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Vsauce - 2016-12-10

GYROSCOPE: https://www.curiositybox.com/store/gyroscope
BRAIN CANDY LIVE: http://www.braincandylive.com/
DONG: http://www.youtube.com/dong **LINKS TO LEARN MORE BELOW**

Jake unboxing the latest Curiosity Box (SPOILERS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUK7MUtotw4

Other great videos on this topic:

"The gyro effect explained, without math" from Matthias Wandel

also see http://woodgears.ca/physics/gyro.html

"Gyroscopic precession -- An intuitive explanation" from TheHue's SciTech

"Gyroscopic Precession" from Veritasium

"Anti-Gravity Wheel?" from Veritasium

"Bizarre spinning toys" from Physics Girl

"Can a satellite do a yo-yo trick?" from Practical Engineering

wiki pages about gyroscopes and circular motion:


centripetal force: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/cf.html

xkcd on Centrifugal Force: http://xkcd.com/123/

Eötvös effect:


Music by http://www.youtube.com/JakeChudnow and http://www.audionetwork.com

Good-lookin' 3D graphics by Eric Langlay: https://www.youtube.com/user/ericdraven30

mid-tier 2D animations by me.


TheReal BigJ - 2018-12-05

"wazab, as the cool kids are saying"

J Jay - 2020-01-14

I think that was a 90s, Budweiser commercial...poors kids missed out on the best times

LeckMichImArsch - 2020-01-20

Just chillin'.....killin'....

J Jay - 2020-01-20

@LeckMichImArsch and stealing?

Dep Darcsoft - 2020-03-04

Wa sup

Mathieu Galante - 2020-03-21


ajmod73 - 2019-12-24

“Imagine swinging a ball around your head on a rope”

I’m not making that mistake again

Luis P. - 2020-02-21

imagine swinging a head around your ball on a rope

Benjamin O'Brien - 2020-03-03

I didn't even try it but I can feel the rope burns on my neck.

lifeisshortdon'twasteitreadingmyname - 2020-03-19

@Luis P. idk why this made me laugh but it did.

Luis P. - 2020-03-19

@lifeisshortdon'twasteitreadingmyname yay

BRUH PARASITE - 2020-03-22

That just got dark-

Exotic X - 2019-01-18

R.I.P the days when you did not have to pay for vsauces videos

The Mean Frickeroni - 2020-03-01

The days have returned my friend

Unreal Cashew - 2020-03-04

he made them all free

Brian Posada - 2020-03-08

Its free now

Jake Grafxtitan - 2020-03-16

You don't have to pay anymore my friend. Think they figured out that poor people are poor.

Daniel Wright - 2020-03-17

vikrant dandekar q

yokittyboi 362 - 2019-06-09

No one:
Not a single soul:
Michael:would you like my head delivered to you in a box

Sidekick J 2 - 2020-01-16

Yes how much cash do you want

I am Yashasvi - 2020-02-03

you wouldnt?

M.m7 7 - 2020-02-23

yokittyboi 362 😂😂😂😂😂😂

HealthyAc idElemental - 2020-02-27

He got grammar holocausted

DontCallMeNova - 2020-02-27

No one:
Not a single soul:
Everyone: starting comments with no one: and getting hundreds of comments

WTFBOOMDOOM - 2019-07-23

7:45 He seems so proud of himself.

The Professor - 2016-12-10

I suddenly have a great urge to buy a gyroscope

Bách Lâm - 2020-02-26

phones nowadays can have a gyroscope
so in theory, if you spin a phone fast enough, it should behave like the spinner


Kirb Fan - 2020-02-27

Likes are 6.9k

Robert Li - 2020-02-29

Omg I just had a physics test on rotational too

TrueDiamant 777 - 2020-03-01

Meet the handspinner

jemman 290 - 2020-03-12

Careful, some can be very poorly made.

Sv4zer - 2019-04-30

Vsauce: This head aint' never coming off!
Guillotine: Am I a joke to you?

mark smith - 2019-10-21


Macaroon_Nuggets - 2019-11-04


Tikoblocks - 2020-01-13

As he said his neck is to muscular. He would break the guillotine

i dunno what to name myself - 2020-01-21

scoffs you think Michael, 1 of the members of the great Vsauce clan would be bested by something as pathetic as a guillotine?

