied by adding a couple of drops of water to get a clear liquid.