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Perthiocyanic Acid - Yellow Chem GOOD!

Rhodanide - 2021-03-15

Yikes, this one took me too long. Was pretty fun to make though, can't deny that!
Anyways, this video is about the synthesis of Perthiocyanic acid, a strange organic heterocycle made from Inorganic starting materials. I hope you enjoy! 

I'm not responsible for damage to persons or property caused by the replication of this experiment. 

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Wanna Wake - Prelude

This video was made possible by the generous contributions of:
Benjamin B
Tom's Lab
The King of Homestyle
Oz Sabina
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Definetly not a Comment - 2021-03-15

-Dank memery and Jokes
-Rhondanide in a Rhondanide video (again)
-toxic but colorful metal compounds
-flexing more with Sigma than with his new car

Our boy has officially returned!

Also: EnF is away: Time to post Yellow Chem!

piranha031091 - 2021-03-15

"Rhondanide", "Thiocynate"... Can no one spell this chemical's name correctly? ^^

Rhodanide - 2021-03-15

@piranha031091 seems not lol

Tom's Lab - 2021-03-13

Just gonna flex Sigma like that, okay Oliver :)

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

That was like 20 bucks that I snagged off of some eBay schmuck

nen ben - 2021-03-16

@Rhodanide the only reason you didn't complain about the price

ChemTalk - 2021-03-20

Glad to see a new video! We really enjoyed the reactions, especially nickel. Looking forward to more videos.

Natuhay Sertkaya - 2021-03-15

22:44 wonderful results

Hyperscience - 2021-03-16

He's back! And with some nice organic yellow chem too! Lovely synthesis, and as a grammar Nazi I can well understand your frustration on spelling mistakes. No worries about the late upload, though. The wait was worth it

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Much appreciated! I remember once, a while back I completely scrapped a video render to fix a single spelling mistake. That was.. something else.

Hyperscience - 2021-03-16

@Rhodanide I feel you, no shame there

piranha031091 - 2021-03-15

You may not upload often, but man, that's 25 minutes of quality content!

Something comes to mind though... could Perthiocyanic acid be the same compound as the "perthiocyanogen" you made in another video? It was made in a similar way (thiocyanate in an acidic & oxidizing media), looked the same (yellow-orange powder), and seems to behave the same too (insoluble in cold water, soluble in ethylene diamine.)

(Oh, also, dipping your pH paper straight in the reaction mixture is a sin! ^^)

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

I don't think it is, to be honest. I haven't done many tests with it but I'll try to find out eventually. I don't recall if the Perthiocyanogen dissolved in anhydrous Ethylenediamine as it was made before I had that, but it's worth a try.

(P.s. next video idea: Making paper mache sculptures out of pH paper and reaction solution to infuriate my entire audience? 👀)

piranha031091 - 2021-03-16

@Rhodanide "I don't recall if the Perthiocyanogen dissolved in anhydrous Ethylenediamine as it was made before I had that"
Are you sure? Because it sure looks and sounds like you're dissolving it in ethylenediamine at 18:53 in that other video. (Perhaps not anhydrous, but would it make a difference?)

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

@piranha031091 Oh yeah, you're right! Good catch. Well, if it did dissolve (looks like a lil' bit) then it definitely wasn't green like this was. Looked orange.

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

@piranha031091 also that Ethylenediamine had to have been anhydrous, because that's the only form of en I've ever owned. Must have already had it then, I guess.

piranha031091 - 2021-03-16

@Rhodanide Well, if I look at this video, it's orange-brown-ish for a second or so before turning green. The other video cuts too quickly to really tell.
Maybe if you still have the full clip somewhere you could check?

science thing - 2021-03-15

fuck it, yellow chem!

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16


Foxy Foxington - 2021-03-17

I'm never looking at Nickel the same way again...

Isaac The Destroyer of Stuped - 2021-03-20

The lead salt looks like a scrambled egg before you finish frying it. Probably tastes the same too.

PoorMans Chemist - 2021-03-15

Nice!!! I read about this when I was tinkering with thiocyanic acid but I never got around to trying to make it. Thanks for the excellent guide to the prep!! 👍👍

BackYard Science 2000 - 2021-03-15

Dude, I would love to see you make this and do some funky shit with it. I'm sure you could come up with all kinds of weird and never seen before in video compounds with this acid.

PoorMans Chemist - 2021-03-19

@BackYard Science 2000 It certainly may prove to be useful.

