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Progress Report: Succesful Sodium Production with Inexpensive Chemicals and Continuing Optimizations

NurdRage - 2018-05-19

This is a progress report on my current efforts into making sodium. This is not a standard how-to video. 

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Making sodium by the thermochemical dioxane process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCrFFVVcPUI

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David Robertson - 2018-05-19

"Despite what the name suggests, baby oil is not actually made from babies" haha

Mike Guitar - 2018-05-20

Is that synthetic oil-of-baby, or oil of synthetic-baby?

Abdega - 2018-05-21

Oh… so that’s why my homemade baby oil never worked…

Richard Hanjeleer - 2018-05-22

Abdega first dead baby joke i heard in years

Robert Price - 2018-05-24

So much for truth in advertising.

Shahin Eisawi - 2019-05-02

@firewalker actually that's a common misconception. It niether made from nor for babies. Rather it is made by babies.

TheChipmunk2008 - 2018-05-19

Love the progress report video format... Learning through failure is what makes science

rititone - 2018-05-19

Me too! Keep it on Nurd! :D

Roton - 2019-04-30

I hate your profile pic

이준성 - 2018-05-19

Today I learned that baby oil is not actually made from babies.

Karl Harvy Marx - 2018-05-19

Everyone knows fish oil isn't made from fish. It is a speciality oil meant to keep our fish from squeaking. Obviously baby oil cures squeaking babies. I really don't understand the confusion.

The Wolfsfang - 2018-05-20

Yuup, aaand WD40 is totally a lubricant too.

Dr. Mauser - 2018-05-20

Likewise for Girl Scout cookies.

NurdRage - 2018-05-19

So a quick update regarding my strike: I was able to successully appeal the strike and youtube restored the video. Like i said before, we shouldn't worry too much as this is the sort of games youtube and I play. Then they striked another video! (this time one on distilling sulfuric acid) LOL, the game continues. I'm fairly certain this will be successfully appealed as well though, so no worries.

Wan HL - 2018-05-21

but it doesn't make sense, industrial grade H2SO4 can be bought in hardware store easily. H2SO4 is of course dangerous, but it is always an important industrial chemical.

herbert owens - 2018-05-25

Mathieu Belanger-Camden f

Ayan Das - 2018-06-01

NurdRage What is the requirements for the solvent? Have you tried tertiary amines, or even primary amines, or solvents like dmso? DMSO has boiling point of 189*C and is reactive to only strongest of bases like NaH and NaNH2 (as much as I know). It should also be a frequently used chemical. Sorry for repeating.

Blueberry Apples - 2018-07-20

They're actually banning and deleting any account that posts any video linking viewers to an off-site place to view videos not on youtube now. You'll be shut down fast if you try that. Something tells me though that a tiny channel with < 2k subscribers and an image of a hacker group as your youtube landing page background isn't going to go anywhere though.

qwerty qwerty - 2019-04-13

may be glycein?
the reaction can be carried out in an old iron tank

Ryan - 2018-05-19

I think I prefer this progress report format over just seeing the more polished process.

JuryDutySummons - 2018-05-19

I agree. these videos are interesting.

Cryptonat - 2018-05-19

I fully agree. Learning from failures is important.

Basement ScienceE - 2018-05-19

The progress reports are very useful and interesting. So posting one whenever he has enough to tell us would be great, even if it´s not all about the same topic.

Then, when a project is finished, a separate video that recaps everything needed in the end is useful for anyone trying to do this later on.

Brozach - 2018-05-19

I really like the progress reports. I think they are great cause we get more interesting content and Nerd isn't killed by feeling he has to finish the project to publish.

If the ratio of progress report to finished project isn't right then people's interest will begin to wane. I also know that there wouldn't be a good ratio for every project. Big projects could have a lot more progress reports and remain interesting.

Mr B - 2018-05-20

I don't know that i need the clips released in pairs, but i do like to have both, at some point. This is more.... educational, where you get to learn why something works, and why something doesn't, while the how to, is a lot more useful, for say, actually making sodium metal.

Random Experiments Int. - Experiments and syntheses - 2018-05-19

It's nice to see the progress in this research!

Cody'sLab - 2018-05-21

Awesome stuff man!

James Fulcher - 2018-05-19

Is the dead spider at 3:46 needed for the reaction too haha

The Wolfsfang - 2018-05-20

@xenon255 that's not a bug, it's a feature.

NEprimo - 2018-05-20

This is becoming a meme among amateur YouTube chemists, I think nilered had a video of a reaction with a spider too, not too sure

Cai Francisco - 2018-05-20

i guess that spider was a prop for 《Macbeth 》 drama rehearsal... XD

smartmusicfreak - 2018-05-24

That's just Gary, the suicidal bug.

NetRolller3D - 2018-08-28

That's the argon-actinium-binitrate (ArAcHNO3) catalyst.

Nick Horvath - 2018-05-19

I'm not a chemist, but I like watching your videos. I find these exploratory experiments actually more interesting than the how-to videos.

Rich Ard - 2018-05-21

Nick Horvath same - fascinating

Francesca Pellegrino - 2018-05-19

Used to work in PTFE manufacturing environments. It's very common to etch PTFE and other fluoropolymers with a Sodium Naphthalene solution so that when you overmold onto the PTFE, it'll have a better chance of adhesion. :)

Marvin Robledo - 2019-04-30

I don't know why this amazes me so much but your comment was very informative and interesting, which is super rare on youtube somehow. Thank you!

GNU Engineering - 2018-05-19

NASA, "Failure is not an option."
This is only true in the vacuum of space. Here on ol' Terra, failure is progress.
Your willingness to openly try and fail is a boon to the human race.
Any progress is good progress.
Thank you for sharing your videos

fabricated - 2018-05-19

I really really hope YouTube doesn't keep trying to terminate your channel, I really enjoy your videos, same with Cody's Lab.

Cryptonat - 2018-05-19

Youtube is really shooting itself in the foot by trying to destroy these popular science channels. Also, @fabricated, do you watch NileRed and styropyro? I think you would enjoy them as well. There is also Keystone Science.

MisterLepton - 2018-05-19

I like Cody but he’s a huge nerd.

Barnesrino Kripperino - 2018-05-19

will you publish this? or would that break your anonymity?

SandPox - 2018-05-19

ColtaineCrows where?

Wooksley - 2018-05-19

Barnesrino Kripperino wait that’s not Kripp’s channel.

Sh4d0wch40s - 2018-05-19

One of the Kripps is one of us! We need to show Kripp the importance of Salt, especially the sodium in it.

wwwelkam - 2018-05-19

I am going to crush your expectations. He is not writing white paper on it

Alexandre C. - 2018-05-23

Well first he should be sure he is really doing something new. From what we see, nothing says it's new or just re-doing already known (or similar to) hand-made processes. To know this he should provide a detailed literature and we should double check it.. But well, we are on youtube ^^. We are not a reviewer from a journal ;)

Metalhammer1993 - 2018-05-19

"Despite it´s name baby oil is not made out of babies" i love your humor nerd. you got mew laughing after what we germans call a used day. A day whwere everything that possibly can go wrong does. Like coming late to work despite already leaving an hour earlier and gettig home at the same time as usual despite being send home 2h earlier. (i´m paid by the hour. 23 bucks gone.) and keep us on your findings with the experiments. OFC we want to see the whole process not just the seemingly perfect result

Hunter1998ice - 2018-05-19

I defenitely prefer this sort of video since it outlines te way to the solution of a problem. I can see how actual chemists may prefer a step to step tutorial on doing these reactions, however for entertainment this video format seems alot better to me. Thank you alot for making all of these videos! It does not matter what format you use it is always quite interesting to me!

alidan - 2018-05-19

I like the format that looks at failures and lists why they failed along with the thought process going forward.

RymeofDawn - 2018-05-19

Do you think that you could publish a paper on this?

The Last Lion Turtle - 2018-05-19


snowdaysrule2 - 2018-05-19

Have you considered adding a chemical water scavenger like CaO to the mineral oil / NaOH / Mg reaction mix? I recently acquired 1200g of CaO for $14 so it's not terribly expensive, and I originally bought it for use as an additive in molten NaOH electrolysis sodium production, but this reaction seems like a good one to try CaO with as well. I've got Mg on hand so may give this a try!

Leonardo Camargo - 2018-05-19

This format is great IMO.

U Wot M8 - 2018-05-20

This video shows how many failures scientists have to work through before they find a successful product or process. We should encourage such videos!

Higor Guedes - 2018-05-19

R.I.P. erlenmeyer flask

Bradyn Austin - 2018-05-19

GODDAMN BRILLIANT !!! I am loving seeing this evolution of sodium series man, L.O.V.I.N.G. IT !

Limited State - 2018-05-19

You are amazing! I really enjoyed this progress report and method. Well done!

Evan Blenkinsopp - 2018-05-19

4:29 - Could you say that the Aromatic Rings were tetramental?
I'll see myself out...

Hugo Bitard - 2018-05-19

that sphere is beautiful

Usik Kurchatov - 2018-11-14

5:22 thank you Dr. I was concerned for a minute there

Andrew Nambudripad - 2018-05-19

I love the meta analysis ("how to on the how to") maybe even more than the actual syntheses. A+++ NurdRage

cbsboyer - 2018-05-20

"From failing, you learn. From success, not so much." - Aunt Billy, Meet the Robinsons

AlucardPawpad ClownWorld - 2018-05-19

when is [How to "How to figure out "How to make sodium" " ] coming out? :D

MANTISxB - 2018-05-27


F to pay respects to that bug in the glass.

Adrian Rabbage - 2018-05-20

"Not actually made from babies". Love it! :D Great video, very interesting.

Leonard Frankel - 2018-05-21

Fascinating! Also, it's nice to know what it is that makes electrolysis infeasible. I don't think you'd actually mentioned that before.

Sepharoth - 2018-05-19

I feel like you’re treating us like your boss to some degree xD. We’re getting progress reports and updates. Let us see the cost analysis next!

Eli Allen - 2018-05-19

I'm so excited to start my first chemistry class next year. Hopefully I'll actually understand the science one day

Sean Ross - 2018-05-21

Yes! More like this! It's as awesome seeing the process as the final result, in all things.

Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface - 2018-05-22

"... not actually made from babies."
The Royal Family will be most disappointed.

D_boi - 2018-05-19

This is basically one of the very few good content channels on this site. Glad you were able to get rid of the strike! One question..In your old video where you made nitric acid using nitrate salt, HCl and copper, what is the role of the copper in that reaction? Is it a catalist? I Can't seem to figure out the exact equasion..

Ryjelsum - 2018-05-19

I think you're right, but copper has a relatively high standard reduction potential of 0.34V and most things that have a higher standard reduction potential than it tend to be a little more difficult to handle or obtain.

I did figure out the overall first step though after looking at the standard reduction potentials:

3Cu + 2NO3- + 8H+ -> 3Cu2+ + 2NO + 4H2O

So this is a redox reaction between copper and an acidic nitrate solution, the copper is oxidized and the nitrate is reduced.

Ryjelsum - 2018-05-19

For reference, you can think of the standard reduction potentials as a quantitative version of the metal reactivity series, though the order on the table will be reversed from what you're used to in the reactivity series of metals.

D_boi - 2018-05-19

Yeah..those series are called completely different in my language so I dont really know if I was talking about the thing I intended to..but I see I was mostly right I guess :)

Ryjelsum - 2018-05-19

You were thinking of the right concept, I just used the numerical version of it, essentially.

D_boi - 2018-05-19

Nice, thanks

jkbubbly - 2018-05-20

That’s awesome- I love watching the problem solving!

Edward Science Innovations - 2020-04-01

3:46 spider bounces around in flask.

space - 2018-05-19

I definitely like this format. It answers part of my big question coming out of chem II. How would you actually use it.

Robert Perce - 2018-05-19

I absolutely love the "progress report" style! Encouraging the "publishing" of negative results and the discovery process is super important and awesome!

Mia Mama - 2018-05-19

Wow. You were so excited, u even smashed a flask. That shows how proud of your hard work

adfaklsdjf - 2018-05-19

YES, I absolutely like this format! Our interest here is in exploring the science!

Connor C - 2018-05-19

Love this format. It's very interesting to learn about your discovery process.

Stanley Zitello - 2018-05-19

Love seeing this part of the science. Congrats on your success!

Shroom Lab - 2018-05-19

Just finished the nilered video and now nurdrage is online, fantastic :D I guess its is time to make some sodium!
The stirbar could be replaced by a magnet, shouldn't be attacked

Nick Chambernator - 2018-05-19

One more thing. If youtube doesn't work out for you, I will gladly follow you to some other video platform.

kahlzun - 2018-05-21

We all love the progress format! Makes us feel like part of the process rather than just passive recipients.

D - 2018-05-20

Thank you. This was extremely helpful :-)

mausball - 2018-05-19

The view into your investigative process is incredibly valuable. I've learned at least as much from your failures as your successes, if not more. This format is awesome. Please continue.