The Independent Channel - 2020-03-17

I deadass thought he would say "or is it?" after that

NarwhelZhu - 2019-06-15

Michael: This head ain't never coming off! ... Or is it...?

Wef - 2020-01-11

Music Starts
Takes out Large Meat Clever

Luis P. - 2020-02-21

@Wef lost episode

M.m7 7 - 2020-02-23

NarwhelZhu 😂😂😂😂😂

Holden Hess-Wilson - 2020-03-11

oh well, nothin' flex tape can't fix

Luis P. - 2020-03-11

@Holden Hess-Wilson yes

Das Deutsche Reich - 2019-02-11

8:49 that sounds like a WW2 plane engine

hmm yes - 2019-12-05

@Joseph Stalin За Сталина! Ура!

tristantdm 1 - 2019-12-22

Dude, that's exactly what it is

ClydeXIV - 2020-01-30


Deutschland Berlin - 2020-02-19

ja, it does.

Pepsi Doggo - 2020-03-16

Sounds like a Packard engine to me

Jurassi_TV - 2019-02-07

9:04 points up

“It’s gravity”

jaimin dave - 2019-05-08

i guess he is australian lol

NoriMori - 2019-06-15

"It's free real estate"

Mouse Soup - 2019-09-28

Do not underestimate his power

A Bin - 2019-10-15

But where is down????

Palpatine x Anakin - 2020-01-26

Where are your fingers?

WankersCramp69 - 2017-01-05

VSauce, why do we always wake up right before the best part in our dreams?

abc 123 - 2019-10-16

really love your name

NEETU SINGH - 2019-11-29

Cause you know what's happening after it

cock attacks - 2020-01-10

cuz thats the end of the dream

Breezy TRR - 2020-02-26

God hates us

Bob The Builder - 2020-03-10

@ISitOn MyArm I've died once in a dream but I just responded 😂

A Watermelon - 2019-01-09

7:42 very nice cutting, Michael

Eni Gjinaj - 2019-12-15

The effort

cring man ##### - 2019-01-12

The last normal video of vsauce

Lifeis Random - 2019-04-19

0:04 sure

NPC 86740296 - 2019-10-27

Or is it

Reid Gowan - 2019-11-01

BMT Faded IV Well no, but actually, no

Giant Runt - 2019-12-13

Laws and causes

Hashtag No name - 2020-03-18

@NPC 86740296 What is "normal" ?

Woof! - 2018-12-29

8:58 WHatS hApINinG?!???!¿¿¿¡¡¡¡??!

Jerry Cui - 2019-04-08

He says "Car you're in" but the subtitles say "Car urine".

Opal - 2019-05-05


Eni Gjinaj - 2019-12-15


Virat Kohli - 2020-02-03

no u

Peter Parker - 2016-12-11

We're so lucky. Getting cool lessons from the greatest teachers of our species while drunk in your underwear.

Lvl 1 Cook - 2016-12-11

ti.... gosh, my ocd kicked it .. ;D

Lvl 1 Cook - 2016-12-11

(don't actually have ocd, i just wanted to be funny, pls don't sue me, don't kill me pls!)

Alexey Bulygin - 2016-12-12

Man, you're really clairvoyant person.

David Lenart - 2017-05-07

Peter Parker what are you doing in my underwear

David Phipps - 2020-01-09

Or you could have gone to science class when you were 14. You'd have already learned all this basic crap.

MrSpanky - 2019-03-18

Never heard someone say "wazzap" in a more unofficial way 😂

Jimakos. - 2018-12-26

GYRO comes from the Greek word γυρο that mean's rotation

Boii227 -Gaming and stuff- - 2019-08-27

And it's a pretty good food

Kujo jotaro stand:[Ocean man] - 2020-03-16

@Boii227 -Gaming and stuff- is that a tiny killer queen

Jose_45 - 2019-03-10

Michael: “This head ain’t never coming off”
Mexican cartel: “Hold My Beer”

Optimus Prime - 2019-08-15

ISIS : hold my knife...

ÆUGH - 2019-12-15

@Optimus Prime hold my Fall damage

baconclown - 2020-02-27

Isn't "cartel" "poster" in Spanish?

DoZem - 2020-02-27

@baconclown yes and no

MrMagicRichie - 2020-02-28


AwsomeRace Minecraft - 2019-11-24

"Hey, Vsauce"
Me: ok normal video
Also Micheal: do you want my head delivered to you in a box?

Domotron 35 - 2019-12-22

He doesnt understand a "normal video"

X X - 2018-12-07

YouTube Red is the greatest betrayal on the internet

carpetburn - 2020-02-14

@Phobos Anomaly the content isn't made by YouTube idiot

Phobos Anomaly - 2020-02-14

@carpetburn Did I ever say it was made by YouTube? No, I didn't. You assumed, which made you look stupid. Idiot.

TheNinthGeneration - 2020-02-21

They all got uploaded to YouTube normal

Diavolo The Boss - 2020-03-03

Not any more

Trypa Official [Animated Antarctica] - 2020-03-08

X X Well now all the YouTube Red exclusive Vsauce videos are now (and have been for a while) free to watch.

multi freak - 2019-05-27

11:49 Michael just destroyed a Flat Earther argument!

Intelligent indian - 2020-01-02

@mebb Look NASA has photos and so do all space agencies around the world so this flat earth theory belongs to some people who think starting unnecessary controversies makes them smart. Just show a damn photo and end the debate or else a flat earthed should be asked why is there no flat Mars society

Virat Kohli - 2020-02-03

@Travis Tyus stfu you nit imbecile

Cyrus Games - 2020-02-12

@V01D 666 atmosphere is made out of gas

V01D 666 - 2020-02-12

@Cyrus Games berry gud!

Please Complete All Fields - 2020-02-20

@Travis Tyus lololol. Bruh... flat earthers don't even have coherent explanation for the sun rising and setting (or anything else).

(They TRY to pass sunsets off with some special, flat earth version of """perspective""", but REAL perspective DOES make objects get visually smaller with distance, and DOESN'T make objects appear to dive into the ground for no reason... which is the exact opposite of what flat earthers say their """perspective""" does with sunsets. That FE """perspective""" meme just proves flat earthers willingness to decieve themselves, in their desperation to imagine themselves as super-duper-woke big-brains)

Flat earth is cult of 90% morons, and 10% scammers, fleecing the moronsi. They have excuses for everything... which all completely collapse on comparison with observable reality.

They repeat this narrative that "the only proof for the globe comes from NASA...", and just cover their ears to the reality that the globe was proven >2,000 years before NASA became a thing, and, just like 2,000 years ago, anyone with half a brain and the ability to first-hand observe the real, natural world (the horizon, ocean, sun, moon, stars, sky, etc) can definitively disprove FE a dozen different ways (with zero help from NASA, or anyone else). But flat earthers will just plug their ears and say "Nuh-uh!!" and somehow believe that makes evidenc stop being evidence.

If earth WAS somehow flat, any halfway-smart middle-school kid would be able to provide empirical evidence, which science would be unable to deny (especially in the internet age)... yet no flattard has ever managed to do that... Hmm, I wonder why not? What COULD that reason possibly be?!?!¿?¿?!¿?

flop snail - 2019-02-01

9:18 I thought my internet stopped for a second lol.

alexbeeperoni - 2019-05-09

Vsauce: would you like my head delivered to your door in a box?

I’ll take twenty.

T-REX - 2019-11-10

@Alexandros Kanellopoulos r/wooosh

Keith Bernas - 2019-12-27

Three C's. Take it or leave it.

mekala kumaresan - 2020-01-27

i'll take your entire stock

Luis P. - 2020-02-21

@T-REX what the hell is wooshed about that

weraslz [gd] - 2020-03-10

@Luis P. he just wants clout, even though he doesn't know what does wooosh even mean.

BellPepper - 2019-05-03

2:20 W A Z Z A P

Aidens Outdoors - 2019-05-04

No one:

Vsause: spin spin spin

C#m Best Key - 2020-03-06

Michael: “my neck is like pure muscle”

Corpsegrinder: I would like to have a word with you

Evilgirl 54 - 2020-02-02

0:17 "The necks best thing"

Austyn Negrete - 2019-01-14

“This head ain’t never coming off!”

ISIS has joined the chat

Hajar Abdoun - 2016-12-11

why isn't V-sauce on the YouTube rewind?

William Oliver - 2016-12-13

Sara Stossel they're busy finding the cure to cancer in a black hole

Hajar Abdoun - 2016-12-13

William Oliver 😂😂😂😂

ÆUGH - 2019-12-15

@Auhammud Zeyd OR IS IT

Auhammud Zeyd - 2019-12-15

@ÆUGH Pensive v sauce music intensifies

Auhammud Zeyd - 2019-12-15

@ÆUGH Moon men- Jake Chudnow

Jayle - 2019-02-23

THAT PUN “neckst”

DanielFoxy 1999 - 2019-03-22

Everyjting i learned from this videos

Michael's lungs are smol

S6K _ - 2019-06-19

Vsauce: This head aint Never coming off!

Me: well, if i take a large sharp weapon and rotate it so i can make a 45° angle and...

Samuel Nelson - 2019-08-19


I think Vsauce makes us cringe on purpose. I love him for it

N3mad - 2020-01-31

That ain’t no cringe it’s pure genius

M D - 2016-12-17

"...or wazzz uuuup, as the cool kids say now a days."
I was that cool kid in 2002

Jacob First - 2017-04-03

2002 likes, im dead

Adam Stetler - 2017-04-03

Jacob First RIP dude

Matthew Lowton - 2017-04-03

LT Guile anyone who says that now days is a dead man

Kenneth Hebrank - 2018-12-26

can we get this post to 2002 likes

Game Play Star LP - 2018-12-27

We have to get to 2002 likes.

ily_qp - 2019-06-14


Beyblade: HOLD MY SPIN

Mads Birkeland - 2019-10-16

Hold my underrated comments

Lustrous Paradox - 2019-06-21

I thought Vsauce was a meme but now im like freakingly interested. Like wow. Really. Wow. I love this shtick. . . I’m now a true believer and blame each and every one of you for this.

rip channel because of COPPA - 2020-03-02

You buffoon you fool

LilLeaner - 2019-01-28

I was fiddling with my gyroscope for about an hour i couldn't get it to stand up i eventually came to this video and i realized that i had to pull the string ''firmly'' I pulled the string so hard the string snapped! i hit myself in the face and smashed my gyroscope into several pieces!🤣😂🤣🤣

Luis P. - 2020-02-21

why are you laughing, you accidentally killed a perfectly healthy gyroscope aa

böek - 2019-05-21

Top 10 strongest things in the world #1 Michaels neck.
Edit:why is my like blue?

Josh Rhode - 2019-05-30

l l because you liked it. Are you serious? Wowi

xebek - 2019-07-30

I can only conclude that this was the first comment you've ever "liked" AND your first ever "like" was for your own comment.

lui ji - 2019-11-02

Guys I think he is joking about that because almost nobody liked his comment he had to like it himself

T-REX - 2019-11-10

@xebek r/woooooooooosh

it's me - 2017-06-20

Hey I got a box! What could be...
"Hey Vsauce! Micheal he..."

The Last Lemon - 2017-11-06

it's me Omfg 😂

surgeryfreak - 2018-07-05

For once it’s not shangela jumping out of a box

DancingCheese - 2018-10-29

If Michael bursted out of my Curiosity Box I would rejoice, have lunch with him, and buy a lottery ticket.

ZeeBasse - 2019-05-08

HTB Lied to us once again! :D

lachie Bosman - 2019-08-26

Why did they subtitle when he said “dibs”?

Johnny - 2019-10-08

When he offered his head I was like

Honestly yeah pls

Benny - 2020-03-22

"This head ain't never coming off"

A challenge, then?

Benjamin Antonson - 2019-01-22


malak h - 2017-02-11

"Mom! Vsauce broke my mind again!"

Eric Codecire - 2017-06-10

Is Mind Actually Flat?

Ricki Manda - 2017-07-01

Vsauce music starts playing

Angus Miller - 2017-07-19

Or did he? cue vsauce music

Smudge - 2018-01-04


Just A Broom - 2018-06-01

But what is mind?
(Music starts)

nanu - 2019-01-30

By the time I realized that I m interested in science, I was Masters Finance. I request today's kids not to make this blunder.

Harrowed Hermit - 2019-03-03

I'm sure you'll be carrying the heavy burden of a fat wallet for the rest of your life.

Kristien Bravo - 2019-07-02

11:35 is further evidence Michael is on crack

lvygjm - 2019-12-16

Micheal: shows cars
Person: randomly levitates out of car
Me: D:

Sergeant Kreel - 2020-02-14

Michael: “This head ain’t NEVER coming off!”

Me: Is that a challenge?

Stefano Ferrante - 2020-03-03

Title: spinning
Me, an intellectual: "is this a jojo reference?"

Lawrence Hortizuela - 2020-03-14