Mandrake Fernflower - 2021-03-15

Isopropanol maybe could work as recrystallization solvent

BackYard Science 2000 - 2021-03-15

Yellow chem very good! Oh, I am still working on getting you that carbon tetrachloride. I just need to distill it and it'll be ready to go. Sorry for the delay. Between my day job and my business, I've had absolutely 0 time to do very much lately.

Chemistry of Questionable Quality - 2021-03-15

Where did you get carbon tet?!? From an old fire extinguisher like Tom?

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

My man, say less. We all got so much stuff going on. I understand 110%.

BackYard Science 2000 - 2021-03-20

@Chemistry of Questionable Quality from several old "fire bomb" type extinguishers. I paid out the ass for a bunch of them (one if which was labeled as carbon tet, but was not 🙄) and now have to distill it all to clean it up a bit. I'm hoping to have that done this weekend and to start sending out samples to various channels by the end of next week. Fingers crossed that it works out that way. 🤞

BackYard Science 2000 - 2021-03-20

@Rhodanide thanks for understanding. Life can get hectic very fast. Especially when dealing with 2 jobs, a family of 5, health problems, trying to help my parents out, helping so many others out, getting things fixed like my truck, etc. It seems like it never ends. And yeah, it also seems like it's like this for everyone these days. We're all over worked and under stimulated. I need a chemistry vacation. If that isn't a thing it will be when I'm done. Lol!

Californium-252 - 2021-03-15

An example of a stable dithioimide.
The acid of it would be called (carboxythio)carbamic acid, or, 1-thiahydrazine-1,2-dicarboxylic acid. (i.e. "sulfanylamine", H2NSH, core)

reactionchamber - 2021-03-15

Beautiful synthesis Holden

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16


Rocky Robinson - 2021-03-15

thanks man.
very much.

Dean Maritz - 2021-03-15

I'd love to see trithiocarbonic acid, only ever read about it

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

"A reddish, ill-smelling oil"


Yellow Chemist - 2021-03-16


nen ben - 2021-03-16

So, what's your chemistry grudge, if it's not yellow chemistry?

BackYard Science 2000 - 2021-03-15

23:00 , very weird! And at 23:35 ? What the hell is that!?! Very cool and weird at the same time! I wonder what is going on there?

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Same, was exhausted when I was doing that and thought I was seeing things

Robocop2015 - 2021-03-15

Quite interesting compound. First precipitate looks like explosive diarrhoea. :/

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Damn, dude...
What kinda doodoo you referencing that looks like THAT ? See a doctor!

aga - 2021-03-15

Cool Chem ! Nice one.

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Thanks, aga!

Lithium Ferrate - 2021-03-15

Can someone find me the procedure he used?

BackYard Science 2000 - 2021-03-15

Why not just use his procedure and write it down? Or do you need it for a specific reason?

Rhodanide - 2021-03-15

I used scihub to access it but here's the link https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/1897/ct/ct8977100607#!divAbstract

ScienceWithJames - 2021-03-15

Ok, this yellow chem gets a pass.

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16


elektronik zımbırtılar - 2021-03-15

Alchemy 100

Smithing 100

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Math 1

Lmao kill me

stonecraft98 - 2021-03-15

Why are you yellow?
Who says I'm yellow?
You are yellow!

They use sulfur and ammonia. This is not the natural obligation!

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

What a reference, good one lmao

Hula Dancer - 2021-03-15

Nice Ligma Wallet flex

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Bruh that's eBay shid right there.
Real Ligma Alfred stuff is straight up Unobtanium without subscribing to their top onlyfans tier.

Baba Booey - 2021-03-15

The Lord has spoken!

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

...and on the 8th day Chemistry Man said "and let there be

Californium-252 - 2021-03-15

The Nickel Jellyfish

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Forbidden sea life

DBX Labs - 2021-03-15


Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Got your seal of approval, thank the lord

2001Pieps - 2021-03-16

Very nice, but the title is herecy.

Pacmanboss256 - 2021-03-15

no yellow chem bad

BackYard Science 2000 - 2021-03-15

Yellow chem very good. Cowards think yellow chem bad. Jk 😂😉

Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

Sike it's opposite day.
You played yourself.

nen ben - 2021-03-16

You heard it here folks! No yellow chemistry is bad!

Royce Jacobs - 2021-03-15


Rhodanide - 2021-03-16

"Is yellow chem bad?"
I say, and you reply: